Grandpa's Firefly

By: Payton

There are a few important people

In a little girl's life

One is her Daddy

Who she proudly holds tight

But other than her Daddy

A little girl sees tall

Her Grandpa standing there watching her

Hoping not to bawl

To a little girl her Grandpa

Is everything she needs

A playmate, a pillow,

A really tall tree

He is the magic

That makes her angel wings soar

"Higher Grandpa! Higher"

"Ice cream! I want more"

He picks her up and spins her 'round

He collects pretty flowers

And makes her a crown

He also jokes and plays little pranks

He pesters and teases

Oh the fun he makes

He takes her out to places she's never been

He shows her the little mouse

She was afraid to befriend

He tells her she should dream on high

And helps her catch a firefly

The skip down the lane

Of that old rocky drive

Watching the clouds

And cars go by

As the sun lowers

And the moon shines clear

He shows her the window

Says, "Look at the deer!"

He tucks her in bed

Turns the lights low

Tells her a story

Watches her eyes glow

She is filled with wonder

At the tale she is told

About fairies and castles

How they never get old

As her eyes grow heavy

And the story starts to end

He stands up and watches

Then makes a great bend

He kisses her cheek

And says goodnight

He even throws in there

"Don't let the bed bugs bite."

The little girl dreams

Behind those closed eyes

About her adventurous day

And that firefly

She thinks about her grandpa

How special he is to her

How he makes everything peaceful

He completes her world