You seem a little edgy these days
Like someone maybe dogging your footsteps
And I confess to you, my almost-baby:
I do

When I think of you
I play the blood in and out of my fingertips
My stomach fills with lead, does little flips
Like I'm on a trapeze and you're the ground
Or the crowd, but I'm the one who's watching you

When I think of you
I breath down my own neck and sneer at my
Thought-pool pictures; but I never follow you home
Or take your shirt off— it's not
How I imagine you, but you're pensive enough

And you can take the floor from underneath
You just can't make it vanish by ignoring me
I do the same to you

When I think of you
I put myself inside your dreams like a secret
Stalking Orpheus with blue morphine
And you're no fucking movie star, just
Obvious enough for me to know exactly who you are
And I'm never far

When I think of you
I wonder if those furtive glances mean
That you're afraid of me, if your avoidance
Of my eyes means they show you something you don't like
That inject unease into your spine
Secretly I watch you shine

And maybe you're the one I see when I shut my eyes
'Cause in my mind I don't play good-ghost-girl anymore
And you can take the breath right out of me
But you can't make it go away by ignoring me
That's much too easy

When I think of you
I picture you with your wife
Reclining on a couch, planning through that
Pretty life you're going to live out hand in hand
And I won't follow you upstairs
But when you whisper in her ear
She's not the only one to hear

When I think of you—
You don't want to know what I do
When I think of you.