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Summary: Romeo is a sad gay. All because of some music he heard. A man's humming can really get on your mind.
WARNING(S):Slash (Yeah, Romeo is gay. :P), death, and somethings you might remember from the real version. (Hey, this IS a 'modern-like' version. óÒ)
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Inspired by: Romeo and Juliet.

But you don't know that! XD

In the far end of Verona in a bar, was a young guy named Romeo. He was sitting on a tall chair, swaying a little to the left, a little to the right, enjoying a beer. He wasn't drunk, no, not even close.

"Ye'd like another beer?" The bartender asked. Romeo waved his hand at him, and the bartender took it as a yes, filling another glass.

Evening turned to night as fast as Romeo emptied his fifth glass. He was thinking about life, as he was experiencing it. But he soon snapped into reality, when the bartender talked to him.'

"I'm sorry, I weren't quite listening..." Romeo excused.

"It sure is dark outside, aye?" the bartender repeated. Romeo nodded, and shrugged off the bartenders look. "Maybe you should be on your way home?"'

Again he just nodded, but this time he stood up. His legs were sore from not being used in the past four hours.

"See you soon," he almost yelled from the door before he stumbled out to the sound of a few passing cars.

The bartender looked worried after him from through the windows. "I certainly don't hope so," he mumbled for himself.


Romeo avoided going home, the fear of his roommate and dear friend would be yelling at him when he arrived, so he sticked to the dock. He could hear the faint sound of music coming from one of the expensive mansions a little down the road, and he followed the sound, for his ears wanted more. Anything was better than the sound of the quiet wind blowing in his hair. Romeo tried not to look into the dark alleys he passed, but soon the thoughts of that was forgotten as the music got closer.

Romeo decided to climb up on the wall and first now, he could hear the music the best. He could look inside the big house and see people dance and talk, and some even kissing. He guessed they had to much to drink, for soon the girl changed to another guy while he tried text-messaging.

He looked at the dancers again and his eyes fell quiet as he looked upon a beautiful couple dancing slowly close together. The moonlight lit up their faces as the only light inside the mansion was candles that danced along with the music, and Romeo's eyes were stunned. The girl was dancing with such a grace, Romeo could not help his heart-beating. As he looked at the man dancing with her, his heart dropped, and it felt like a thousand stars fell to the ground, shattering. The man was handsome, and Romeo could not look away. He kept repeating for himself that he could not be what everybody wanted him to be.

But just for tonight, he thought, just for tonight he wanted to forget all that. And just for tonight he wanted to let go of himself and just be a perfectly stranger, for only himself.

His eyes suddenly sparkled as he imagined a beautiful young girl go his way. He jumped down the wall and bowed for her, and looked at her face seeing her blush. He himself blushed, but he guessed that was the alcohol taking over. Romeo took her hand gently and placed his other hand on her hip, as she placed her other hand on his shoulder. They began moving to the music and there seemed to be only those two - not knowing that the dancers had stopped already.

The music was still playing, but only in Romeo's mind, as he kept leading the girl around in the garden. Her dress was swaying around their feet so pretty and sparkling, so when in Romeo's head, the music was coming to an end, he prepared for the big final. He had spun her out, so they where both standing with outstretched arms. But then she disappeared. Romeo stood still, waiting for her to come back. She didn't and the music stopped playing in his mind. He was about to lower his hands to get the heck out of this garden, when someone grabbed his wrist from behind and kept them up.

"Don't stop dancing," A British voice sounded, and Romeo could feel the mans breath on his neck.

"But... but there's no music," Romeo stammered as he tensed.

The man began humming and then his hands slided from Romeo's wrists, where their hands tied together and their arms hugged Romeo tight.

Romeo fell into the touch on his lower stomach as the humming made the music start anew.

Soon he was dancing just as beautiful like before, though this time, Romeo was not the one wearing the pants.

He hummed along, not caring about how he knew that same song, and soon again, the song was coming to an end. But neither of them did care about that, just like neither of them cared about who they were. Not knowing each other, is like seeing the light before dawn. But dawn were to come, though night had just begun.

They both spun around to face each other when they stopped humming, and they saw each others faces. Romeo's heart dropped as he saw the beautiful man from before. The man who had danced so breath-taking with the other girl. He tried getting loose, but the grip on his wrist were to tight.

"Let go of me, you bastard!" he screamed as tears leaked down his eyes. The man looked hurt, and Romeo's heart dropped more. It was soon resting in the bottom of a black hole. "I saw you dance with that girl! Don't think that you..-"

The man hushed and placed a finger in front of Romeo's lips. He said he was sorry, and that he would kiss him to prove it. Romeo had blushed at that thought, but his anger stepped forward again.

"No! You can't touch me." And then finally Romeo was free. But he didn't run.

"You are my saint, I won't touch you unless you want me too," he then bowed, and Romeo could take no more.

"Shut up!" He yelled, the never-ending tears dripping from his chin. "I don't wanna listen!"

The mans head snapped up, and some tears were forming in his eyes.

"But you have to!" he yelled. "You have to listen."

Romeo shook his head. "No!" He was so sad, he was shaking. "No, no, no." He kept murmuring.

"I want you to look at this..." the man explained and began unbuttoning his shirt, and Romeo's head snapped up. On the mans chest, there was a tattoo. "I want you to read out loud what it says."

Romeo came nearer, and his eyes moved from side to side and he began reading.

M-O-N... T-A... G-U.. Eh! "Montague..." he muttered, and then his eyes widened. "I can't be here anymore!" And then he ran for the wall and climbed over it.


Today was two days since that had happened. Romeo had been in bed for those days, and had not thought about anything than the Montague-man. He kept telling himself that he had never been there, but every time it succeeded the man appeared back in his mind.

His roommate hadn't yelled at him. From the moment Romeo stepped inside the door, he could tell that Romeo had been crying.

His Roommate – Tybalt – had been the one to take care of Romeo and Romeo had told him everything from that night. Tybalt didn't like the Montague's, by other word, they disgusted him – and he, them.

One day he finally convinced Romeo to go outside for a walk, and when they arrived to a little park nearby, they settled down on a bench to relax a little.

Noon turned to evening, and the darkness was pushing the edge of Verona, and once again Romeo was in that same bar. Tybalt was with him, but didn't drink. He, unlike Romeo, couldn't drink as much without getting drunk so he just sat around poking to his glass of coke.

"Ye' want another one?" The bartender asked as Romeo emptied his glass. He nodded and the bartender was on it again. "So what'cha' been doing these few days?"

"Just, chillin' around," Tybalt answered for him. Romeo didn't seem to care, though he just took a sip and stared into emptiness.

Later that night, four or five guys came into the bar. Romeo didn't care, but when he looked at Tybalt's fist, he saw it was clenched tight together. Then Romeo seemed to care, as he saw a man with the word 'Montague' tattooed on the back of his head. He then thought about the man from that night, and he tensed.

"Well, well, well... What do we have here?" The back-head-man asked his friends, "some trash has taken over our seats. What'd you say, we throw them in the garbage where they belong?"

Excited cheers were heard, and it sounded like a crowd of hundreds of people.

Tybalt stood up, so abruptly that the chair almost fell back.

"Seems like there's a rat in the trash," one of the other guys said, throwing his fists against each other.

The guy then aimed at Tybalt with a hard punch and it hit. He hadn't even tried to avoid it. He fell back on his rear and dried away a stain of blood pouring from his lip which contained a grin right now.

"Thanks for waking me up," he said as he got up fast and aimed at the guy. It hit.

And then the fight was on, somehow dragging Romeo into it. The bartender decided to wait some minutes before stopping it. And when he did the Montague's were out of the door in no time.

"Thanks, dude," Tybalt said still not able to move his grin.

"Ya' welcome.." the bartender sighed, "should not get in 'ere and think they could get 'way with it."


The next morning, Romeo was impossible to get out of bed. No matter how much Tybalt tried to get him out, he couldn't. Water seemed like the only solution.

"You can't do that! You won't!" Romeo whined when Tybalt hovered over him with a bucket of water.

"I can, and I will," he said and then threw the water on him. It was cold and Romeo gasped. "Quit whining and get out of bed."

And so that day had begun.


It had now been a month since Romeo and the Montague-man's encounter, and Romeo was slowly forgetting about him.

The only problem were... that he couldn't.

The man's humming played his lullaby every night, and the mans eyes kept appearing in his dreams. And there wasn't a thing he could do about it.

Tybalt knew nothing about it, but that didn't buck Romeo a bit. He already knew enough. He knew he could trust his friend but the hatred for the Montague's wouldn't just wear of like that.

In the laundry room later that day he met another Montague. But this one was a girl. She didn't fight him, but she sneered and huffed every time Romeo moved. He couldn't blame her, though. But there was something about her that seemed familiar.

Romeo stared wide-eyed at her. Now he remembered! She was that girl at the party who had had too much to drink.

"What are you starin' at, scum!?" She sneered loudly.

"I... I didn't.. -" Romeo stammered.

"You leave him alone, you hear me?" A familiar voice behind Romeo sounded. Tybalt came to his rescue. But this wasn't what he needed right now. He should be able to take on a girl! He should!

"Che!" And then she wandered out of the laundry room with her bags of cloth.

"Why did you do that!?" Romeo almost had tears in his eyes, "I could take her on!"

"No." Was Tybalt answering him with only two verbs. That was enough...

"What do you mean no?"

"You so sensible... She could have made you break down, just by one word more."

Romeo saw no reason to argue with him anymore, he knew Tybalt was right – Romeo was too sensible.

"I don't wanna be so weak.." Romeo sobbed.

He felt a comforting hand on his back, massaging it lightly, and Romeo broke out in tears. He felt so bad about himself, the fact that he was supposed to be strong, he was supposed to be the one who could do everything. That's why he moved out of his father's house. He was learning to be strong. But that was months ago. He shouldn't be so sensible still.

"Stop hating yourself!" Tybalt said and removed his arms and lifted up Romeo like a bride. Romeo was placed under Tybalt's care, because it was his (Tybalt's) job to make him a 'better' man.

Romeo's mother had hoped they would stay together as a couple, but his dad had protested with all his might. Therefor they became friends... To please the mother and the father.

Tybalt was not helping Romeo now, though he felt so calm in this position.

"A real man isn't supposed to be carried, and actually like it," Romeo pouted, which made Tybalt chuckle.

"And he isn't supposed to to act like a little kid," they were at their apartment-door now and Romeo opened it for Tybalt. "A man should be allowed to be as he is."

"Even if that means his gay?" Romeo asked looking up at Tybalt to see him smile.

"Even if that means his a gay," he repeated.


Weeks had passed and Romeo had finally come to a conclusion to end those silky nightmares. To stop the humming in his head every time he had to sleep.

He walked by the bar and waved at the bartender who looked pleased to see Romeo walk by, and not in.

He passed the streets and the narrow alleys, and got to the mansion. Again, music were playing into the evening.

He jumped onto the wall where he sat down and looked at the garden.

In this past few weeks he found out this was a Montague-mansion, and the party they had held were for the new-formed couple. The man Romeo had danced with was now engaged to that beautiful lady who had danced too that night with the man.

Romeo could see the balcony from where he sat, but when the door opened he had to jump down form the wall, for the balcony not to see him.

He recognized the voice, as it surprised Romeo by talking.

"Ah me!" The man had sighed. Romeo got chills down his spine as he heard the man talk and began climbing up the ladder nearby. He almost begged for the man to speak again.

"Oh Romeo, Romeo! Why are you called, Romeo? Just deny your last name for my sake, and I shall deny mine."

How did he know Romeo's name? Oh, it didn't matter.

Tears swelled up in his eyes as he remembered that day he ran away from the man, after seeing his name. He felt guilt wash over him, and he climbed fully up the ladder, the man not seeing him yet, and began talking.

"You can call me whatever you want, as long as you never let us part for so long again." Romeo exclaimed. The man turned around and was shocked to see Romeo where he was. "I'm tired of listening to you every night without the ability to hold you!"

The man smiled as he held out his arms and Romeo ran over and hugged him tight.

There they stood for what felt like hours, before Romeo looked up at him.

"I never got to know your name," he said as he then blinked some times.

"That's good," the man had said, and Romeo looked at him questioningly, "then I have nothing to deny."

The sound of cars stopped as night fell over the town.

The man shared his bed with Romeo as they were heated by each other's love. When the clock stroke three in the morning, noise were heard from coming outside.

The two of them had woken up and looked out over the balcony together. Romeo hasped as he saw Tybalt and some of his other dear friends fight with Montague's. There were knives and some even had guns.

Romeo screamed when he saw Tybalt get shot and he turned for the man to hold him, but what he saw made him scream and tears fell from his eyes like a waterfall.

He was dead. Lying in a pool of blood, was the man. Romeo fell to his knees and hugged the man tight.

"Never shall I live without you! Nor die without you!" He screamed. They had just met again, and Romeo could take no more. He felt he had known this man his whole life, like he was a piece of his heart. He hoped, knew, that the man felt the same. He had said so earlier this night.

With the man in his arms, he fell to death over the balcony, with a heartbreaking sound.

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