Well, I haven't posted anything in a long while. Let's see if I've lost my touch. The prompt from the lovely Katharine is write a poem using the words trip, menace, feline, priority, thief, and tackle. Enjoy.

Out of My Mind

Eyes, mouth, teeth, jaw,

Every feature tripping me up,

Stopping my heart.


Beautiful menace!

I hate that you are a beautiful thief.

Relinquish my affections!

I don't want them to be yours.


I tackle this dilemma everyday.

I want to be wanted.

I want it to be you who wants me.

But I don't,

I don't.

I don't!

I can't.


You cannot be my first priority.

You cannot be the most important thing.


I try to be feline fickle.

Independent of your charm,

Of your eyes, mouth, lips, jaw,

Of your enticing, beautiful danger,

But I cannot hotwire my heart


Drive you

Out of