Daffodils on the Moon

There once were three little girls, each no older than seven years old. They were the cutest little girls you would ever see, and they each had a kind and sweet heart to match. And so, everyone called them the little angels. Everyone loved them very much, especially their mother and father. The father even called the mother and his three daughters his little girls!

The little girls and their mother were the best of friends. Their mother was the most beautiful, and most kind hearted woman you could ever meet. She had the voiced of an angel, and long, dark flowing hair. And just like her daughters, she loved flowers. Every room of her house was decorated of flowers in some way, and she even had a garden bursting with colorful flowers of all types planted in her backyard. There was nothing the mother and her daughters enjoyed more than to spend a day together planting flowers in it. They had flowers of all kinds; daisies and tulips, roses and snap dragons, orchids and lilies, and even carnations and marigolds! It was the most beautiful garden anyone could ever see. And the mother and daughters were very happy.

Eeevery night the mother would come into their room and kiss each of them good night on their forehead and say, "good night my little angels," and then close the door and leave them to sleep. And sometimes, the mother would let all three of her little angels sit with her on her lap in a big comfy chair and read a story to them, or tell them a story of when she was a little girl. She would read them stories of princesses that lived in beautiful kingdoms, and tell stories of her friends from back when she was in high school. She would read to them stories of cute little animals that could talk and would go on adventures together, and sometimes even a story of a little leaf that didn't want to leave his mother tree that their mother said their daddy wrote in high school.

And eeevery night, the little angels would listen to their mother as she read them story after story. They would gaze in wonder as their imaginations weaved an image of what their mother was saying. And after eeevery story, the mother would tuck each of them in, kissing them each on the forehead, and then leave them to dream.

And even eeevery Christmas season, eeevery night, all three girls would ask to be read "Twas the Night Before Christmas", and eeevery night, of eeevery Christmas season, the mother

would sit her little angels in her lap in their chair, and she would read them their Christmas story, as she watched in tender love as her daughters eyes filled with the sparkle of Christmas magic at the pictures in the book, and grab and pull at her night gown in anticipation of the turning of each page. And eeevery night, when the mother would finish, her little angels would beg and beg her to please read it again! "Please mommy please?!" they would beg, "It's for Christmas!" "Please mommy?! It's like I've known the story my whole life! Just one more time!" and eeevery night, when the three little girls would beg, their mother would always say yes, and read them the Christmas book again, for she loved them very much.

Sometimes she would read to them different stories or their daddies' journal from when he was in high school, one entry every night. Other nights she would read to them a book she wrote in high school about a girl named Mia and her awesome powers! And sometimes, (and this was what the girls liked most of all next to their Christmas story), when the moon was bright, and the summer night was warm, the little angels and their mother would all sit together under the stars by a small cliff and read a story by the moonlight, while they all drank a glass of hot chocolate.

Well, one summer night, while the mother was reading to her little angels out on the cliff, she had just finished reading to them when her first little angel looked up at the moon and asked,

"Mommy, why is the moon so peaceful looking?"

"That's the grace of God you are feeling my love! It shines so peaceful just for you." Her mother replied, and the little girl smiled and laid her head against her mothers' chest to sleep. The next night was also warm and with a bright moon, so they again read outside. Once the mother was done, her second little angel looked up at the moon and asked,

"Mommy, why does the moon make you feel so happy?"

"That's the joy of God entering your heart my dear. It's because of you it makes people so happy." The mother replied. And, happy with her reply, the second little angel snuggled close to her mother to sleep. The next night it was again warm with a bright moon. And once again, when the mother was done reading her story, her third little angel asked,

"Mommy, why is the moon so bright?"

"It's God giving all the world hope, even in the darkness my sweet. It shines so bright just for you." The mother replied. And then, satisfied with her reply, the third little angel hugged her mother even closer. And the mother and her little angels lay under the stars and moon cuddled close.

The next day, the mother and girls started to work out in their garden. After a while, the mother said,

"Ok my little angels, I have to run to the flower market! Stay here with daddy!" and that is exactly what the little girls did.

When the little girls saw their mother come home, they rushed out to the garden, knowing that she was bringing new flowers for them to plant. She arrived in the garden with three of the most beautiful flowers the girls had ever seen!

"What are they?!" the asked and asked, wondering what such a pretty flower was called.

"They are called daffodils! And there is one for each one of you." The mother said with a smile. The girls took their new flowers and their pots in their hands, and gazed at their creamy-white color and the shape of their petals.

"They're beautiful…" the first little angel said.

"Take care of them, and help them to grow my little girls." The mother said with love.

So her little angels eagerly took them with loving care, happy to each have a flower so beautiful. Later than night, the girls all started begging their mother to read outside under the silvery moon light.

"It is not very warm my little angels!" the mother said.

"That's ok mommy! That means we will just have to cuddle together even closer!" the little girls pleaded.

"Oh alright…" the mother agreed. And thus, they read a story cuddled together under the stars and moon. Then one little angel asked,

"Mommy, what's it like on the moon?"

The mother replied, "I don't know dear… isn't it beautiful to look at though?"

"If I ever went to the moon, I would plant a whooole field of daffodils! They would grow big and beautiful, and then everyone down here would be able to see them and the moon would become even more beautiful!" a little angel said.

"Yea! And the grace the moon gives to the world because of me would help them grow even more beautiful!" said another little angel.

"And the joy it gives off to the world because of me would help too!" said another.

"And the hope it gives the world because of me would too!" said a third little angel.

"They would be the most beautiful field of flowers anyone would ever see!" they cried out. Their mother just smiled and said to her little angels as she drew them closer in her arms,

"I'm sure they will my loves, I'm sure they will." And she kissed each of them on the forehead and hugged and kept her little angels close to her heart.

The End