My Dear Faithful Readers,

I am so sorry for the wait you all have had to endure, and I hope that somewhere deep in all of your hearts, you find a place to forgive me. You see, I have been trying so hard to make the first chapter of this story perfect. But the first few demos I have had out, I didn't quite like. And it seemed like you, the reader, didn't like them much either from the lack of reviews or interest. So I re-wrote, and re-wrote again. I finally decided that I like this next chapter quite a lot.

Now, my dear readers, I have a treat for you. This is almost a prologue. It's with Carol, or Aphrodite, Melanie's mother, and her father.


He wanted me. Not in the 'I want to fuck your brains out' way but in the 'I find you appealing, and I'm a virgin' way. It was cute, really. The man wasn't a day over twenty-six, and was without a doubt handsome. Though most women probably wouldn't give him a second glance, I mean, he was reading The Catcher in the Rye at a bar for Gods' sake.

He was tall, by the looks of it, with dark brown hair that fell in his emerald eyes. He had dark-rimmed glasses, making him look very studious and like a librarian. He was drinking a Blue Moon beer.

I, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Lust, was intrigued. I knew I was just short of irresistible to men—even women, at times—but I took a sip of my liquid courage for the night any way.

While I may be thousands of years old, I was able to maintain any age I pleased. This week I looked roughly twenty-four. Blond tousled hair, blue eyes. No man could resist me, especially book boy.

I sauntered up to him, feeling the eyes of the majority of the male population on me, and I sat on the empty stool beside him. He looked up from his book at me and sighed with boredom.

I'll admit at first I was taken aback by his lack of enthusiasm, but I regained my ego quickly and gave him a quick smile.

"I'm Carol, what is your name?" I held out my hand to shake, but the man just stared at it as if I had grown talons on my fingers.

I looked at him expectantly and he finally put down his book. "Listen, Carol, I'm sure you find this hilarious; a man at a bar, reading J.D Salinger and taking part in no social interaction whatsoever. I'm also sure one of your friends put you up to try and flirt with me. I'm going to tell you this now, I do not find it funny and I'm not interested."

"First of all, mister, I'm not here with friends. And secondly, it was very impolite of you to tell me off without even mentioning your name or introducing yourself first," I snapped at him. "Really, I thought a man as intelligent looking as yourself would at least have the manners to do that."

I got up from my seat, gave him on last look and stood up to leave. He didn't know he was messing with the goddess of love, and he didn't know his love life was going to turn into hell because of it.

As I walked out the door, I heard the man's voice yell, "It's Kelvin, my name is Kelvin."

I would remember that.

Three Weeks Later.

I was once again at the same bar I was at three weeks earlier. I was a local here so Frank, the bartender, knew me real well. He was gay, so the good thing was he wasn't attracted to me. The bad part was he had seen me leave with multiple men and thinks I can do better.

I was sipping a Cherry Cosmo when I noticed a familiar face in the corner of the bar.


At this point, I couldn't help myself; I gave a small laugh, earning a questionable look from Frank.

I shrugged, hopping off my stool at the bar, gulping down my drink and walking straight over to Kelvin.

"I think you owe me an apology," I stated, grabbing his Blue Moon away from him and taking a sip.

"For what, exactly?" He inquired, not even slightly surprised to see me.

"I don't know, maybe being rude and judgmental the first time we met? I mean, there I was trying to have a civil conversation with one of the most adorable men I've ever seen and I'm given the cold shoulder."

He smiled at that. "Fine, maybe I was judgmental. You're blond, blue-eyed and completely gorgeous, can you blame me for thinking it was a ploy?"

I took another sip of his beer, pondering this. "I'll give that to you. But you could've at least shown me some manners."

"True, and hey—" he yelped as I tried to take another sip of beer. "Get your own beer!"

I made eye contact with Frank and he brought me a nice, cold Blue Moon.

"Happy?" I asked, sipping my beer delicately.

"Yes, yes I am." He smiled.


"So, purely out of my own curiosity, why are you speaking to me?" Kelvin inquired, raising an eyebrow from underneath his glasses.

"Can I let you in on a little secret?" Kelvin nodded. "I find you rather intriguing."

Kelvin smiled a brilliant white smile. "Should I be honored or concerned? Or both?"

"Both, I suppose."

2 Hours Later.

Who knew beer could get a goddess this drunk? The only alcohol known to get me tipsy is Big D's (Dionysus) wine. Kelvin and I made a mad dash for the door as soon as topped off our fourth beers.

Grabbing a taxicab, the both of us headed back to his place. As soon as he opened his door, I began kissing his collarbone. Kissing his neck. His lips.

Slowly, piece-by-piece, our clothing came off. Assuming you mortals are smart enough, you know what happens from there.

Two weeks later—I'm pregnant with twins. This would be the time where one goddess would say "Fuck my eternal life."