There should definately be a "mental" category in Poetry. This would fit in. XD Strange.

I spend my days split between the empty white sky and the purple sea.

When caught in the sea, I

sink, felling nothing and seeing nothing but the


The world is lost unto me as waves crash and fight and destroy over my head.

No creatures of the dark dare approach my depths,

and I repose alone on the bottom.

There are times when the sea swallows my mind,

as well as my body,

and then I forget any world but

the sea, the sea, the sea.

And then…

I am lifted up by a foreign current

My heart rises out of the sea, and I return to the sky,

the white, bright sky,

that robs me of my memories of the sea,

which I am more than happy to forget.

The light blinds me, so though I long to take it all in,

I cannot see.

Though I long to extol my beautiful white sky,

my voice is gone.

And then…

I fall again.

On my way down, I see the people in their wooden boats.

They stay on the surface,

neither sinking nor flying.

"Catch me!" I beg, but they have no ears to hear me,

no eyes to see me.

They are out of my grasp,

and I am beyond their comprehension.

Can you guess what it's about? Don't be too literal now.