Midori is a shy girl with a dark secret, a mysterious past, and hypnotic silver eyes. Once more she has been forced to move to a new country and new high school. Will she be able to get her fangs into the handsome Ayden? Or will this boy discover her secrets and escape her deadly silver gaze that leads only to those fangs sinking into an unsuspecting throat? OR is this the love that her grandmother spoke of so long ago, the one that could bring back her missing heart?

The City and the Wolves

Last time:

"Well dear, just come back anytime." Ayden looked at his mom like she was an alien. Where the hell had that come from?


She had shot off towards Atlanta after leaving Ayden's house. At well over a hundred miles an hour she made the four hour trip in an hour and a half. She pulled up infront of the bar where his scent lingered, still fresh.

"Hey sugar, where do you think you're going?" A huge, burly biker whistled to her outside the bar. "Hey, I'm talking to you missy."

"Does it matter?" She smiled coolly, "I'm here for a good time and that's what counts." She tossed her long hair and brushed past him to the bartender, who eyed her suspiciously. She didn't look old enough to drink.

"I'm sorry honey, but the bar's closed to anyone under twenty-one. I can get you a soda though." The blonde woman smiled kindly. Silver eyes glinted back hauntingly. Atlanta had been a good idea, the speeding drive and this adventure had and would do her alot of good.

"The drink isn't for me, and I'm older than you, honey." She replied, recognizing the woman as a demon. The woman had a tell-tale set of ever so slightly pointed ears and a curved vine around a heather blossom on the inside of her wrist, symbol of a specific clan of succubus native to Scotland. She was still very young though, to not recognise the vampire infront of her on sight.

"I doubt it." The bartender answered, but didn't continue when the small Asian girl showed long fangs.

"My name is Takato Midoriko. You are impeding my night of fun. Quitting while you are behind sounds like a good idea. One lost succubus will not bother the McCulloughs. And don't say it I know it's coming, I see it in your face. Your 'da' won't touch me. He knows me too well to be that stupid. See that man over there, with the scarlett streaked hair? He's drinking the strongest whisky you've got, give him another shot on me." Midori smiled coldly, laying a couple bills on the counter. The tall succubus nodded, wide eyed, and scurried off to do as Midori had asked with out even wondering how she knew what he was drinking. Midori smiled cooly and, pretending to watch what ever was on the bar TV, waited for familiar footsteps. Sure enough she heard the light, sure steps moving at the quick, fluid pace she remembered so well.

"Long time no see, hot stuff." The sweet tenor in her ear signaled the arrival of her guest. He pecked her on the cheek and plopped down beside her at the bar, even that careless movment holding amazing fluid grace. He lifted his shot glass to her and drained it.

Midori smiled and met piercing, sky blue eyes, "I no longer owe you your whiskey."

"And it only took you a hundred years to buy it for me. Why are you here?" His voice was amused, pleased even. "How did you know I'd be here?"

"You know I'd never answer that Elijah. And I'm here for some fun. A meal got away in the most irritating fashion, I have a pack on my case and I need to relax. You were the person to find. I'm also getting wary of my coven, I want your help. Someone cannot be trusted." Her voice was silky. He grinned a slow cold smile to rival hers.

"What do you have in mind, your coven can wait."

"Thought you'd never ask," her voice lowered. "All you can eat buffet. Think big."

"I dunno kitten, we may cause some trouble. I can eat an awful lot."

"I'm counting on trouble honey." She laughed so coldly the hair on the back of the bartender's neck stood on end. Elijah's false, sheepish grin vanished as he let a low chuckle as chilling as Midori's escape his lips.

"You're on. Race you to the Ritz." He stood, throwing back another shot, dropping some money on the table and dragging her to her feet. Silver eyes gleamed at the challenge as he kissed her hand. Their eyes never left one another for a long-lasting moment. She drew close enough to whisper in his ear.

"You can't beat me if I'm already there." She hissed slyly. In the next moment it was like she was never there. Elijah stood still for a moment, her lingering honey-and-vanilla scent washing over him in a wave and lingering a moment longer. Laughing again, to himself this time, he followed her. He knew there was a reason he had changed her, maybe more than one, but this particular trait was one of them. Her cold, cruel sense of humor. He loved it. He had finally sired a woman that rivaled him. His match. Too bad he'd killed her parents before her. He could have thanked them. She was, however, vastly independant. That frustrated him. He shook his head to clear it as he ran. The wind whipped past him and was comforting. Nevermind the independance. She would be his. He would see to that. . . One way or another.

She was leaned against the wall of a five star hotel in the center of the city. A bored look settled on her face as Elijah approached. "You are so slow. I've been waiting for ages. I'm starving."

"Impatient little imp, aren't you?" He replied, smirking. Movement caught the corner of his eye. Two couples were leaving the hotel, heading towards them.

"I call dibs on the big guy and his buddy."

"Suits me. I personally like their dates." He flashed her a grin, fangs gleaming. "Beat ya."

"Doubt it." She laughed and in a flash was pulling the two men into the alley next to them, both men mesmerized. Elijah had the girls charmed a split second later. Midori was already done with the smaller man and the big one was ready for a fight. He watched her fluid movements as she took him down, already starting to drain the second girl.

He paused, "I'm going to beat you. You'd better hurry."

"I'll hand you this one, I want the fight." She grinned, letting the big fellow back up. She played cat and mouse like that for five solid minutes before she tossed him down-him still struggling full force- like a rag doll and drained him dry without spilling a drop.

"You full yet?" Elijah smiled.

"Is that a challenge? Because you know I'm not."

"You think you can win a contest against me? You think too highly of yourself child."

"Oh, now it's personal. Lets go. First one to the slums gets dibs, first one shot automatically loses."

"Shot or shot at?"

Midori grinned, "Shot at. If your fast enough they shouldn't have time. See ya!"

He watched as once again she was off like a bullet. She would get dibs again if he didn't move right then. With a silent curse, he was gone and following her familiar honey-and-vanilla fragrence. She beat him by a fraction of a second. She, naturally, chose the big bads. He rolled his eyes. Her movements were fluid as she took out six in rapid succession, each not having the time to even understand what was happening, let alone draw a weapon. Elijah rolled his eyes and began taking out the last five of the sad little crew. He heard a silvery laugh just seconds before he heard the loud POP of the gun. He moved to the side just in time to watch it hit the concrete wall with an echoing ring. He had over looked the twelfth member of the crew. A scrawny little kid that Midori had left for him and he never took any notice. He growled and took the kid out in a split second. Hikari's laugh rang in his ears, pouring salt on his wounded pride.

"Stupid little-" He snarled.

"You lose! hahahahahahaha! A kid got a shot on you! Oh my God that is fantastic!"

"Oh Shut up. Time for a couple more 'murders' you think?" He turned, changing the subject.

An icy smile darkened her features. "Lets go."

o0o The next morning o0o

"A rash of murders sweapt Atlanta last night, totaling to more than sixty deaths and counting. Police currently have no suspects as it seems no witnesses are left alive. There is reason to believe that each murder is connected by meathod of clean up. Each scene wiped clean of evidence besides the victims belongings. It also appears most show no signs of having a struggle with the attackers. Scenes range from the slums to a Five Star hotel branch. The cause of death ranges from broken neck, severed Jugular, severed femeral artery, and even removal of the heart while still fully conscious. No leads have been found yet, and the police would like anyone who may know something to come forward anonymously. They would also like to warn the people of the area surrounding Atlanta to be on the look out for any suspicous activity. These murderers are not afraid to attack groups-"

"Hahahahahahaha! Midori do you hear this?" She rolled over to look at Elijah. He was sitting in the chair beside the bed, still not dressed. The hotel was nice and the 'after party' for the success of their havoc wasn't bad either. The soft, silky sheet exposed one milk white leg but covered most everyting else from just below the shoulders down. She grinned. It was still an icy thing that didn't reach her eyes.

"Do you think they'll find all hundred of them today?" She asked.

"I doubt it." his eyes wandered down her form. Her long, streaked hair was slightly tousled and her eyes glittered with her cold pleasure at their handiwork being presented on TV. Her lips were slightly parted in her malicious grin. He couldn't take his eyes from her. She reguarded him with equal lust. His body was toned with long, lean muscle and his blazing blue eyes met her own silver. He smiled and stood up. She eyed him and slid over for him to join her.

"Shall we continue the celebration?" He asked propping him self up to look down into her eyes. She slid her upper body beneath his and pulled him down for a kiss.

The white linen sheet slid slowly over the side of the bed to the red carpet as the blonde news anchor gave yet another update on the strange rash of murders. A silvery laugh rang across the room.

o0o later o0o

Living Dead Girl---Midori's phone began to go off. (A/n: I don't own the song Living Dead Girl. That would be White Zombie) She cursed under her breath and pulled away from Elijah, who swore more loudly.

"I am busy, what do you people want?" She hissed through the speaker.

"The pack. They're meeting up with the one in Atlanta to hunt you down. Is Elijah with you?" Ann Elise answered quickly.

"Yes, how did figure that one?"

"Too much damage for just you. Last time you caused this much trouble was with him. You guys need to get out of there. We heard them leaving about an hour ago, they ran past the house positively snarling."

"Fine, bye." Midori sat up and looked over at Elijah, "Time to go. Fun's over."

"Wolves." It was a statement.

"Naturally. Lets hit the country. We'll go back and get my car. I drove the Ferrari."

"We can continue our celebration there. The Ferrari? Have I told you lately how awesome you are?" He added with a broad smile.

To seem more natural and to blend in, the pair hailed a cab to take them back to the bar where Midori had left her car. Of course, the pair drew stares. How could they not? A tall, lean muscled man with perfectly shaped features and brilliant, surreal blue eyes beneath a shock of red-streaked ebony hair walking next to a shorter, slender girl with curves and Asian features as perfect as his European. She was in excellent shape with her long, dark hair surrounding her like a halo shimmering with pale violet highlights and her silver eyes hauntingly shining. Their near translucent skin seemed to glow faintly in the sun, like fine spun porcelain. They were irresistably beautiful to the humans.

"These morsels are far too lucky that it is light out. I'm not quite full." grumbled Midori once they got out of the cab.

"Dear lord woman, pervious to last night, when was the last time you fed?" Elijah stared at her.

"Not counting my English teacher? A while. Maybe two months? More perhaps. . . I am not quite certain to be perfectly honest." She replied, silver eyes far away. "We'd best get going, I don't feel like slaughtering stupid dogs today. The stink stays for ages."

Elijah climbed into the driver's seat and she tossed him the keys. Looking over at his former ward he shook his head. "Foolsh woman! Have you lost your mind? Why on earth do you insist on starving yourself constantly. I could have strangled you before, now I truely want to. You have gone completely mental! It is dangerous to go so long withough feeding! Any member of your coven could have taken advantage of your weakness! They could have killed you."

"I wasn't hungry." She answered simply. "And I was perfectly fine with concern to 'weakness' as you so blandly put it. I had no issues with keeping up and surpassing the fastest of the pack from that little rathole town. My coven posed no threat. But, while we are on the subject. . ."

"So they keep finding you, the Hunters." he replied when she had finished.

"Too easily Elijah. I think one of them may be a traitor to our kind. One of those damned-"

"Don't you dare say it Midoriko."

"Fine, I won't. Let's stop here. They can come or turn about if they want." Over the course of the conversation they found themselves in the middle of nowhere on a two-lane road surrounded by forest. "Pull over there, into the gap in the trees. We won't be seen by prying eyes. This car is a bit. . .conspicuous."

He thought about the fire-engine red Italian sportscar, worth as much as a house, and nodded in full agreement. Once out of sight, he cut off the car, slumped back in the seat and sighed. Midori leaned her head against the window, smiling coldly at some distant memory of slaughters past. The car was silent, unnaturally so. Elijah glanced at her from the corner of his eye. She seemed so far away when the angry shadow crossed her face. Elijah lifted his head off the seat back to turn his head and look at her, "What's wrong Midoriko?"

"That stupid old bat!" She snarled. "She has been haunting my every thought lately and I rid myself of her before I ever met you!"

"Who? You aren't making any sense."

"Obaasan! I killed that crone when I was twelve! Twelve, Elijah! Now all I can think of in the end is that day when she told me I would find my 'missing heart' and it would all but destroy me for what I had done and would do." She bristled, positively furious.

He pulled her over and silenced her bristling with a kiss, to which she responded immediately. She slid across the center console to sit on his lap and use his shoulder as a pillow. An amazing feat in such a small car, had she been any taller or a few pounds larger she couldn't have done it. He wrapped his arms around her and brushed her hair off her shoulder and trailed kisses up to her lips. A loud howl interupted the pair. Midori hissed.

"Aww, come on!" He groaned. She twisted her small torso to open his door and slid out. Grumbling, Elijah followed her.

A massive timber wolf stood less than two yards away and Midori only smiled. Elijah stood beside her slouched, hands in pockets, looking anything but on guard. Nevertheless, his eyes flashed angrily. Moments later, the timber wolf was flanked by five more and all of them stood teeth bared and snarling at the vampires. The largest took a couple of steps forward, Midori didn't move. Instead, her smile widened and she matched his steps, bringing them little more than a foot and a half away.

"You guys took longer than I had thought." Her voice was light and mockingly pleasant, but her eyes were lifeless and cold-as always. The lead dog snarled again and jerked his head at her. She noticed a tiny bald patch at his throat. She laughed aloud. "I remember you now. Thanks for the snack."

A low rumbling encompassed the pack and Elijah stared at her in surprise. Nothing moved; wolf, vampire, leaf, or blade of grass. The air was still and silent as the two clear leaders stood face to face. Any illusions of authority in that moment were erased from Elijah's mind while he watched as in a flash everything burst into movement. Everything moved so quickly that it was difficult even for his genetically enhanced vampire eyes to catch what had happened. Before even he or the rest of the pack could truely register what had happened and jump in, it was all over. Bleeding wounds were already closing on her cheek, shoulder and torso and the Alpha lay dead at her feet. The pack and Elijah never moved and stared in shock at the scene before them.

"Holy hell..." the blue eyed monster murmured in a complete daze. His eyes wondered from the dead Alpha-now a human again- to the girl he had sired all those centuries before. He had truely created a monster. One he was almost too shocked over to be proud of. Almost. Then she did something he had never seen anyone do, something he considered suicidal. Well, suicidal to anyone with less strength and skill than that decievingly small girl, he reminded himself.

She slipped directly up to the former second, now Alpha and, putting her hand on the underside of his muzzle, stood on her toes and leaned forward to gently kiss the tip of his nose, "I'll be waiting for more, pup. I know very well this isn't over. Go home and care for your dead leader. However, be careful not to mourn too long, dogs."

Her whisper was nearly non-existant, but was freezingly gentle and calm. There was also a note of sincerity to her voice that said nothing more would happen that day because of her and a finality to her voice that said they wouldn't be starting anything either-or else they would have more dead to bury. The pack wasn't going to take any chances testing her resolve. The picked up the dead teen and left with a new war begun. A war being waged against a single vampire.

"They'll call in the hunters if my little traitor hasn't already." She commented, not looking at Elijah.

"They will. Just not yet, their pride must be wounded further for them to turn to the Association. No, I would say that it would call them first. Shall we go back then?" Elijah turned towards the car, getting in the driver's seat.

"Yeah, I have some housekeeping to do. It would appear I have some dirt to clear out. When we get back, I want you to contact Meike." Elijah's eyes got wide, but he said nothing as she slid in and closed the passenger door. The last time he had called on Meike for her... Well, he just didn't want to think about that.