Author's Notes: Second fic! Yay! And Hi, MR-oneechan!

And HI anyone who might be reading this!

This poem, well, it's actually a team chant, and I wrote ENTIRELY. (my vice captain was in a bad mood, so she didn't contribute one little bit. Me not happy.) It's about my team, Xavier, which is also known simply as Green Team. Anyway, I didn't know where to put it, so I'm just THROWING it here. Actually didn't take long to write, I'm quite good at writing poems, as long as I'm angry, sad, happy, etc, or with any sort of stimulus.

Do not read if you couldn't care less about our school teams.


Green tea is the best you'll see

At the end champions we'll be

We'll be winners give us a cheer

Xavier will not have even one fear

We will definitely win the day

Because we're the best in every way

Ribbons and medals will be ours

We will be the winning house

When we win then you just remember

We're the best from January to December!