It's snowy outside and it's really pretty and I got inspired. :D

This is gonna undergo some serious revision soon, so please excuse the rough yuckiness of it.

The Snow.

It sits perfectly, peacefully, elegantly.

Undisturbed, each flake rests next to the other, not yet tainted by a single living thing.

So smooth, it reflects the sun's blinding light, creating a variety of color of unspeakable beauty.

The crisp, crunching, and destructive footsteps give her presence away.

They seem to come out of nowhere, generated by the snow itself.

They progress;

Step, step, step.

She walks in a circle, one foot in line with the other, compressing the icy crystals to create a small, careful footprint.

She keeps going and going,

Stepping within her own previous marks with flawless precision.

This goes on for some time, though how much exactly is immeasurable.




A pair of booming footsteps makes their way towards her in a rhythm matching the panicked beat of her heart.

The snow caves immediately under his rough manner.

He tramples her delicate attempts to preserve the sacred snow.

And just like that, her footprints disappear.

The circle she could not find her way out of had been broken.

He placed her on a dark, endless, gloomy trail.

She whimpered, but carried on regardless.

She walked and walked and walked, her shrieks shaking her surroundings.

Then, suddenly, she found light.

A smile stretched from each scarlet cheek, and she struggled to identify it.

She was…happy? Satisfied? Relieved?


She longed to thank the owner of the awful, destructive, merciless footsteps,

Left by a man who crumbled her paradise, all she had ever known: oblivion.

Her snow was gone, melted and crushed and destroyed.

She faced many trails, countless forks in the road and decisions to make.

And she finally knew what it was

To live.

Review, please. Constructive criticsm will probably make it less fjdkslfjsdklfsd-y, so feel free. (: