Midori is a shy girl with a dark secret, a mysterious past, and hypnotic silver eyes. Once more she has been forced to move to a new country and new high school. Will she be able to get her fangs into the handsome Ayden? Or will this boy discover her secrets and escape her deadly silver gaze that leads only to those fangs sinking into an unsuspecting throat? OR is this the love that her grandmother spoke of so long ago, the one that could bring back her missing heart?

The Warning and the Boy

Silver eyes darted up at the room number closest to her. Of course. I would be in the building on the farthest point on the opposite end of the campus from the cafeteria. Why did I have to get first lunch?She sighed. Keeping her head down she tried not to draw attention to herself as she slipped to the door out of the front of the building, a pale silent shadow. Midori gave a grim smile of satisfaction once she had exited the crowded building, noting every tasty looking schmuck she had seen. Her silver eyes briefly turned onyx-edged ruby before she had shaken off her thirst. Thankfully, she noted, no one had seen. This school would suit her thirst well for a time, the mysterious "they" that seems to know everything had been right. American guys were good looking. This suited the silver eyed girl well. She couldn't very well settle for nerds. While healthier, their blood was too bland and greasy for her, especially the ones with acne…

Yuck. Midori gave an invisible shudder when she passed the reeking scent of the "nerds." The gangly, style less, ugly, acne coated, students gave off a scent that repelled her almost as much as the lycan did. Then another disgusting, familiar scent hit her nose. She whipped around to spot an isolated group of students four males, two females… A large pack, six strong. This would present a problem. A low growl erupted from her throat when the Alpha turned to her, nose scrunched as though he was next to a garbage can filled with rotting food. He glared a warning to her in reply to her growl. He was huge, over six feet tall and well muscled with a lanky wolf's build and decidedly Native American, but, of course, half of the pack was too. Her growl had caught the whole pack's attention, her scent confused most of them. So Alpha mutt is almost the only one to have ever met a vampire . . . This may turn to my advantage. She smirked to herself and stalked away from the pack, Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not this living dead. . ..

She made it to her third period ok, despite the fact she never did make it to lunch. She looked around, noting that half the pack of Lycan was in her class including the Alpha who sat beside the only empty seat in the room. She muttered a long stream of curses rapidly under her breath, earning a nearly inaudible snarl from the nearest pack member. A pretty blond female with bright hazel eyes that narrowed on her. Midori merely smiled coldly, locking eyes with her. The snarl turned to a whimper and the blonde flinched. That's right pup, not all of us are afraid of mangy mutts like you. She thought to herself.

"Alright, Class, we have a new student. Would you please step to the front and tell everyone your name and where you transferred from?" The teacher asked politely. He was tall and in his late fifties, she judged. He had coke bottle glasses in the new style and thinning hair, but seemed nice enough.

"My name is Midori Takato. I transferred through too many schools to list because my family moves around a lot for my dad's job. However, originally I was home schooled in E-Tokyo, Japan." She caught herself before she said Edo. The Alpha caught it, but who cared if one stupid mutt knew she were almost thee hundred fifty years old? It just meant he knew how dangerous she was.

"Thank you. If you will please take your seat beside Mr. Redhorn at table six?" He nodded to the seat beside the alpha at his lab table. She had barely taken her seat when he began to explain the day's lab. Listening, Midori quickly tied back her hip-length purple streaked-black hair. If anyone had cared to examine closer, the light purple streaks were her natural hair color and the black was the dye.

"Why are you here, filthy bloodsucker?" The dark haired werewolf demanded so quietly that only she heard.

"Take a wild guess mangy mutt. And I thought dogs were supposed to be intelligent." She shot back equally as quiet. Then when he growled and made a half movement for her she added, "And I don't recommend starting anything here, I'd hate to have to move again because my class got mangled by three loose, ravenous wolves. That would be fun to explain why you three disappeared don't you think? Oh! And then I would get to explain how I was the only survivor, terrified and scratched. Vampires can still bleed fool. Your pack would never be able to come to this school again."

He flinched and shied away from her before snarling under his breath, "You bite anyone in this town and I will personally rip you and your coven to shreds."

"Oh, I wouldn't hold your breath on that one mutt. No wait, hold your breath. Save me from having to rip your fur out. I don't really feel like having to survive the stench of you long enough to drain you. I don't care howgood lycan blood tastes." She smiled slowly, exposing her white fangs.

"Bitch." He snarled a bit too loud.

The teacher hadn't heard exactly what was said, but could sense the disturbance and turned to the pair who was carrying on their conversation while working on their Starch, Lipids, and Glucose Lab. He walked over. "Is there a problem you two?"

Midori smiled, beating the wolf to words. Her eyes met the old biology teacher's and her voice turned the words to melody, "No sir, everything is fine. Just a disagreement about the starch results of one of our tests." She gestured to a test item on which the iodine had turned black on one half and stayed orangey on the other half.

"It's both, a secret of mine. Record it as it appears. I'll explain it at the end of class Jonathan, Midori." He smiled and walked off in a daze.

"You hypnotizing she-witch." Jonathan growled at her.

"You understate me you ill behaved house mongrel. I'm much more dangerous than any witch you'll ever meet. And that was before my heart made its last beat. You don't stand a chance." With those last words her fangs were at his throat a second later. No one even noticed anything until the boy hit the ground. She bent down and lifted him as the students began to gather. She whispered so only he heard. "Lycan blood is pretty good, once you get through the nauseating stench. I'll have to hunt you wolves more often. Don't look so worried, you won't become one of us even though I didn't drain you and kill you. I only cut you with a fang, I didn't leave them imbedded in your skin like normal and let them poison you. You'll be fine. A bit fatigued for a while, but what can I say? I missed lunch."

"I'll take him to the nurse. Our lab is done. By the way, does he pass out often; I'd hate to make a habit of this." Midori asked, her face serious. The melody in her voice remained but instead of light hearted as before, it was slower like a cadence and a bit grimmer. Only the other two wolves remained out of her spell and glowered.

"Perhaps I should take him. Isn't he kind of heavy for you?" The other male wolf asked. Another six foot something Asian kid with a bad attitude.

"Feel Free to help me, but I was the only one who knows exactly what happened. The nurse will need to know." She smirked back at his scowl.

"Billy, go help her get him there." The teacher ordered.

Billy let out a tiny snarl at having Midori be part of the escort after they exited the room. He knew that the bloodsucker knew John couldn't go to the nurse. Wolves ran a temperature that should leave a human dead. "What are you up to, leech?"

"He needs to get home. Consider it a warning to your pack. Only next time I bite, I'll do it to kill. Your Alpha needs rest. Lead the way; it will be faster if we run." She glared coldly at the wolf. He was clearly second in command. He crouched, his face elongating like his body, a mane of fur grew and his ears shifted to the top of his head and changed shape. Watching the transformation was awkward. He was deliberately slowing his change, trying to freak her out. A minute later a grey-brown timber wolf, who on all four's had the same head height as she did (all 5'7" of it), stood beside her.

Jonathan shivered when her ice cold skin touched the backs of his knees as she lifted him off the ground like a rag doll. "You touch my pack bloodsucker and I'll-"

"Shut up" she snapped as they ran. Billy began to get on her nerves, "Look you moronic wolf if you don't move your sorry tail faster I may give you reason to! I am not some pathetically slow human. I come equipped with speed as well as strength. Do you really thank that, since your kind are made to war with us, you would have the kind of speed you do if we didn't?"

His only reply was to cough out an indignant bark. Billy suddenly took off like a shot, a grey-brown blur against the trees in the background. Midori grinned and shot off after him easily loping to keep pace just beside him. A challenge Billy took willingly. The timber wolf stretched out his long legs and pushed himself to top speed. His lips drew back from his teeth in a doggish grin. The victory fell from his face when Midori caught up to him with out any trouble.

You aren't the fastest in the pack Billy. Don't expect to out run this creature. Also take care running back to school, she's ancient and crafty. Don't let her near your throat. Jonathan's thought rang clear through his second in command's mind just as they skidded to a halt in front of Jonathan's home. An old man stepped out of and old truck with a 'Cherokee pride' sticker on the back glass at the same time. John's father.

The old Cherokee man froze, his eyes locked on Midori, whose pale skin shimmered lightly in the sunlight. He caught her silver eyes and his dark brown narrowed, "Why is a Blood Thief carrying my son? Billy what is going on?"

Midori never broke eye contact and dropped the Alpha to the ground nudging him with her foot, "Consider this a warning to the Cherokee pack. I won't be taken down easily. Especially not by mongrels like you. I am a patient and relatively kind vampire, do not test my limits or the next time you see me with one of your pack the wolf will be drained. Stay out of my way."

Billy and the old man knelt by the Alpha and watched the vampire vanish back in the direction of school. The pack would be on full and cautious alert from now until she left town for good.


The next day dawned early for Midori, after another sleepless night. . . If that really mattered, seeing as her kind didn't sleep anyway. She padded silently through the empty house, getting ready for school. Her mind began to wander back to a much simpler, more mystical time.

: begin Flashback:

"What do you mean grandmother? I am the same as I have always been." A twelve year old Midori lies, her usually cold eyes forced into soft caring as she looks in false earnest at the withered woman sitting in front of her.

"No child. Your lies and charm do not fool me. Where has your heart gone? What happened to my innocent granddaughter I love so much? You still seem to be human now, but you act like the Ice Children." The old woman replies, adjusting the sleeve of her kimono.

All traces of kindness fade from the girl's face when she answers, her voice cold and harsh, "I am no Ice Daughter. My heart doesn't concern you any longer old woman. Time changes much, including me. Ninja assassinate the great, warlords and samurai fall, the seasons make their rounds and demons rage in wars. My heart is not a matter of great importance to you, though your own safety should be, Hag!"

"One day will come, you calloused girl, and your missing heart will return. The unbearable pain will be plenty to avenge your wrongs." The old woman collapses. The twelve year old smiles coldly, pulling the bloody blade from the old woman's belly. First on hit list, check.

: end Flashback:

The school bell was ringing in Midori's ear by the time she snapped out of her daze. When had she gotten to school? Who cared? A smirk crossed her face at the sweet memory of her vengeance. She was in her seat for first period before the teacher ever realized anyone was late. She pulled out her copy of Anna Karnin and settled to finishing it off, her last English class had even read it too… Or so she had lied.

"Takato, Midori!" The handsome young teacher called, his baritone catching her interest as he called roll.

"Present." She called melodically, looking up to meet his brilliant green eyes. I think I've found my midnight snack. . . I'll definitely be keeping tabs on this one. She noted to her self, remembering she'd forgotten to feed the previous night.

The English class passed rather uneventfully, to Midori's pleasure. She would make herself known in her own due time. For now she would lay low. Of course, third period had been a disaster to the point she was now the talk of the class and had been late for her fourth period her first day. All thanks to the stupid wolves.

"Midori, why don't you tell us what you think is Anna's motivation behind having the affair that causes her life to crumble?" The baritone sweetly sounded, cutting through her thoughts. She decided right then he was her next meal, she couldn't take it.

"I believe, Mr. Taeler, her motivation was her unhappiness with the cold structure she was living in. Her husband was entirely business by that time, though he did love her, and Anna was still relatively young and in need of attention and closeness that her older husband was losing interest in." She answered, "Then young, military, and handsome shows up and is automatically attracted to her. The sparks are ignited and she seeks fulfillment through his arms."

"Very good, but. . . Hmm, I see . . . you didn't finish your reading did you?" He frowned looking at her open book.

"Of course I did. I have read this book several times actually." She smiled coolly.

"Alright then, perhaps you can tell me why, despite the fact that she still had living children to care for, did she throw herself beneath the train, killing herself?" Mr. Taeler's face lightened a bit with her smile.

"Her husband, in his horrid failure of an attempt to keep her with him, threatened to take the children away from her. He was very much in love with Anna and didn't understand the effect of his move. You see in Anna's mind she could never go back to her husband and her young lover was falling out of love with her. The only two things that kept her tied to life were no longer hers to have and care for. With out her children and her lover her life meant nothing to her. To end the pain she caused her self and the ones she cared for she threw herself on the train tracks just after the train started moving and gave up her life. Inevitably causing just as much pain has she had to begin with. Thus the life of the poor Russian woman came full circle. Unhappy beginning to an unhappy ending." Midori finished with the soft thumping of her closing book. Her teacher nodded with approval, hypnotized by her silvery eyes.

"Well, that was very well put. Please, see me after class. I have a few other students to meet later in the day." He closed his book just as the bell rang. Five other students stayed after, including a boy she had seen the day before in her second period class as well.

He was tall and slim with shaggy black hair that stood in a fit mess all over his head. His bright green eyes sparkled when he looked over at her. She merely nodded, a bit more focused on her thirst at the time. He spoke quickly to the teacher before nodding to Midori and leaving. Mr. Taelor had no idea that moment was to be his last.

An hour later, with Midori safely inside second period, they found his body out behind the teacher's lounge. Some one had slit his throat without spilling a drop of blood during the smoking break he took daily during his planning period. Of course on hearing the news, Midori thought happily to herself 'what blood?' and gave an inward laugh while managing to look shocked and unhappy.

Midori blandly went through the steps of the pre-calculus problem on the board. She had been the only one to get it right. Of course. I should have known better than to just rush to get it done. I should have taken the time to look better at the problem and decide which one I should miss to keep myself from standing out. Damn it! She shook her head. How many times was this that she had taken this class? Too many in her opinion. She was tired of moving slowly through the problems and pretending to stumble. She put down the marker, looking bored, the teacher stared. It had taken her two minutes to go through the problem without referring back to her paper.

"Midori, are you sure that you did all that correctly?" The teacher prompted once she had gotten over her shock.

"Here's my paper if you don't feel like looking at it step by step." Midori replied flatly handing her a sheet of neatly written math. The teacher took it, looking smug; sure that she'd find a mistake in the quickly done board work. She was wrong and turned to gape at Midori.

"I had taken this class before I moved here. They just refused to count my test score. I was the top of my class if you couldn't tell." Midori continued, emotion never penetrating her bored voice.

Bright green eyes watch her as she retrieved her paper and returned to her seat, next to the owner of the gaze. The boy watched her with great interest as she pulled a sketch pad from her bag and began to doodle absentmindedly. The teacher proceeded to explain the problems and the next section unhappily ignoring her new student's inattention and the stir it was causing her previous star pupil, Ayden.

Three hundred and fifty years and I can't manage to stay out of these damned classes anymore. Used to be I couldn't get in them! Now I can't avoid school. I have half the degrees known to man and I am still forced to sit through pre-cal.She thought angrily to herself while an image from her past formed on the page before her. It was her grandmother again. As she had been before the day Midori had killed her, the old woman wore a gentle and trusting smile while sitting on an ancient, worn cushion at the front of the family shrine. The last thing on her mind had been that her granddaughter, the next priestess, had lost the ability to feel and was on her way to becoming a child of darkness. Absently, Midori glanced down. She hissed, cursing under her breath. She had rid herself of the old hag centuries ago, and now she was returning to haunt her.

"You're very good. Is she a real person or did you come up with her?" A kind, interested tenor broke her thoughts.

"My grandmother," Midori replied with a hint of venom, really noticing the boy this time. He was handsome and smelled delicious, better than any other human she had ever been around. "Aren't you in another of my classes-"

"Ayden. Yeah. I'm in your first, second, third, and fourth." He laughed at her obliviousness. "You're Midori, right? It's nice to meet you. You're in first lunch, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am. I can't seem to get to the cafeteria however." She fought back her thirst and the crimson and onyx coloring that threatened to creep into her eyes. Midori gave a sweet, hypnotic smile, "Do you happen to have first lunch too?"

"I do. It would be an honor to help you find your way to are not-so-fine dining establishment, if you can call it that." He half bowed as the bell ring. Her smile hadn't even been needed; he was caught on her hook, line and sinker. She stood, silver eyes sparkling, and linked her arm through his.

"Lead the way then, Ayden-chan." She gave a soft and mesmerizing soprano giggle when she snapped the sketch book shut and stuffed it unceremoniously in her sling bag. He would be fun to drain. She looked at him and saw a new toy, very much like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

The rest of the day passed with her talking and giggling with the raven-haired, green eyed midnight snack. By that night at supper he was at her home sitting on her couch, glancing at her shyly, as though he'd like to kiss her and she, while flirting delicately back, coldly calculated exactly what she would do to drain every single ounce of his mouth wateringly wonderful scented blood. The silver-eyed enchantress slid a bit closer to Ayden on the couch, just enough that their arms touched, and looked at him beguilingly through her long lashes. His face became delicately shaded with the blood pulsing under his skin. The blush sent a wave of thirst through her, though she remained outwardly unaffected. She leaned forward and kissed him gently, teasing. As she had expected, he returned her kiss almost instantly. She smiled against his mouth and began trailing kisses to his throat. She nipped him once and he shuddered. The moment she was about to sink her fangs into his tender skin, however, his phone went off loudly and he cursed, pulling away. She cursed as well, only for an entirely different reason. She just lost her dinner thanks to his insanely over protective mother. He excused himself from her and stepped to the other side of the room, unaware that her sharp ears could pick up not only his whispering, but his mother's frantic voice.

"Yes mom?"

"Where are you?? You didn't come home from class. Kerri and James said you skipped practice today. You never skip out on your band."

"Mom, I'm at a new friend's house. I'm fine. And you normally fuss about how much time I spend with my band. Will you stop worrying?"

"You could have been hurt or stranded or dead for all I knew!"

"Mom, I told Kerri and James where I was. Didn't they tell you?"

"Well, yes… But how was I to know that she isn't some-"

"Mom, she's a new girl. Her family moves around a lot and her parents are almost always away. She could use a friend here. She is not some crazed murderer. Even if she were, I doubt she could do a lot of damage to me. I am twice her size at least." He sighed. "I'm not a baby. I can take care of myself. Also, if you remember, I will be moving out at the end of this year. You know, after graduation. RELAX."

Midori suppressed a giggle. He had no idea how correct his mother was, nor how far from right he was. The front door swung open just as her hung up on his mother to reveal a very tall, pale man. He was handsome and slimly built. His long, dark hair was pulled in a pony tail at the nape of his neck and contrasted a bit with the neat business suit that covered the wiry muscles beneath. He turned sharp silver eyes on the human in the room before turning to Midori. She merely shrugged, though the look she sent him clearly sated 'mine.' His rolled his eyes as if to say he didn't swing that way anyhow. She laughed.

"Ayden?" She said his name softly. "This is my father, Kyousuke Takato. Otosan, this is my friend Ayden." Kyousuke quirked an eyebrow, last time it had been brother now it was father. Sometimes he wondered why he ever bothered joining this girl's coven. Then he remembered she was older, stronger, faster and smarter than him and it was all okay. All of that, and the fact that it was she who had made him.

"Ayden-san" He nodded politely.


"When are okaa-san and onee-chan coming home? Onii-chan and ototo-chan are upstairs." She looked at the man, smiling. However the fact was, she would much rather keep this oddly delightful smelling human to herself.

"They were behind me, though they could have stopped for gas." He replied.

"I see then. Ayden-chan, do you need a ride home? Your mother must have been worried to call." Midori made her voice into an innocent sounding guess.

"Yeah, she was. I would really appreciate a ride home too, since I didn't drive today." Ayden laughed a bit.

"Can I have my keys, as you took my car today and left me with yours?" She looked at Kyousuke. The man nodded and tossed her a set of keys.

"So the Mercedes isn't yours?" Ayden looked at her wide eyed, referring to the brand new silver car that she had driven to school and back. He wondered what her car could be for her dad to take it and leave her a brand new Benz to drive.

"Nah, come on." Midori found herself smiling genuinely at his amazement for a reason she didn't know.

"This is my car." She answered leading him to a jet black, convertible sports car.

"Holy shit! You drive a Corvette?!" Ayden gaped at the small, glossy car.

"It would seem that way, Captain Obvious." She rolled her eyes. "Dad borrows it when he wants to make an extremely good impression. Compared to this, his car's a bit bland."

"No kidding! Your dad must have an amazing job." He replied excitedly. "These cars together cost almost as much as my house!"

That or after a couple hundred years of light spending we have a shit load of cash saved up. She thought to herself. "Yeah, it's a great job; it just keeps him out a lot. Anyhow, let's get going shall we?"

"Sure! What teenage guy would pass on a drive in one of the coolest, most expensive cars on the market?"

"When he got offered one in my mom's Ferrari." She growled as the fire-engine red car blocked her exit from the drive way. "Stupid woman doesn't know how to park a damn car. She's forever in my way."

"DAMN!!! What does your dad do??? Manage Paris Hilton or something???" Ayden almost had a heart attack right there.

"It's . . . Family money. Old family money, we go back to a line of ancient samurai. And a bit of blood money to be honest. My grandfather was yakuza." She shrugged. "But you never heard that, got it?"

He nodded gravely, somewhat scared. The mafia was the mafia, Japanese or other wise. "Heard what?"

"Exactly, come on. I'm going to take mom's car." She shrugged. "Hey, keys!"

"Come again Midori?" The tall, slim woman turned to face the 'younger' girl, completely out of it.

"Keys, 'kaa-san. I need the keys. Your car is in my way, so I'm taking it." She replied coolly. "I have to take Ayden home."

The other woman had been eyeing the human boy somewhat hungrily when the cold voice cut through her stupor. "Oh, yes. Here you go, the tank is full so don't worry about gas."

"Kay, thanks." Midori caught the keys tossed her way and signaled Ayden to get in the car.

"Midori-imotouchan," Ann Elise called, quickly catching on. "I need to talk to you when you come back."

"Okay." Midori replied, shooting a warning glance at the redhead who was also eyeing her human hungrily. "We're one big ragtag adopted family."

Ayden nodded at her explanation. They slid into the Italian car and were off like a shot. Midori was careful not to speed too much, not wanting to arouse suspicions. It took her ten minutes to hit Ayden's house. She walked to the door with him and made plans to meet him for . . . Dinner-she smiled at the thought- on Friday night. Just two days, she told herself. Then she would eat. His mother opened the door about two seconds later, eying the girl with calculating suspicion.

"Hello. I just thought I would bring your son home." Midori charmed the woman. She immediately smiled and bekoned the vampire in. Midori gracefully declined for the day, saying that she had to go home.

"Well dear, just come back anytime." Ayden looked at his mom like she was an alien. Where the hell had that come from?