Yeah, this is kind of random. I have no idea what inspired this, but I wrote it MONTHS ago and just didn't have a place to publish it. So, go fiction press! Tell me what you think.

I sit silently as I watch my best friend roll around with a strange boy on her bed, the same bed in which we played for years. He came into her room from the window, after the moon had risen and her parents went to bed. As hands explore and lips meet, I wonder at this stranger. When did the girl I knew disappear? How did I miss the change?

Once upon a time we could play for hours; outside, inside, rain or shine. She would come bounding home from school and run straight up to her room to see me. She would tell me all her secrets, and like a good best friend should, I listened and kept them safe. Each one was treasured, another link to the chain between our hearts. We were connected, and I thought we would always be together.

Now as his hand slides up her shirt, I see what she has become, and those long-forgotten days seem more like a dream than a memory. I realize that now, I love her more than she loves me; no matter what she claims. The balance in our relationship is tilting, and it's breaking our chain apart.

People are always changing, I suppose; and it would be so easy to be cynical if those promises of "best friends forever" weren't still ringing in my ears. I miss the girl she used to be, but it's beyond my power to bring her back.

So I shall wait. And everyday I will hope and pray that she will turn to me and remember what we used to have. Until that day, I will sit here on this shelf and bear witness to the changes I could not have, or would not have, foreseen. After all, what more can a teddy bear do?

And now I shall go sleep. Because exams have exhausted me -.-

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