I just sat there staring at her my mind racing with thoughts of the sexual nature. I felt her throw her hands onto my face knocking me out of my trance, feeling every inch of my face. "Hey whoa wow." I reached up removing her hands. They were soft and delicate and I liked the feel of them against mine. "Um…I'm Oliver."

I could tell she was extremely embarrassed as she pulled her hands away from mine reaching onto the table and knocking down everything in sight. "I'm sorry I grabbed your face like that I just am having a little trouble seeing. It's kind of ridiculously dark in here." I watched her run her hands across the liquid, which she had spilled onto the table smearing it around.

I watched the bright fluid streak across the table as the awful smell it emitted filled the room. "Um…you're um…" She lifted her hands up to her face and smelled her fingers scrunching her face. "…rubbing your hands in dragon's blood."

"Ew get it off!" I watched her hand fly down onto my lap rubbing her hands on my man parts causing all the blood to rush from my head. She grabbed onto my hardness tighter I tried my best to keep my composer. I felt her loosen her grip as she slowly started to realize what exactly it was that she was holding onto. "OH MY GOSH!"

Everyone in the room threw their attention to us. Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse. I grabbed my things rushing out of the classroom as fast as I could making my way into the nearest bathroom. I emerged moments later only to see Jamie standing outside the restroom waiting for me. What do I do? I mean I had just endured the most awkward moment of my life with this girl. I tried to walk past her hoping her night blindness would work to my advantage. "Wait!" I felt her grab onto my arm, spinning me around to face her.

"Just don't worry about what happened in there I just want to go out and get some air, no need to apologize let's just pretend it never happened o.k.?"

I watched her extend her arm out placing my sunglasses in my hand. "You left these on the table I thought you might need them."

"Oh…um…thanks. By the way I didn't mean what I just said."

"No no you have a point it was kind of awkward." I smiled as I walked towards the door. "You're a very interesting breed of witch Ms. Bates…GOING OUT!" I watched her jump as I yelled loudly warning all the other witches who lined the halls. They quickly put on their sunglasses as I threw open the door letting the light in from outside. "You're not from around here are you?"

She nodded as she tried to keep up with my quick steps. "I'm from America, Indiana to be exact."

"So what are you doing all the way over here?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "My father needed a change of scenery."

I turned to her staring her in the eyes. "So you're not the only one then?" As I gazed at her something caught my attention. Her seemingly green eyes had started to change. I watched as the blue specks began to multiply before the beautiful light blue hue covered her entire iris. "What is with your eyes?"

"Oh um they've done that ever since I was little they kind of change with my mood."

"Rainbow eyes."

She flashed her beautiful smile sending my heart into a fast beat. "I've never had anyone call them that, but yeah I have rainbow eyes."

"You say they change with your mood…so what does blue mean?"

She turned away walking towards the entrance of the school. "If I told you I'd have to kill you."

Lunchtime rolled round and I hadn't seen or spoken to Jamie since then. I placed my tray on the table sitting in my usual spot next to Alastair. "Scoot over." He glanced at me like I had an enouromous zit growing from the middle of my forehead. "Come on fatarse move over!"

Alastair unwillingly slid down the seat making room for another person at our table. I watched as our table began to fill up as Gwen Sheffield and Laura Underwood sat across from us staring at the huge gap that separated us. "What's wrong you two? You don't like each other anymore or something?" They giggled as I rolled my eyes and nodded my head.

"No you twit I'm saving a spot for Jamie."

A strong look of dislike came across their faces. "What? No way is she sitting at our table."

"Come on she's new here she doesn't have many friends."

"She's also a complete freak!"

"Alright you lot break it up." Alastair extended his arm in front of me separating the girls from us. "If Oliver wants Jamie to sit with us than that's his business. I'm sure he has a good reason for it." The girls groaned.

"Really? What reason is this?"

Alastair shrugged shoving a couple of chips into his mouth. "Maybe he wants her to feel him up like she did in potions class." I slammed my elbow into his ribs causing him to keel over. "Come on mate everyone saw and by the looks of it you seemed to rather enjoy it."

I smirked evilly. Alastair really thought he was a smart arse, but I had a good comeback. "Why were you looking anyways?" Laura and Gwen burst into a giggle fit drawing some very unwanted attention in Alastair's direction.

"Shut up Oliver!" I watched him slouch down into her chair trying to hide himself.

"You're the one who brought it up." I looked around for any sign of Jamie. Lunch had been going on for quite some time and I was starting to become concerned. I looked over towards the lunch line, her long brown hair was easy to recognized. She turned to leave, tray in hand. I waved my arms. "JAMIE!" She glanced up at me as I signaled for her to come and take a seat, but instead she just turned and walked away. "Jamie?" By this time everyone in the cafeteria had turned their attention to her. They watched as she exited the cafeteria mixing in with the humans and finding a nice spot on the school lawn for herself.

Laura and Gwen stared out the window watching Jamie eat her lunch alone. "Freak."

I couldn't quite understand it. Never had any of us seen a witch act the way she did. Unlike the others she seemed to actually enjoy the sunlight, which most of them dreaded. I thought back to my Magical History classes and than it hit me harder than ever. She was a Sonnehexe. A rare once thought to be extinct breed of witch that lived for the sunlight. How she still even existed was very much a mystery to us all and it was this that made her even more intriguing to me. She was something special and I was determined to uncover the truth.