Author's Note: First fic! Well, poem, I mean. I'm excited. I'm a member on , as you may or may not already know, and I don't know if I write natural fics or fan fics better.



It's so hard to find the words I want to say
Somehow it's so hard to express myself today
We're so sad, so relieved, a mix of emotions
Because today is the day we'll leave and go away

We can't believe we'll leave forever
Asking ourselves 'would I forget you' - never
We know that we'll always remember each other
And we'll meet again is it's the last thing we do - ever

It's an unspoken promise, we think, and smile
Knowing this is the last time we'll meet, in a while
We laugh, we cry, we stare seemingly indifferently
But we all know that we've walked another mile

We choke out 'I'll always love you'
I feel so much, if only you knew
How I'll always remember our days together
But, of course, you do

'I'll always remember you!' we try to say more
Heartfelt feelings coming straight from the core
Hugging each other and not wanting to let go
Not wanting to open the 'Future' door

'I'll miss you!' we say brokenheartly
'I'll never forget you!' we say sincerely
The contrast of emotions, including the hysterical
As we bid each other goodbye, sadly

'Goodbye!' we yelled furiously as we wave
Every one of us trying to be brave
We know we've been together for a long time
And now, our future paths has just been paved.


This poem was actually written about my graduation, well, actually, the last day of school, which was a few days ago. I'm still so sad!!! We'll all miss each other!!!

Oh, and by the way, I'm actually twelve.