She sits beside you, her knees curled underneath her small body. She's incredibly quiet tonight, and you're yet to figure out why. Her bottom lip quivers, so, inconspicuously, she bites down on her lip. You see her do this and stifle a grin, she's just so damn adorable sometimes. She sweeps a strand of flyaway corn-silk hair behind her ear and smiles at you, her pallid skin glowing under the dim lights. You slide your trembling, awkward hands across the small distance between your legs and hers, worrying about how obvious such an action is.

She grins again, flashing her teeth, and reaches for your hand. Her hand, so small, is almost lost within your grasp. You laugh loudly and she giggles quietly, flushing a deep crimson. Your fingers lace together into a knot and you move closer, placing your hand on her leg.

You've never felt an emotion so powerful before, something that draws you closer to her, something that makes you want to be around her and only her. You're dying to kiss her mouth, taste her strawberry lip-gloss, and lose your fingers in her golden tresses. You'd have kissed her already if you knew she wanted to kiss you, too, but you can't be sure.

After all, you were the one following her around all day, the one who always grabbed her hand first, and the one who was sitting on her bed while everyone else slept. You remind yourself that she always left a seat next to her in the car for you, not once did she tell you to get off her bed or let go of her hand, and her eyes always fell when you left her room. Always.

Whether it was pure insanity or a strong dose of convincing yourself, you gently grab her shoulders and pull her down next to you on the narrow bed. She squeals and hits you playfully, so you slide your arm around her waist, pinning down her arms.

You're too shy but you know you're missing your chance; just how many more times will you find yourself lying next to her? The room is quiet except for your rushed breathing and her quiet laughter as you mess up her hair with your clumsy hands. You take a deep breath and pop yourself up on your shoulders. You were supposed to leave half an hour ago, you were supposed to be in your own room, fast asleep.

"I have to go," you mumble.

"You had to go half an hour ago." She laughs, playing with your hair.

"Well, this time I really have to go," you smile, leaning in closer to her.

Your face is so close to hers, "I don't want to go."

"Well, don't." She's teasing you and it's driving you crazy. You chuckle and lean in closer again. She smiles as she realises what's about to happen, and your heart skips a bit. You kiss her soft, warm mouth, twisting your hand into her hair; your other hand tightens around her fingers. You sit up, goofy-grinned and wide-eyed. She giggles as you tumble out of the bed and trip over your own shoes. She pulls herself up and smiles as you open the door. You leave her standing in the doorway, watching you leave. You wanted to fall asleep behind her, but you really had to leave. At least you know that's what she wanted, too. You kissed her mouth and it took your breath away.