I've been waiting for this moment

To freeze it and own it

When we were together

With something to last forever

All my life

I've been waiting for you

To end my strife

Or at least help me through

I'm rearranged and rearranging

I'm changed and changing

Like rain falling to a river

Like Santa is a giver

Like angels singing in a choir

Like the burning flames in a fire

What heaven and hell don't know

Baby, they don't have to know

So let's go on with the show

Tomorrow will always be there

And with you I'll always share

My dream to escape

The world we live in

The dreamscape

To shape the world

We live in

AN: This was when everyone in my creative writing class had to bring in music. We were supposed to listen and write down the first thing that came into mind. I don't know all of the songs, but some of the lyrics are on there. meaning that i'm making this my disclamer. I don't own anything but a few of the lines on this poems. all songs are (c) their respectful owners.