This story is rated K+ for brief sci-fi violence and some ideas that younger readers may not understand. Enjoy!

A Worlds of the SightSpirit Short Story

"The City in the Clouds"

By SightSpirit

Story Background

Tokth is a ten-year-old boy living on the planet Teron. He lives with the Tegen tribe, a modern, high-tech group of people.

His friend, Droll, is slightly younger than Tokth and is quite the comedian, often telling bad jokes and making people groan or laugh. In the face of danger, though, he is very cowardly. He is also a Tegen.

In this part of "The City in the Clouds," Tokth and Droll are cutting their Education (school) classes to fly on an air glider, a small plane that is slightly reminiscent of a paper plane powered by electricity only when taking off or when altitude is being lost (otherwise, it, well…glides!), to search for the legendary City in the Clouds. But, as in most stories, not all is well….

"Wow!" Tokth exclaimed. The view of the city awed the boy as he approached in his air glider.

"Is it like you imagined?" said Droll.

"No! I thought it would be made of the same material as our houses."

The cloud city loomed over the glider, every house, Temple, and building made of fluffy, white cloud.

The boys landed, staring at the City in the Clouds in immense fascination. They stepped out, equipped with their cloud boots, and ran towards the Great Temple, the city's community center and great place of meditation.

When Tokth and Droll arrived, they made a shocking realization.

"The Festival of Clouds is today. The city should be crowded!" Tokth declared. We didn't see anybody! Plus, there's no one in here!" Droll was silent.

The boys stood there, staring into space, not speaking a word to each other. Tokth was brought back to the City by the sound of footsteps. He looked to Droll. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear that? I see it!" Droll whispered, a hint of horror in his tone. Tokth looked back to where the footsteps had seemed to be coming from. What he saw took his breath away. Standing there was a monster that every Tegen feared; the reptilian Letharn was poised for combat, holding an electrostaff. Two more Letharns joined the first, one on each side of their leader.

"What do we do? What do we DO?!" screamed Droll. Then he fainted.

The Letharns took that opportunity to charge. Tokth grabbed an electrostaff from one of them then whacked the original wielder, staff on high voltage. He lunged at the other Letharn. It was fried on contact. Out of breath, Tokth collapsed onto the floor. Then he saw something terrifying; he had forgotten something, something very important.

He had forgotten the first Letharn. He watched helplessly as the Letharn advanced towards Droll's unconscious body.

To be continued in The City in the Clouds (The City in the Clouds Sequence, Book 1)…

Author's Notes: This is the first short story I have published to FictionPress! "The City in the Clouds" is also a novel I'm writing, which tells what happens before this, during, and after in Tokth's perspective. I am still debating whether or not to publish the novel version to FP.

This story was originally written about eight months ago as a school assignment. I have just typed it up (today!) as my first "Holiday Gift" story, which is exactly what it sounds like: a story published for readers from me as a gift for the holidays (all Holiday Gift stories will be secular like this one), regardless of what holiday you celebrate, if any!

This story is (in a way, as it's not a novel) a part of my City in the Clouds Sequence series, a series of stories all taking place on Teron. TCitC Sequence has numerous sub-series, but it all begins with [the novel version of] this story!

Author's Request: Please review this story! No flaming, please, but constructive criticism is fine! And please review any stories of mine that you come across! I feel that reviews are very helpful for me in that they help me both improve my writing and make my stories more enjoyable! Thank you! -SightSpirit, author

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between real people and events and the characters and events in this story are entirely coincidental or are used fictitiously.