Heh! I'm sad today so I thought writing a sad fanfic/poem would ease some of my sadness! XD


Yesterday, today, then tomorrow

How could we all have been so narrow?

Our minds that once been one

Now struggle to keep, now begone

You once helped me through ups and downs

But now you ignored my little frowns

Once you told me it was okay

How can I believe when I am at bay?

Care and attention was once your good part

Ignorance grew. What has happened to that?

My feelings were once big, now torn apart

You 'were' my salvation, my feelings, how sad

You lifted my spirits almost everyday we talk

You greet me a 'good morning' with every gawk

The morning then fades to a serene evening

But at night, you always go with a meaning

I liked you. I loved you. But for now, just let it be

You have someone else for your eyes to see

They say the ocean is wide – there are other fish in the sea

But I always tell them honestly, how could that be?

Not once but twice you ignored my please

Not twice but thrice I regretted my appease

So once again, I will faithfully appeal

Would you again sate my whimsical zeal?

I am so sad today. Maybe I'll be tomorrow

What I have not been this day and woe

My offers were ignored, skipped and rejected

Maybe this is destiny; my fate decided.


I am not so sad anymore! Yay! Then again, I am still depressed… Yeah… Signing-out!