Anger, hurt, and confused
Emotions out of control
Not knowing what to do
As I am betrayed by you

My trust is gone
Leaving me sitting here
Doubting what we had all long

As my heart dangles in danger
As words are spoken in anger
Of all we have and lack
Once said can't be taken back

Not knowing what to do
Not knowing what to believe
Just trying to take in
The whole messy scene

Needing you to resassure me
But not wanting you to touch me
Wanting you to say you love me
But not wanting to believe a word you say

So many things said and done
Apologies can't erase
Everything so unsure
Only thing we know is pain has won

Hearts bled
As word spoken in anger
Led all
We said

Leaving me insecure
Not knowing
What was said is true
And doubting the affection your showing

So tell me the things I need to hear
Show me the affection I need to feel
Erase all my doubts
Proving to me I have nothing to fear