-1Chapter 1

How do you honestly prepare for a weekend in Las Vegas? You just don't, at least that's what I've decided. I was standing at the ticket counter at American Airlines in the airport in St. Louis getting my bag checked. I was fortunate; I was not over the weight limit.

However, best friend since I was 10 Emily was. In the few minutes after the attendant informed her of this Emily was packing anything she could from her bag into her carry on. Much to the amusement of everybody around us, Emily was never one to be shy.

"Emily, do you honestly think any of us are going to use a whole box of condoms this weekend? It's your bachlorette party, and we're not exactly hookers" I said to her when I saw her slip that into her carry on.

"Whit, I know we're not hookers. I just figure one of you guys are going to get laid this weekend and well you know me. Always prepared," she responded back with sarcasm dripping in her tone.

"Well damn it Em, hurry up we're going to be late. And Lilly and Gemma are already at the gate waiting for our slow asses". I was frustrated to hell at this point. I had been awake since four, when I got to the airport there was already a line, and I hadn't had my coffee. So sue me for being grumpy.

"Whitney," she sighed "we will get you some coffee after we get through security. We're riding in first class thanks to Brett, and he got us a wonderful Sky Villa at the freaking Palms. We are going to have a good weekend, now please remove the stick from your ass. Kay, thanks."

"Well, get me the coffee and I will remove the stick from my ass sweetheart," was the only response I had while we were going through security. We were hurrying, and I did need my coffee before I murdered the small children screaming this early in the morning.

Five minutes, a cup of Starbucks, and a few murderous glances at Emily later we finally got to our gate. Gemma's head was on Lilly's lap and Lilly was still doing work on her blackberry.

Without even looking up Lilly offered her first quip of the morning. "Bitches, you just love to keep me waiting don't you?"

"Lilly, not all of us are as anal as you. Not to mention I've been packing to move to Seattle. By the way I love the new dress," I said.

I was feeling much better, the coffee was finally kicking in. We were all really a sight at 6:00 AM on a Friday in early August. Gemma's thin frame was slumped in a Juicy tracksuit, her dark brown curls peeking out from underneath the hood, her blue eyes watching my and Lilly's normal banter. Emily was sitting on her carryon, her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her brown eyes were shining with excitement looking at the clock. Lilly looked like a damn supermodel wearing a white sundress and heels. Her red hair was perfectly fixed, and I'm pretty sure she was the only one of us actually wearing makeup. I flopped myself into the chair next to Lilly. I was ready for the dry heat in Vegas. I didn't feel like dealing with anything this morning. So I was there my dark brown hair in a ponytail, khaki burmudas and a tank top.

Gemma finally sat up from her resting spot on Lilly's lap and started stretching.

"Girls, I hope you all brought your dancing shoes. Lilly and I have taken the liberty of planning the second night in Vegas. And we're not doing anything half assed," Gemma announced smiling at us.

"Well, I have tonight planned. Looks like we're damn near covered for entertainment," I said pulling my blackberry out of my purse. I needed to get everything I could situated for my move to Seattle next week. Working as an editor made my life easy, I was sent manuscripts of books all day and just had to give what I would change or what I wouldn't. After getting my degree in English a few years ago, I was lucky to get such a good job. Now I was getting a promotion to the main Seattle office, the pay increase was well worth the headache of the move. But I was going to be sad to leave my girls here so close to Emily's wedding later this month.

"So what the hell are we doing tonight? I sure hope there's some male nudity involved, otherwise what kind of shitty bachelorette party is this?" Lilly said nudging me smiling. She may come off as an ice queen, but she's just sarcastic as shit.

"Whitney, please tell me we're not going to see some weird strip show. I don't know if I can look at some overly greased guys balls in my face" Emily said looking at me scrunching her nose.

"Em, we're going to see some seriously fine specimens of the male race. You mentioned something about the Thunder from Down Under a few weeks ago, and well, that's where we're going" I replied.

"But what about after we get to Vegas? We're going to be so ridiculously early," Gemma asked.

"The two S's. Shopping and Spa," Lilly said putting her blackberry away. "I already booked us all for waxes, massages, pedi's, and a facial. My treat".

Lilly had more money than she knew what to do with. She was a trust fund baby, and had a business sense like no other. After she graduated college her dad offered her a very high position in his company.

"Lilly, I love you" Emily said giving her a hug.

"Well as much as I hate to break up this love fest, we're boarding. Bitches, here's to drinking ourselves silly, bad decisions, and hopefully a weekend we barely remember!" Gemma exclaimed picking up her Louis Vuitton purse and ticket.

"By the way Em, you're going to have to thank Brett for all of this. And tell him good luck against the Cubs this weekend." Lilly said while picking up her purse and digging her ticket out.

Emily got really lucky with her fiancé, he was the 3rd baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals and they were having a really good year. Not to mention he had millions that he didn't know what to do with other than spoil Emily.

"No problem, you know how generous he is with you girls. By the way, he gives strict instructions that I am to have fun, but not to kiss another guy," Emily responded handing the worker her ticket.

"Oh but the whole box of condoms you brought, that's ok?" I said back laughing.

"You did not!" Gemma turned around on the ramp to look at Emily.

"Hey, I'm just trying to get Whitney laid. You know she needs some, it's been what 6 months Whit?" she asked me. I was blushing; I could feel the fire in my cheeks. It had been awhile since I had gotten laid, after catching my ex Seth cheating on me I've been a little weary of the male species.

"Give or take, but you know me I'm a relationship type of girl. I don't think I will be the one having a one-night stand. Now Gem and Lilly are your prime candidates for the one night stand in Vegas," I responded sitting into my seat next to Lilly elbowing her.

"Yeah, you know me," Lilly said putting her seatbelt on and pulling her eye mask on, "now if you don't mind I'm going to take a nap dreaming about the hot sex I will be having in Vegas."

A few hours later we finally landed in Las Vegas. It had been a year since I had been out here. Seth's grandparents lived in Vegas, and the skyline was starting to bring back bad memories. I shook my head trying to forget that chapter of my life. Seth was a rock for me when my mom died, but apparently my grief did not do much for his libido and he sought help elsewhere. I let myself into our apartment one evening to find him having sex with our college slut of a next-door neighbor. We had heard her and her flavor of the week on many occasions through the walls in our apartment. I couldn't count how many different names I had heard called from her lips. And finding Seth and her together nearly tore my world apart. I threw the key at his forehead and slammed the door. Six months later and he still had most of my shit at his apartment, and I am pretty sure he knew at this point I was not coming back for it. I was grateful for Emily and Brett, they had gone back and got everything important for me and let me move into their house.

"Girls, lets get this party started," Gemma said, her blue eyes where shining with excitement. Behind her you could see Emily rolling her eyes. Gemma was one of the most excitable people I had ever met. Her energy wasn't matched by anybody I knew. She had made a small fortune herself modeling when she was a teenager, and she turned her passion for fashion into a legitimate career. She was working on the spring collection of her fashion line to show in New York this coming year.

"Ok, here's the deal girls. We're going shopping first, Emily this may be your weekend but Whitney needs a major overhaul," Gemma said while stepping into the Las Vegas airport.

"Great Gem, you know how much I love when you decide my fashion sense sucks," I replied sarcastically adjusting the strap on my duffel.

"No, she's right Whit." Emily said, "You've been in a real funk here lately, especially since you caught Seth with that slut."

"Fine, I surrender. I guess I do need a reinvention since I'll be leaving you bitches for Seattle" I replied.

A short time later we were pulling our luggage off the carousel and trying to find the pink Escalade from The Palms Brett had arranged to pick us up.

"God, a pink Escalade how hard could this piece of shit be to find?" Lilly said pulling her oversized sunglasses down from her hair.

"I don't fucking know, they said they would be here already waiting for us," Emily said shifting her weight and popping one of her hips out.

"I'm pretty sure it's rounding the corner. Don't get your panties in a bunch, we'll check in and take a few shots after we get settled ok?" Gemma said pointing to the escalade and calming us down.

After taking a few pictures with the escalade we were finally driving down the strip to The Palms. Emily was taking pictures of everything she could. I'm sure she got a few great ones of me and Lilly flipping the camera off after the 17th picture of us giving our worst cheesy smiles.

"Bitches, this is my bachelorette weekend. You guys could actually pretend you cared and smile," Emily said while snapping a picture of some random sign that she thought was funny.

"Em, if I didn't look like road kill, and you didn't already have at least one good picture of me smiling maybe I would let you," I said pulling my Chanel sunglasses down to block out the desert sun, and flashes from her camera.

"Emily, don't worry. There will be plenty pictures that you can take with that thing that will be far more blackmail worthy after tomorrow night," Gemma said while stealing her camera away.

"Damn strait, and you bitches better be willing to grovel come Monday when I print all of these," Emily said smiling.

When we finally got to The Palms, Gemma had given Emily her camera back and she was snapping pictures of everything she could again.

"This shit is going to get old real fast," Lilly said under her breath while thanking the driver for her suitcase.

"I know," I said back dragging my suitcase behind me up to the front desk to check in.

After we were situated in our Sky Villa, Emily finished taking pictures and calling Brett to thank him profusely we all decided it would be best to change before we overhauled my wardrobe.

"Seriously Whitney, why do you feel the need to shop at Hollister still?" Gemma asked me holding up a camisole I picked up for this trip.

"Probably because it's affordable, and still somewhat cute on me," I replied yanking my shirt back.

"Cute is for teenage girls, and this shit is to impress the captain of a football team to get him into your pants. And Whitney, you're so far above that," Lilly cringed.

"Fine, we'll find me a more suitable shirt shopping and I will throw this away," I surrendered pulling the shirt down over my torso.

"Good, and we're going to find shit that actually fits you. Underwear and everything, Whit you have a good body I don't know why you always wear things that are at least two sizes to big," Emily yelled from the other bedroom.

We decided she could have her own room, special treatment and all. Gemma and I were sharing a room, and nobody likes to deal with a hung-over Lilly so she got the other room.

"Probably because I like to be comfortable and not feel like I'm a piece of cattle being called up for auction," I yelled back grabbing my purse and walking to the living room of the villa.

"And her inner redneck shines through ladies and gentlemen," Lilly said joining me.

"I hate you," was the only response I could think of.

Four hours, a countless number of stores, and a few grand later we were finally back at the villa. Lilly had been constantly bitching about her shoes, Emily snapping pictures with her stupid camera, and Gemma was trying to get the stores we went into to consider buying some pieces from her collection. And I was treated like a damn Barbie, I will admit those three knew what they were doing when they chose my new wardrobe, but having conversations about me like I wasn't present was trying my patience after the second hour.

"Ok bitches, drop the bags we're going to the spa," Lilly barked at us as soon as we opened the door.

"Can I not sit down for five minutes?" Emily questioned dropping a bag.

"No, you can march your pretty ass to the elevator so you can get waxed, and buffed into perfection," Lilly replied tapping her toe and holding the door open for us to leave.

"Ok, Ok, I get it. The spa Nazi speaks, lets go girls before she kills us in our sleep," Emily said pulling my and Gemma's arms.

After riding down the elevator, me and Gemma were huddled in one corner fearing for our life. The look on Lilly's face was nearing murderous, so we figured we may be running a little bit late. Getting out for the spa, we all trailed behind Lilly as she sauntered up to the desk announcing the Williamson bachelorette party had arrived.

We were all handed robes and slippers and were lead to the locker room. After laughing at the irony of how little the robes were. Robes at the spa's in St. Louis were fluffy and nearly went to the floor, in Vegas they were silky and barely covered our asses.

"Well, good thing you girls forced me to get new panties. You sure are going to be seeing a lot of them today," I laughed while throwing the slippers onto my feet.

"I have to agree, black lace is a really good look for you," Gemma responded pushing the slippers onto her own feet.

"Ok, girls here's the deal. We're all getting bikini waxes, before you start bitching I scheduled the relaxing part for afterwards. Remember no pain no gain!" Lilly barked following us out into the waxing room.

"Are you shitting me? A bikini wax?" I stopped dead in my tracks. It had been a few months since I had even considered one of those. With nobody to show it off to, what's the point?

"I shit you not my friend, if we're going to be seen in bikini's at the pools here I am not having a friend with a Chewbacca," Lilly said while grabbing my arm and dragging me too meet my wax technician.

Fifteen minutes later I was walking out of the torture chamber. I felt like I had just got done riding a horse for two days, and I was probably walking like it too.

"That bad huh?" Gemma asked looking up over a magazine, she was probably finished a while before I was. All I could do was give her a murderous glare.

"Come on, lets go see what other forms of torture Lilly has planned for me," I spat back. Trying to find some way to walk with my legs semi closed.

"Whitney, the rest of the day isn't going to be bad. We're going to get mani-pedi's and a facial. Now tell me, how are they going to torture you to death with a polish brush?" she questioned me.

"I don't know, but at this point I'm sure they will find a way. By the way, what time is it? We have dinner reservations," I asked starting to wish I wore a watch.

Gemma was glancing down at her watch twisting the face around so she could read it.

"It's around three, I'm guessing we'll be out of here by five." she said while pushing open the door to the room with basins set up for our feet. And then I saw the glasses of champagne.

"Oh thank God they have booze," I exclaimed grabbing a flute and taking a sip.

"Maybe we should have gotten you drunk before they waxed you, you would have been in a better mood," she laughed while sitting in a chair extending her feet into the water.

"You know I only drink in desperate situations, and this is one of those situations. Plus we're in Vegas," I said taking another long sip.

"I propose a toast my dear," Gemma said raising her glass "to not remembering this weekend, and making sure Emily parties her ass off."

"Salud," I replied clinking my glass against hers.

While the ladies were working on my feet, and getting my face polished to perfection I had a lot of time to think. This had been a rough year, and even though I normally swore off of getting drunk just for the sake of getting drunk I was abandoning that promise this weekend. Emily deserved to have pictures that she could blackmail us with, I needed to forget Seth completely, and fuck I did need to remove the stick from my ass. After we moved to the room for our massage I only had another hour to sit there and think to myself. How did I let myself get caught up in such a loveless relationship? Oh that's right, because it was comfortable. I'm convinced he would have ended it far before I caught him cheating if it wasn't for my mom's passing. I will give Seth he was a good enough of a guy to hold my hand through that, to put up with my constant wailing and month long crying fest after she died. I thought that him sticking by me through that meant we could be together for the rest of our life, how did I ever allow myself to believe he was the one? After leaving him and moving in with Emily and Brett, I tried not to beat myself up to much. Watching them stare into each others eyes was torture for the few weeks after I moved in. They were so perfectly matched to each other, and I'll admit I was jealous. Emily, Gemma, Lilly and myself are the only ones out of our group of girls from college who aren't married yet. Lilly is convinced no man can ever keep up with her, and Gemma just isn't looking. I'm becoming almost desperate, but this weekend I am going to put on my happy face and get sloshed. Maybe my move to Seattle will allow me to get into a new dating pool, finally find someone who I can settle down with and trust. But I'm not about to hold my breath.

After my hour long massage I got up from the table feeling like every muscle in my body was jelly. Walking was like trying to get my land legs back, if I could have a massage like that once a week I could easily be in heaven.

"Girls, we should really do this more often," Lilly said while pulling her shorts back on.

"I'll even pay for another wedding if we can. Ok, Brett will pay for it, but you get the idea," Emily joked while sitting down on a bench.

"Mmmm…." Was the only response we heard out of Gemma while she was putting her shirt back on.

"We have two hours until dinner reservations, and then another hour after that until The Thunder Down Under. Let's go get sexy for those overly greased men," I said opening the door from the locker room.

"What do you wear to a male revue?" Emily asked us while we were pushing the button to get to our floor.

"I'd say a dress, short definitely. Go for white Em, it will show that you're the oh so virginal bachelorette," Lilly suggested.

"Virginal my ass," I coughed.

"Whit, we really do need to get you laid don't we?" Gemma asked wide eyed while adjusting her earrings.

"Yeah, maybe we just need to get you a vibrator, a good orgasm could do wonders for you," Lilly suggested while opening the door to our room.

"I have a very good vibrator thank you, and move I need to wash this greasy oil off and get dressed" I quipped while moving past Lilly to get to Gemma and I's bathroom.

"Bitch if you take an hour in there I will kill you," Gemma yelled while I shut the door.

I emerged ten minutes later in a robe and my hair in a towel to find Gemma asleep on her bed.

"Gem, Hun" I said while nudging her, "you kind of need to wake up and take a shower and get ready for the hot sexy greasy men we will be ogling later".

"Mmm, sexy greasy men," Gemma grumbled pulling herself up.

"Always a good motivator, just tell me what dress am I wearing tonight?" I asked as she was rubbing her eyes.

"The blue silky one, and wear the white Louboutin's," Gemma said as she closed the door to the bathroom.

As I was putting my feet into the shoes when Lilly walked in wearing a tight black dress, and flopped down on Gemma's bed.

"So where the hell are we eating? There better be real food involved or I will shove these 4 inch heels up your ass," Lilly said playing with her hair.

"Yes, there is real food so there will be no need for murder. What should I do with my hair?" I asked taking it down from the towel.

"Just make it strait. No need to fuss too much about being in a room of women all night," she replied.

"Smart thinking my friend," I said while barging into the steam filled bathroom to find the blow dryer.

"Shit Whitney, must you always invade my naked time?" Gemma screamed covering herself up with a towel.

"Gemma, please. We were roommates for three years, I'm surprised I haven't seen more of you than I have. Now where the hell is the blow-dryer?" I responded while looking around the bathroom.

"The Samsonite carryon, and get my straitener out while you're at it," Gemma said sauntering out of the bathroom.

"Thanks," I muttered plugging the blow dryer in. After my hair was dry and impeccably strait Emily shoved my ass out of the way of the mirror.

"Whitney, you're an amazing best friend you know that?" she stated pulling the straitener through her bangs.

"Well, I wouldn't say best friend. We're more like sisters," I replied trying to find my Smashbox photo finish in my makeup bag.

"Definitely sisters," she replied smiling.

"Bitches, I'm famished. And why the hell in a place with three bathrooms are we only using one?" Lilly said coming in to put on mascara.

"I don't freaking know, it must be the inner college roommates in us itching to come out," Gemma said squeezing by me to get the blow dryer.

"God those were the days," Lilly said reminiscing.

"What the days where we held your hair back while you puked after some random frat party?" Emily asked putting on her lip-gloss.

"Yeah, I fully expect somebody to do it again this weekend. Who's getting assigned to drunk Lilly duties?" Lilly joked while putting the top of the toilet seat down so she could sit and wait on us.

"You're a grown woman wear a ponytail," Gemma joked.

"Fine, I'll consider it. By the way Whit where the fuck are we eating?" She asked while I was concentrating on my eyeliner.

"N9NE, I got us this bachelorette special. There is steak involved so your carnivore side will be pleased," I said.

"Shit Whitney, how long have you been planning this?" Emily asked while sitting on the edge of the tub waiting on me and Gemma.

"About a month, Brett was a real help pulling some strings though," I sighed.

"So Em, when the fuck is Brett going to hook me up with one of those baseball players?" Gemma asked her while spraying hairspray everywhere.

"When I find one worthy of you sweetheart," Emily responded sweetly.

After our four course meal we still had an hour until we were going to be picked up by our coach to The Thunder Down Under, so we decided alcohol was needed. This was something I anticipated, I was thankful that the bachelorette package from N9NE included admission into Ghost Bar.

"Whitney, we need to make a toast to the beginnings of an amazing night," Emily said while making her way up to the bar.

"Only if I can remind you we're buying everything for you this weekend minus the room and plane tickets," I replied while trying to flag down a bartender.

"First round is on me," Gemma said while I was placing our order.

"Where the hell did Lilly go?" Emily questioned holding two shots of vodka looking around.

I got a text from Lilly at that point, "Meet me on the terrace, bring the booze and make sure Em has that fucking camera of hers".

"Hey Em," I asked her while she was craning her neck trying to find our crazy redhead friend.

"Yea?" she responded looking at me.

"You have your camera right?"

"Do you think I'd go anywhere without it this weekend?"

"Good, because Lilly's on the terrace waiting on us," I smiled at her while looping my arm through Gemma's and leading the way out to the terrace.

There we found Lilly waiting for us with four Ghostinis and a great view of Las Vegas.

"Bitches, you better love me. I had to fight some crazed wanna-be Paris Hilton for this spot. So Em, take pictures and enjoy the fact that I love you," Lilly said before grabbing her vodka shot and slamming it back.

"I do love you, even if you are a crazy bitch," Emily said after throwing back her vodka shot.

After that we just drank, and Emily took a million pictures of all of us standing in various places on the terrace and throwing back more shots thanks to the generosity of some business men.

"Bitches, it's time to see some greased up Aussies lets move," I exclaimed getting up a little bit too fast. I had only had four shots and was feeling a little bit tipsy.

"Whoa there turbo," Gemma said steadying me.

"Move out, I need to see some eye candy this estrogen fest is starting to get to me," Emily yelled leading the way off the terrace.

Once we got through the lobby and saw our party bus, Emily started squealing. I forgot how loud she can get when she's drunk.

"Whitney," she screamed striking a pose, "Take a picture of me!"

"Give me your camera," I laughed while she handed her camera over and I took her picture.

"Ladies," the driver greeted us, "if you would like to pose in front of the bus I will be more than happy to take a group shot."

"Oh my gosh you're so sweet," Lilly exclaimed giving him a kiss on the cheek.

About 10 flashes later we boarded our bus, and Lilly was rummaging through the refrigerator for the champagne.

"We need another toast, and more booze!" Lilly exclaimed popping the top of the champagne and trying not to spray us with the bubbles.

"A toast to hot bitches, and Emily getting married to one of the greatest men I've ever had the opportunity of meeting. Congrats Em!" Gemma exclaimed holding up her champagne flute.

We all clinked our glasses together and downed the champagne while pulling up to the Excalibur. I decided we should get a VIP table, so we had prime seating. It was freaking amazing how many different bachelorette parties were at this place.

"Em, we're the classiest bitches in this joint," Lilly said sitting down at our table.

"I know, at least we didn't get you a penis crown," Gemma said shuddering at the awful display of penile paraphernalia everywhere around us.

"Yes, and I thank you guys tremendously for that. Please, lets get a little bit more wasted before the greasy men come out," Emily said trying to wave over the waiter.

A few rounds of shots, a massive martini, and a few dances from the amazing Aussies later the men were bringing up all the bachelorettes on stage.

"Em make sure you shake your ass on one of them for me!" Lilly yelled smacking Emily in the ass as she sauntered up onto the stage. I was busy taking pictures of Emily while she was talking into the microphone saying her name, her fiancé's name, and where we were from when I heard a group yell "Go Cards!" from across the venue.

"HELL YEA BITCHES!" Lilly got up and yelled back. There was a chorus of claps and people screaming and we were laughing at the situation while one of the guys was grinding on Emily.

They had her sit down in a chair, while they were introducing the rest of the bachelorettes. I was too wasted to notice what was going on completely, Gemma had stolen Emily's camera from me and was taking pictures of everything she could.

"Hey girls, I'm going to the restroom real quick before something exciting happens," I yelled at them while I was getting up.

"Ok, but hurry back!" Lilly yelled.

Finding the bathroom was easy, it was trying to maneuver the marble floors in the heels I was wearing that was hard. The floors were really slick and I had to move so carefully to not fall on my ass. I ended up bumping into a woman while looking at my feet watching my step.

"I am so sorry," I exclaimed looking to the woman I bumped into.

"It's quite alright," she paused before I could see her face, "Whitney?"

Shit of course I would know someone here, and I know that voice double shit.

"Hi Debra, how funny seeing you here," I laughed nervously. "What are you doing in Vegas?" I asked steadying myself against the wall and hoping she didn't hear the quiver in my voice.

"Oh we're here for Jennifer's bachelorette party," she told me like I should know who Jennifer is.

"Jennifer?" I questioned. After a year living with her son I should know who her friends are, I was frantically running names through my head so I didn't feel like such a dumbass.

"Yeah," she paused, "Jennifer is Seth's fiancé. I thought you knew sweetie?" She was looking at me with these sad eyes. Debra and I had always had a bond, she was a surrogate mother of sorts during my mom's illness and death. And as much as I wanted to tell her what a scumbag her son was I could never tell her when I spoke to her after we ended things.

"Wait," I paused, Jennifer? Fucking Shit! I knew who Jennifer was, "You mean our old neighbor Jennifer Carter?" I asked her. I knew the shock was written across my face I only prayed I wouldn't start crying.

"Yeah, apparently after you moved out they started dating" she shrugged her shoulders.

"No Debra," the confidence from the alcohol made me bold, "they started dating while we were together. I caught them having sex on our couch one day when I got home. But, good for them they deserve each other," I responded forcing a smile. I was feverously blinking back the tears trying to think of how bad Lilly would kick my ass if I came back with smudged mascara. Debra gasped and pulled me into a fierce hug.

"Oh hunny, please tell me he didn't" she was stroking my hair and it was such a motherly gesture that I let a few tears fall while hugging her back.

"Deb, he did. I wish I could tell you otherwise. But please don't mention anything of this to him, or to her. They deserve their happiness and I am not about to let that woman have her mother-in-law hate her. Because you're fucking awesome," I sobbed into her shoulder.

"Whitney, you were the daughter I never had. I really hope you'll start e-mailing me again, I just like to know you're alive and doing well every so often. Plus, that girl has nothing on you. She's ungrateful, and to be frank a complete psycho bitch but I have to love her now," she was still smoothing my hair and rubbing her hand on my back.

"That sucks," I pulled back wiping my face.

"You're telling me," she laughed. "So I saw your friend Emily up there, she finally decided it was time to marry that Brett Johnston huh?"

"Yeah, they finally decided to tie the knot. They're doing it on one of the off weekends this month and forgoing a honeymoon until the off season," I responded smiling.

"Well dear I better get back, make sure you email me please." She pleaded while pulling me into another hug.

"I will, send me pictures of their wedding too. And tell Seth I said 'Congratulations and don't fuck this one up'," I laughed hugging her back.

"Ok, I will. Now you go clean yourself up, you're in Vegas and have mascara all over your face," she said as she walked away smiling over her shoulder at me.

I finally used the bathroom, then I saw my reflection. Lilly was definitely going to kill me, I looked like utter shit. I got a paper towel and doused it in cool water to wash my face off. I was lucky I had good skin, otherwise I would have been freaking out wiping all my makeup off. By the time I made it back to our table they had only been through 2 other bachelorettes. It felt like I had been gone for an hour, but really it was only a few minutes.

"Bitch, where the fuck have you been?" Lilly jabbed at me.

"I saw Debra," I whispered. This caused Gemma and Lilly to whip their heads and look at me.

"What is she doing here?" Gemma asked while giving my shoulder a comforting squeeze.

"She's here for Jennifer's," I said the name with as much distaste as I could muster up, "bachelorette party. Apparently she's a good enough fuck that Seth wants to fuck her diseased twat for the rest of his life." I rolled my eyes for good emphasis at the end.

"You were crying." Lilly said, it was a statement definitely not a question. We knew each other well enough that she didn't have to ask.

"Yep, it's only a matter of time before we see the whore on stage. So somebody better get me another drink fast." I said looking around for our waiter. Gemma beat me to it, stealing a drink off of a waiters tray.

"Sorry, it's an emergency," She flashed her wide smile and threw a twenty down on his tray.

"Here," she said pushing a large glass of scotch on the rocks at me.

"Thank you," I whispered taking a large sip.

And that is the time I heard her name, and a gasp come from Emily's lips on the stage. Fuck it, I had to treat that glass of scotch like a shot. There was no way I could put it down. I chugged it, and the burn was wonderful. I slammed it down and my eyes locked with Emily's. I pulled my fingers to my temple and faked shooting myself in the head. Emily laughed, and tried to scoot forward in her chair to see Jennifer better. The girl looked like a fucking trailer park whore. Mini skirt, and a penis on nearly every part of her body. Lilly sat another glass down in front of me and smiled. The men on stage were mentioning how they had two girls from St. Louis, and forced Emily and Jennifer to sit by each other at that point. Emily whispered something in Jennifer's ear and the color from her face just drained and she was frantically searching to find our table. I slammed my shot back, and just smiled and waved. There was no way I was going to let her know how bad she fucked me over, but I now knew after my epiphany during my massage it was definitely for the better. Emily just laughed, she had seen me scorned by a few boys and knew that showing I was happier than a clam was the best way to get under their skin. Jennifer was obviously not any different, she was squirming in her seat with a semi-panicked look on her face. I called our waiter over and ordered a round of shots for her table, minus a amaretto sour for Debra. I can play nice. Finally Emily was walking back to our table.

"What the fuck was that Whitney," Emily asked me humor shining in her eyes.

"I was playing nice. Which reminds me what did you say to her?" I asked taking a sip of a screaming orgasm.

"Oh, I just wanted to remind her the girl she fucked over is here," she answered.

"Good enough, now who says we get out of here. I need to go blow some money at a slot machine before I fucking beat her face in," I smiled pulling a slumped Gemma up.

"Ah," Lilly sighed helping me carry Gemma out, "a girl after my own heart. Let's go blow $20 on slots and then go to sleep. We're going to the pool tomorrow before we party this shit up."

When we were back on the bus we all basically slumped down. Gemma was laying her head on my lap, Emily on my shoulder, and Lilly taking up a row of seats across from me. I leaned my head back against the window and sighed. This is my life, my best friend is getting married, I run into the woman who is the nearest thing I have to a mom and she really can't hold any loyalty to me anymore, not to mention the irony of seeing the woman who stole my man. This is my life, awkward situation after awkward situation I mused. Apparently in-between the Excalibur and the Palm's I fell asleep. I woke to Emily nudging me and Lilly tapping her toe waiting for me and Gemma to wake up.

"Seriously, you two could sleep through an atomic bomb and not even know what the fuck happened when you woke up," Lilly laughed as Gemma and I shuffled our way to the elevator.

"So I'm going to say fuck the gambling, we can go tomorrow I need to sleep," I said leaning against the wall of the elevator closing my eyes.

"I completely agree. You have had one hell of a rough night," Lilly said pulling me out of the elevator towards our villa.

"I have, I truly have. Now girls, we're going to the pool tomorrow. Lilly didn't pay for us to have waxes for nothing. And, Lilly if you puke tonight don't wake me," I said while pulling Gemma towards our bedroom.

"Gem, get some sleep," I said while helping her into the bed. She threw her shoes off, but I guess she was just going to have to sleep in her dress.

I changed into my pj's, brushed my teeth, and washed my face. I sat there staring at myself in the mirror. This is the face of a woman who has been screwed. But, my eyes were glassy from the alcohol, and I was more confident than ever in myself. I will get past the heartbreak of this year, I get a new chance in Seattle and I'm going to take it for all its worth. Not to mention I have tomorrow night to have as much fun as I possibly can before it's back to reality.