Watching you leave is like letting my heart burn to ashes.

she arrived at the door

i stare at her in awe

wearing a simple satin dress she captured my heart

and because of this, i wish to never part


its such a silly thing that i believed

that someone like me, could capture you theives

you are a theif in my eyes, yet i still love you

you stole my heart, and yet i stand here in this revenue


this poem i believe, may be simple and meaningless

but a part of me feels like that simple dress

so easy, so fine

yet in my hands you feel devine


you resist, i persue

only to have my heart ripped in two

i stand there and watch, as you walk through that mans door

by denying my love, you deny yourself more


just like that, a fluke of chance

you turn around, and meet my glance

i stand proud and gaze back

yet inside my heart feels that familiar crack


it shatters, i falter

you walk away, and my eyes water

i refuse to cry, you arent worth my tears

and i realise, that this was what i feared


I never chose this life

yet i dont turn to the knife

i may be lonely

i may be scared

But it gives me solace, that someone out there will care

I wrote this when i couldnt sleep, and i couldnt dream. Unable to do that, is something that may never seem like alot to you, but for me, its my only way to finding peace.