Okay, this is my first story, so please go easy on it, though you don't neccesarily have to say it's great if it's not. Just tell me what you think of it. But if you think it sucks, please tell me why, and not just 'this story sucks.' At least say 'this story sucks because of...' and then ramble about my inability to write.

Okay? Thank you, guys! (Not that there's anyone really reading this yet, but whatever.)


Writing's like my escape from the world. When I write, I can be anyone I want to be. I can be the princess of a faraway – and non-existent – land, or I can be the peasant under her rule. I can be the most popular girl at school, or I can be the one who sits alone at lunch.

I feel so much power. I can make the story go anywhere and be anything I want it to. I can make absolutely anything happen. It's my world, my characters, my plot, and I can do anything with it.

But no one else understands.

My dad probably does – actually that's just wishful thinking, I haven't seen him for five years and didn't really know him that well when I did see him – but my mom cares for me just about as far as how I'm doing in school – aka how likely I am to getting a scholarship so she doesn't have to pay for college – and how much money I get in my paycheck every month – once again, so she doesn't have to pay – and then I'm just furniture to her.

Nate – my ex-best friend – used to understand, but ever since he started hanging out with Tyler he became too cool for me, only needing a couple thousand cigarettes and at least three six-packs of beer to get him through the day. Now his only thoughts are about his next hit off the crack pipe, and he doesn't have time to hang out with me anymore, even if he wanted to.

It kinda sucks, but I'd grown used to it, and dealt with it. Everything was pretty monotone.

But things started going kind of haywire when Ashton Brookes came into my life. Haywire in a big, ugly way.

So what do you think? I know it's not much, but it'll get better, I promise! So yeah...please review and tell me why it sucks if it sucks.

Thank you!