So this is it, you're on your way out
I wish I could be there to hold your hand
I wish I was there to tell you I love you
I wish I was there to thank God you're His

But I'm here instead, five states away
I'm here, thanking God for all the years we had
I'm here, praying for my dad and the others
I'm here, smiling, because I know now you're happy

I love you, you know that, but I'll say it again
I love you, my grandmother, and I always will
But even I can't love you as much as Him
I'm so glad you're in a better place now

I know it hurts, I know it's not fun
But at least I know where you are
So this is it, I know that you've gone
This is my last final farewell

Goodbye and thank you for all that you've been
Goodbye and thank you for all that you are
Goodbye and thank you for everything
Goodbye and thank you, I'll see you again

Dedicated to my loving grandmother.
Gerline "GJ" Hall
Rest in Peace in His arms