Emilia watched the girl, who sat there starring at the sun. "Why do you keep starring at the sun?" she asked the unknown girl. The girl turned toward Emilia and Emilia backed up, seeing for the first time the scars that were raked across the girl's face, crossing over sightless eyes.

"I want to see again," The girl responded. She said nothing else, her answer vague. She then turned back to the sun. A short while later she then spoke again, "Why are you still here? And who are you anyway?"

Emilia was shocked by the girl's second sentence, even though she was still processing the first answer. "Why, how dare you, you insolent girl, ask why I am still her. You do not have the right to ask sense you are on my property. It is more like who are you and why are you on my property. But I shall answer since you are obviously blind. I am Emilia. Now you must answer me in turn."

The girl's lips curled up, almost as if she were snarling, "Well how dare I! I, who long to see, I have no name that anyone cares to remember, as none ever care to remember me. I do not care to remember them either. You can call me Cataract, because I am not blind from cataracts but from physical defilement." She added a strange laugh at the end, the laugh of someone who has gone mad. But she was not done, "You think you own these lands, but this is a memory field it holds no shape within it but the memory of one in a far place of times past."

Emilia noticed the girl's hair blowing white and an old woman sitting where a young one was. The woman's face had so many scars and wrinkles that she should have been long dead, but then the image disappeared and Cataract was there again, her blonde hair blowing wildly in the wind. Emilia noticed for the first time a strange and ornamentally carved silver comb within the girl's hair. Then, where there were no daisies, daisies appeared, and suddenly one lay with in the girl's hands. Emilia whispered, "A memory field, to remember those long past.

Cataract looked sad and said, "yes, to remember those long past, and those who can't pass yet." She was still starring at the sun, but now a boy, a young boy cam running into the field, "Camie, Camie, we have visitors!" The boy then drifted apart like mist and Cataract whispered, "My brother." She then looked toward Emilia and said, "Friend, please remember me. Plant trees so that this field remembers nothing. This field once lived in England and other places, but now it comes to America, plant trees and remember today." Then in a whispery tone she whispered,

"May Autumn's fruits lie heavy,

Let the tree bend its silvery trunk,

Let the girls be marry,

Let the sightless have sight

And the sighted have none,

Let all come as it may,

And the one shall come."

Emilia starred at the sad girl and noticed a blue dress, like one worn by a princess in times long past. She asked, "What happened to your brother?"

Cataract looked scarred and screamed, "No! You shall know no more!" Then, more quietly she spoke again, "To know more is to be doomed. Plant trees, remember, but do not try to know more." Cataract took off the silver comb in her hair and said, "Remember me by this."

With that, she drifted apart, like the ghostly brother that had come to her on the field. Yet, the comb still lay there, undisturbed, and the plain field was back again, with no daisies around. Emilia picked up the ornate silver comb that had silver horses carved into its shape, so that they looked a live. With one more glance at the field, she turned and headed toward her house to become a tree farmer. Years passed by and the technology improved. Emilia became a tree farmer and a writer. Her husband, who worked growing Christmas trees, died the year after her first son was born. Her son, grew up and remembered her stories of Cataract, and painted a picture called "Memory Field". With technology though and paintings "screens" going around for free, nobody really cared about his painting. Art was like books, why have it when you have technology. If you wanted to read something, just go online and read one of the millions of free stories. He continued to run the family tree farm, always planting trees in the field after the trees were cut.

His family was poor though. They could not afford a gas car anymore, with gas costing $20 just for a gallon. Solar, battery, and Fuel cell cars were more common, but the family couldn't afford that. So, the family bought cheep horses for everyone. It was rare for people to want to exercise these days when all they had to do was buy a pill with what type of exercise they wanted and the pill would make their body exercise. But the Henderson family, as was their name, couldn't even afford the pills. The Henderson family had a huge library of rare books that at the most would be worth $0.50 for each book, and his family would never cell there books.

Then, he had children; the first born was a brown haired boy with bright, gleaming brown eyes. The second was a beautiful girl with blonde hair and intelligent blue eyes. Both were very quick, until they started getting taunted and beaten down because they were poor in a rich community. A community where grandparent's look to be in their twenties because of medical advancement, but because of how poor the family was, people lived and died a normal life span in the family. Developers once tried to requisition the house, but the community held them off because they liked that there was one last rural field in the whole county. They also felt sorry for the Henderson family and knew that the Henderson family would suffer severely if their tree field was sold. At Christmas, the neighbors would be generous and leave unknown gifts. It was a sad life to grow up in, and it was the life that Carena grew up in, always remembering the girl Cataract from the memory field, from what her father had told her, and his mother had told him. The silver comb was passed onto her when she turned 10. Welcome to the time of 2110, United Sates of America, where Carena lives…