His hands touch her hips, but only for a few seconds, so he can pull her forward and wrap his arms around her. She sighs a little, and gives in. Her hands slip around his shoulders and her head tips forward, barely touching his chest for a few seconds. His right arm comes up towards her neck, and crushes her head to his body.

She shudders and tears spill down her face. Her breathing is no longer normal. The muscles in her fingers contract and her nails dig into his shoulders. Her entire body shakes. He sighs slowly, and kisses her forehead. The tears stain his t-shirt.

"Baby," he whispers. "Please be happy."

Her hand clenches into a fist, and she pounds it on his chest, twice. It achieves nothing. His arms wrap around her more tightly. He tips his head back and closes his eyes. He chews on his lower lip, the entire time rubbing her back in smooth, slow circles.

She hiccups a little. She pounds on his chest, weakly, a little more.

She thinks of all the things she wants him to do for her, but she doesn't know how to communicate it to him. She wants him to know that she loves him and that she always will, but she also wants him to reassure her. She wants him to keep her tightly wrapped up, and never let go. It's all she wants. She doesn't care about the sex, the booze, or school. She doesn't even care about all the things he's been accused of doing with other girls. Nothing matters, only that he stays with her forever and doesn't let go.

He doesn't know how to handle her. He doesn't know how to make her better. He doesn't even understand what's wrong to begin with.