Throughout the time that was emancipated, I honored the health, which was gracefully given to me simply so.

In the brief time set before the conflicts, I moved to attempt an escape plan, it could have been said, that before I even knew about the cell lodged within me, that I knew clearly of the dangers that were not only to arise from it, but also that I felt the tremor awakening as it passed through me.

As I felt the elements and the natural forces, I could realize one thing, that when the strike was to hit, if I wasn't preparred, or if I hadn't put everything proper and accordingly before the storm, then I would either be left with a large property to restore, or the unthinkable, I would be left nothing to even perceive saving and restoring.

The only thing I thought of the day this nightmare started, was how badly or painfully bruised it would end for me.

With it's opening being specialized like an ordinary day, it blinded me near completely, to it's conflicts and ordinances, the lack of information and description, held a toll on me, a toll to the extent in which, what i could think of doing seemed irrespective to the factors of events.

That day, I started it out by taking Ray evidently, to the place in which served as the eluctance of glory and heroism, Crazy Al's Pizzas.

Though yes, only a pizza place, and yes only a job recruiting, it wasn't just that, it was the enlistment into a league of heroes, dedicated to protecting the people, principals, and causes of the common instricted city.

As we approached, I remembered my first day, the day in which I first met Al personally, the day in which this practically all started, the day in which I signed a deed to not only provide one job, but two.

Two jobs that would require both skill and courage and reliance, qualities left unchecked until the point in which each was needed.

With my reminsing bringing about many memories, I instructed myself personally to remember and visualize, the situation at hand, as we approached Al for the conference of minds, I imagined the new team, the new trio of heroes.

"Morning Rodlin", Al said.

"yeah, pretty gourgous", I said.

"Well I doubt any morning with my neck to the foul New Jersey sky, could be beautiful".

"Depends on the way you interpret it".

"Rodlin, Rodlin, still the optimist".

"If nothing else".

Al then turned himself over, toward Ray, who was standing to my left side in a black and red, light, autumn jacket.

"I'm sorry Al, I forgot to introduce you to Ray".

"Al, this Ray".

"Ray, this is Al".

"Good to meet you Ray".

"Yes, great to take in account your acquaintance as well", Ray said.

"Ray would like a job, and a favor".

"A favor?".

"A favor".

"Oh..., yes, a favor".

"I believe I can handle that".


"Well, from a judgement of character, I will agree to hire Ray, Rodlin, but if he disappoints me on his first day, then the deals off".

"He won't disappoint, I can guarantee that".

"Marvelous, now get to work, all of you".

After that we all did our work and provided our affinities, until lunch break, when an incident, made us go out to our second jobs.

As we went outside, I peaked my head up to the sky enough, to see a birdlike creature flying about the air, clawing the sides of buildings and skyscrapers, as it went by.

I moved my hand over, and I pressed the button on my wristwatch, and transformed into Firerain.

"Looks like it's that time again".

"Be careful with this one Rodlin", Susan said.

"I will most certainely keep that in mind".

Then I was off into the air, to confront the flying menace personally.

"Finally, it took long enough", the creature said.

"What are you intending to do miss.....?".

"Cardinal, the rarest and most precious of all, the blue cardinal".

"And I'm after one thing, revenge, you see Firerain, the wanton destruction you unleashed one night, destroyed my aviary, and killed my birds, now your going to pay for it, with your own life".

Cardinal then rushed forward slashing at the air, as I rapidly moved back.

If I hadn't noticed any better, I would have had to use strong reflexes to undergo an escape from the claws, of which would shear me to pieces, easily so.

With the fight going rapidly on the exterior, my body's interior, had just lost it's own fight.

Then when Cardinal arched her arm up to get me again, the cell merged with my DNA, unknowing of the molecule's origin.

In response, my body entered a dazing trans, and cardinal slashed successfully at my chest, the result of which causing me to fall far toward the ground, Cardinal rushing after me from behind.

Reacting to the events, Susan quickly pressed her bracelet button, and transformed into Gramina.

With my body only a few feet from the ground, Susan revealed a grass sword, in which was used to slash at Cardinal, sending her backwards as I hit the ground.

Cardinal scattered back injured, as she did she saw her talons fall to the ground.

"You, you will die for your intrusion".

"He was already ailing, and you tried to kill him".

"Regardless of so, you have intruded in my attempt to provide desired revenge, thus forth you are to die".

"Farewell Gramina, we shall soon meet again".

Then Cardinal flew away from the horizon line, and visible sight spectrum that we see commonly and ordinarily everyday.

Meanwhile Susan and Ray rushed over to me.

As I could barely catch a glimpse of them before I fell unconscious into a temporary coma, I hoped that they would act appropriately to my imminent danger.

As the seed continues life, it will undoubtabely be forced to face possible surrender.