Chapter Two

I took cover inside Bryson's mansion eventually, just in case you were wondering. As soon as I snapped out of my psychotic-like hallucination with the help of Bryson himself muttering into my ear that there was 'no one hiding in the shadows, and did you hear that thing? Everyone thinks it's a gunshot-hey, why don't you come inside'. He had to get up close and murmur all this into my ear because apparently, shouting over the pouring rain a few good feet away did no help to my delusional condition.

Alright. So then, cut to me looking out the Parkon's living room window to the scene unfolding on the front yard. I found this window thing very coincidental, knowing I was only looking out the window of the opposite house not very long ago. Very funny. Anyway, basically someone from the party immediately called the police, and now they've arrived, making a big mess on the front yard in my opinion. What with everyone rushing in their cars to get home (much to the police's frustrations because they were hoping to question some people), and fellow neighbors walking out in their nightgowns and fuzzy slippers wondering what the whole commotion was about.

Plus, I could see Bryson out there trying to explain everything and curbing around the fact that his parents weren't home. I sighed. This all really was just nonsense to me, and I wanted to get home and sleep off this night altogether. I was just exiting the front doors when I collided into Bryson himself.

"Raegan," he breathed out a kind of sigh of relief.

"Hey you," I muffled, not really making eye contact, and was about to say 'good night, good luck, and great party' but he cut in.

"Come on, they need you out there," he took hold of my arm, though gently.

"What? For what?" I tugged my arm back.

"Interrogation. Apparently, you're their number one suspect and witness on their list so far."

"Can't believe you told them of my little insane stunt."

"While I still think you're crazy, Rae, you looked pretty believable earlier. All you needed was a gun in your hand to complete the picture or something—"

"Witness. Only. I am not a suspect."

He just shrugged, and by the time this whole conversation was over, he managed to pull me over to a couple of uptight looking cops. One of them had a clipboard and the other looked me up and down in both a perverted and suspicious manner.

"Raegan Comrey?" the one with the clipboard said, peering down at the paper and back at me.

"Uh, yessir, officer…sir," I replied, trying to sound clever. They made no expression whatsoever.

"I was told that you were present in the possible crime scene earlier."

"If you mean out here in the yard, then yes. Sir."

"Can you explain to us exactly what happened, ma'am?"

"Okay. So I was walking over to Bryson's house, and then I hear this loud gunshot, and see this guy, Bryson calls me, I turn back and the weirdo's gone for some reason—"

"Alright, can you tell us in as much detail the appearance of this man?"

"Umm, tall. Really tall. Like 6 foot-something. And he was pale-ish. Dark straight hair, and dark eyes. Yep, that was him."

Cop with the clipboard was already preparing some kind of quick sketch from what I observed, and the other one pursed his lips and furrowed his eyebrows at my description.

"Alright, are you sure that's all?"

"Um. Yep."

"Okay, thank you for your cooperation, and I promise you ma'am, we'll get everything straightened out as soon as possible," he said in a monotone voice, and I simply nodded.

I caught sight of my mother about to begin her worried sprint to me from my front door, so I quickly made my way towards her.

"Rae!" I turned back around, contorting my face to look lazy and tired and annoyed.

"Hm?" I raised an eyebrow at Bryson.

"You…all right?" he asked. Are you kidding me?

"I'm great."

"What'd they ask you?"

"I just told them how the guy looked like."

"So…you really did see him, huh?"

I bit my lip and shuffled my feet together. He took my silence as a 'yes, you unbelieving idiot', and gave me a 'goodbye' nod as he started walking away.

"What's going on? Was that a gunshot? Did I see you talking to those officers over there? What did they say? Oh my God, is there a killer on the loose? Jesus, Raegan, get inside the house now," were some of my mother's quick mutterings as soon as I got five feet from her.

I shuffled inside instantly and waited until a pause from her numerous questions to possibly cut in a word or two. I took the stairs one lazy step at a time, my lethargy and dread for school the next day dragging my mood to the bottom of the well. Seriously, I should have never even stepped foot out of this house and towards the Parkon's mansion in the first place. The silly situations I end up in are really making me consider a stay in the asylum.

"I'm going to bed, mom," I called out.

"You better be," I heard her distinctly answer, to which I distinctly said, "Good night."

My bedroom was the only occupied room upstairs other than the guest room across from it. It was also the last and only door at the end of the dark hallway. It was also the only room that overlooked the front yard and had window access to a certain branch of a certain oak tree.

So, as I lugged my tired self through the unlit hallway and into my unlit room, as my eyes slowly adjusted, as I instantly noticed an unfamiliar and wholly terrifying shape of another human being (I did like, a triple-take, just in case my eyes were still messing with me), the first thought that came through my mind was 'Holy shit, did I forget to lock my window?!'

Now, if you've ever been in my present situation before, I totally feel for you. Because this, realizing someone is in your bedroom at 11 in the evening (I mean, you can't even recognize if you know this person or not yet), is very, very horror slash thriller slash crazy psycho killer like.

You would think, if I were an average human being, I'd scream, shout, shriek at the top of my lungs in terror. But no, I did one, two, three, no- FOUR double-takes until the idea finally shrunk into my mind that yes, there was another person present in the room other than me. So I jumped. A few feet in the air actually. My heart kinda jumped with it, and it seemed to stay there for a few seconds before I could feel my pounding pulse again.

My breath caught in my throat, which I think was the reason why I couldn't scream, and my arm reached out for light switch immediately. All the while my fingers were scratching the wall for the stupid switch; I kept my eyes on the figure standing at the foot of my bed. Jesus, this was not the time to somehow forget where my light switch was located on the wall.

I found it, eventually, and flipped it on, but…it did not turn on. I flipped again, and again, on-off, but staying off, and I was so close to tears until the figure spoke.

"Lightning struck your electric wires. I think you're the only house that's out."

As if on cue, a flash of light emitted from the sky, showing the face of my intruder for a fraction of a second. Oh my god…

Him. Tall, lanky, dark-eyed stranger from earlier. So I was not hallucinating.

After that, all you hear is my heavy breathing, and the rain still pouring, though softer, outside. I took deep breaths, tried to speak, couldn't, and leaned my back against the wall.

All I wanted was to collapse to the floor but no way will I become vulnerable in this situation.

"W-who are you?" Oh that small, terrified voice? That was me.

"I came through your window."

"Er…that wasn't my question."

I was literally talking to a shadow. What a fucking coincidence we're the only house that's lights out, right?

"I'm sorry to scare you like this…"

All I could emit was a pathetic whimper.

"I think you saw me earlier—"

"Get out."


"Get out!" I shrieked, and gestured wildly to my open window.

He quickly took a step forward, alarmed at my abrupt outburst. I watched as he stuck a leg out the window, another, then turned his waist around to face me. "This won't be…the last time we see each other." And then he jumped and disappeared.

Well that statement would be sure to haunt my mind now, won't it?