A mistake I can't forget

I'm sitting here with a sad expression,
tears are running down my eyes.
I felt like I was disappointed but depress at the same time.
Everything I work so hard for was washed away.

All my happiness was fading away.
If people ask, how can they help?
I say, there is nothing they can do.
I have to find my own way out of it.

Even if I did find a way, I still would be face with the result.
I had mess up everything after I tried so hard.
I knew the truth but I couldn't face the reality in my heart.

I made a stupid mistake and I was face with the consequence.
I felt everything was coming down on me.
Because of a stupid mistake I made
And now I was face to face with the consequence.

If I could get another chance or turn back time.
I wouldn't make the mistake that caused me to
lose my happiness.

A/N: This relate to dance if you were wondering.