I claimed indifference
to your insistence
as you tried to tie my hands,
called upon my innocence
in mock defense;
you never knew the lies
I almost gave instead,
the ones so easy to entice
that they should drip from pretty lips
into you willingness—
but then I recollected
that I cared.

So I gave you compromise.

There was nothing I could do
as you explored my indecision,
stripped away the reticence
and ambiguity
lurking in between my fingers
as they lingered so indecently,
inherently dispassionate
but never daringly enough
to satisfy.

Flustered and forfeitous,
I crawled away
confusedly enamored
by this hypocritical duality,
condescendingly impertinent
and pleasantly disconsolate—
you shifted my discontentment
into confused intimacy.

But yet my doubts have not absconded.