Rainy day

I stared out my window watching the beautiful rain pouring down on the green landscape. It had been raining for two weeks non-stop, I didn't mind the rain at all, and it made this isolated place look mythical and magical. Most of the young girls were scared of rain and thunder but not me; even as a child I would feel fascination for the nature and the rain.

Today I did mind the rain though, I had been outside during the storm and got sick so now I was confined to my bed chambers inside this lonely mansion, It felt so cold and lifeless because of its small amount of occupants, me, my parents and a few servants. We had moved to live in this place not so long ago, just a couple of years; it had been just after the vampire suppression and arrest.

My early childhood memories are of fear and hiding from the vampires who ruled then, but a few years back humans managed to win the war with the vampires and capture them after finding out of their weaknesses. Now a days very few vampires existed, but they were considered as lowly creatures and slaves. This mansion once belonged to a vampire of high rank; it was given to our family because of our high status almost like royalty. I shivered at the thought of vampires. Now I am 17 and still some nights I wake up with nightmares about 'his red eyes'.

I was brought back from my thoughts by the silence, the rain had stopped and in the place of the clouds now stood the rainbow promising a good day or so I hoped. After weeks of being inside I longed to go into the city to do something, whatever would be fine just to get out of this place and father had promised he would take me out as soon as the rain stopped and I was excited it was rare to spend time with my father now a days because he was too busy with his very important job. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." The door opened and my father came in.

"Emily dear, are you feeling better?" he asked.

"Yes father!" I answered excitedly. It was a lie, but still I could pretend to be fine for a couple of hours.

"Alright then lets get going, I am going to take you somewhere." he said smiling, I smiled too and put on my shoes happily.

We were already inside the car driving fast towards the city. A smile was plastered on my face as we passed the countryside; I was only able to see blurs of green. I could see my reflection on the window, my fair skin, hazel eyes and long curly brown hair.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked when we were about to reach the city.

"Emily, since you are already a grown up I am going to get you a special present, right now we are heading to the slave auction house." He said seriously. I felt my body go stiff. 'A slave?!' No way.

"Father, I am very grateful but I am not in need of a slave and do not wish for one." I hated the idea of slaves, it was repulsive, and it made me feel like a monster. My fathers face burned with anger. It frightened me.

"Listen to me Emily, our family is very important and many others look up to us, other rich families are getting vampire slaves for their heirs and we will as well, it is a sign of power and of dominance over the vampire race. You are a Cromwell and as such certain rules apply for you..." I didn't listen to what he said next, the rest of the speech I already knew by heart.

I just nodded, afraid that if I spoke I would anger him more. The silence between us was broken by his mobile which went off. "Yes, is there a problem Martin... when?... alright I'll be there in 5 minutes," My father closed the mobile and looked at me. We were parking outside the auction house.

"Emily, I am afraid you will have to go alone to the auction," I was about to protest but he interrupted me "very important people are coming and I must receive them. Feel free to buy whatever you please no matter the price and you better not come home empty-handed. I cannot get you home so I'll send someone to leave your car here, oh and don't be late for lunch." he said before leaving.