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The alarm clock blared throughout my room echoing off the walls. I reached my arm out searching around before finally locating the annoyance that was waking me from my deep sleep. I grabbed it throwing it against the wall breaking it into tiny little pieces. I smiled softly as I threw my pillow over my head and began to drift back to sleep.

"Wake up Oliver you lazy bum you're going to be late for school!"

The sound of my grandmother's voice was severely muffled as I wrapped the pillow tighter around my head only to feel a very cold breeze strike my legs as she ripped the blanket off my body. Good thing I had decided not to sleep in the nude. I slowly sat up in bed rubbing my hands through my hair. It was far too early to be awake and I could feel my body beginning to shut down again. I closed my eyes sinking back down into my bed only to be slapped in the face by a levitating Playboy. "O.K. I'm up geez!" I grabbed the magazine throwing it onto the floor as I climbed out of bed and began to get myself ready. I finally made my way downstairs adjusting my tie as I sat down across from my grandfather who was stuffing his face. "Why is everyone so quiet?"

My grandfather peeked over his newspaper his eyebrows raised. "Is there anything you want to talk to me about?"

I thought briefly as I grabbed a piece of buttered toast from the plate. "Is this about the Playboy magazine?" He nodded and I gagged. "Jesus you old people act like you've never wanked off before."

"Oliver I don't like that tone!"

"Grandma why don't you ask the old geezer over here where I got that magazine to begin with." A dead silence filled the room as my grandfather slumped down into his chair. I knew my grandmother would never do anything to him while I was in the room, but she had that certain look in her eyes. "Well I'm off to school. I will see you two fornicators later."

"Oliver Michael…"

Before she could finish I had already exited the house the door slamming hard behind me. I closed my eyes tightly as the sun glared down on my face, burning my eyes. All witches eyes were very sensitive to light of any kind and mine were no exception. I pulled my Ray-Ban's from my book sack putting them on, enjoying the sudden relief. I glanced at my best friend Alastair who always waited for me outside of my home. "Hurry up you giant arse we're going to be late and if Professor Alterman is going to have a go at someone it sure as hell isn't going to be me."

"Oh come off it. It's our last year of studies we could get away with murder if we wanted to."

"Maybe you considering your grandfather is one of the most prolific defense lawyers in the world of witchcraft. He could get you out of it easy me however not so much."

"Aw come on Alastair it was only a joke. If you're so worried about getting there on time than let's race shall we…your fat arse against my rocking hard body?" I knew Alastair was always willing to take a bet. I positioned myself ready to go at any moment. "Ready…set..." Alastair was getting fidgety as I purposely held out on saying go. Finally I couldn't torture him any longer. "GO!" I felt my feet crash against the pavement as I felt the wind blow through my hair. I quickly glanced back Alastair was catching up quickly. I pushed myself harder, the school was in sight, but at the last moment he passed me. I slowed down catching my breath as we made our way onto the campus of Kensington Heights. It wasn't like your average school considering they were the only school in all of Britain that allowed witches and humans to be educated together thought they still pretty much kept themselves separated.

You could always tell the difference between a witch and a human. Not just by their magical powers, but also by one very specific characteristic. All witches had the most intense sapphire blue eyes you'd ever seen. Many believed this was the reasoning behind their sensitivity to sunlight. I, however, think it was just an added bonus to make us look that much more attractive. Alastair and I met up with a few of our friends and we walked towards the cafeteria where we always congregated in the morning before class. As we approached the steps I saw her. She was the most beautiful human I had ever seen. Her eyes were the most vibrant green and her long brown hair fell flawlessly across her shoulders. Just as I was about to catch a glimpse of that glorious rack of hers my face ate pavement.

"Wow Oliver let's try to check out the ladies without falling up the stairs shall we?"

Alastair helped me up as we headed in the cafeteria. I sat in a chair covering my face in horror. "What a fucking nightmare that was! Did you see her though?" Alastair nodded. "I've never seen anything like her before."

"Well there are some decent looking human women out there…unfortunately very few of them live in Britain."

We all had a good laugh and it helped to take my mind off of things. That was until the bell rang. We grabbed our belongings and began to make our way across campus. The school housed us in a special building all the way on the opposite side like we had some sort of disease, but at least they were nice enough to not install any windows or light fixtures of any kind. We had made it half way across the grassy field and I kept getting the sense someone was following us. I turned around only to find out the beautiful brunette was standing right behind us. "Excuse me…" She stopped almost running right into me. God how I wish she would have. "….um the human's have their classes over there…" I pointed to the buildings that lined the English skyline. "…in the nice buildings with all the nice little windows letting in all that god awful sunlight that they seem to bask in like it's going to help them grow a new face or something." I could see her bite her lip as she wanted to laugh, but she definitely wasn't going to give me the pleasure of seeing her crack a smile. I turned back around running to catch up with Alastair who was still staring in her direction.

"Um…she's still following us."

I turned my head and sure enough she was still right at our heels. I shrugged it off thinking maybe she was just lost. We made our way to Professor Alterman's Advanced Potions class. Alastair of course called shotgun when it came to sitting next to the prettiest girl in class and I was left alone, just my lonely little cauldron and me. I removed my sunglasses as the class began with Professor Alterman's usual ramble about what the class entailed. My eyes began to get heavy, as his voice seemed to lull me off to sleep. I laid my head down and began to drift off. Just as I was about to fend off the evil Dragon and save the princess, my dreams always seemed to be quite vivid, the door flew open furiously creating a loud bang. I watched as the human girl made her way through the classroom bumping into everything in sight. The girl was clearly night blind. She sat on a couple of students as she tried to find an empty seat. I watched her feel up the stool next to me as she oddly made her way onto it before straightening herself out. By now everyone in the class had turned their attention to her and I could hear some of the girls giggling at the back of the classroom. Professor Alterman approached her leaning over to get eye level with her. Her hands grazed his face accidentally poking him in the eye. I held back my laughter. "Are you sure you belong in this class?"

She nodded. "It's on my schedule I could show it to you if you'd like."

"No no just give me your name I can check it myself."

"Jamie. Jamie Bates."

I smiled. Finally this beautiful face had been given a name.