Chapter 1: This School is More Exciting Than I Thought

It was a Friday, but not just any Friday. It was a "special" Friday. Alright, alright, so it was just a very adventurous Friday. But there was action, there was danger, and a little bit of a dark, foggy night only it was inside.

The lighting was dramatic, casting harsh shadows over people's faces. Random bouts of darkness wavered as the lighting changed and molded continuously.

The air was filled with a cold, damp mist. In the illumination, the mist reflected the light and gave the area a spooky air.

Our journey began above ground in this dark atmosphere with a small crowd of people. Music, the same techno-y tune playing in a constant cycle, was beginning to drive us mad.

So, the two of us decided to bail. We made our way, as quietly as possible, to the front of the theater and up by the front of the stage. We both longed to get the techno erased from our minds so we headed for the small door that led to the floor underneath the stage. Looking through the door, there was a dim glow from some unseen source of light below the stage.

We both jumped down, one after the other, because of the three foot drop, and began our harrowing journey.

The second we both stepped away from the door, it slammed itself shut and the light flickered out. Our senses were gone and useless.

We called out and wandered around until one of us noticed a light. Hoping to get out, we both thoughtlessly raced towards the light. When we came upon it, the sight shocked us and we believed ourselves to be dreaming, or at least hallucinating. There, in front of our eyes, was a suburb. We were confronted by a boy, Heath, he was a thespian at our school.

Although I didn't really know him well, I figured the black wings protruding from his spine weren't a part of his everyday appearance. I found myself staring at the wings until he waved my attention back to his face. We didn't talk much; in fact, we didn't really talk at all. He merely pointed in some random direction and looked at us as if telling us to head that way. I was tempted to grab him and shake him until he talked but he swung his arms and took off flying before I had the chance.

He would jump up to a roof and then jump and fly to another from there. We headed in the same general direction, because we didn't know what else we could do. The entire time we walked, neither of us saw any signs of other life. No cars or people passed by. No one asked why there was a kid with wings jumping onto people's roofs. Eventually, we reached the school, our school. We barely glanced at it and, instead, we headed straight for the park that was on the other side of the not so busy street.

The two of us quickly became bored at the park until another figure showed up. This one was equally bizarre. This time our friend, Eddy, was, get this, a faerie. No, he wasn't one of those little faeries with the flowery dresses and silky wings though that would have been hilarious. No, he looked more like a thin dwarf with dragonfly wings really.

And guess what happened next, just like a strange dream, he told the two of us to go back to the school. And he had to do it in one of his prophetic voices.

So, we went back to the school. Now our school has two campuses and the one we were at was North Campus. North Campus had two separate buildings; one held the gym and music classes and the other across the street had the academic classes.

We went into the gym building and headed downstairs to the tunnel that went under the street to the second building. Unfortunately, we were stopped at the top of the stairs when we saw the whole tunnel was flooded to the ceiling.

I believe that, when we tried to leave the building, the doors disappeared so we really had no other way of getting over to the other building then by swimming and holding our breath. So we decided to take a chance, knowing that the tunnel had a low ceiling and that the chances of making it across weren't terrible.

So we both held our breath and dived, swimming as fast as we could. Sarah seemed about to explode and my head felt near the same. When we both came up for air, we were in the basement floor of our school.

The whole floor was flooded but we were relieved that we could breathe again. Sarah and I swam our way to the nearest staircase and went up to the first floor. When we reached the first floor, a sound reached our ears. It was a melodious singing voice that almost seemed to call to us. But when we reached the theater, for that was where the voice was coming from, we caught sight of yet another of our friends.

He had feathery, bird-like wings and the torso and head of a male, below that he had the characteristics of a bird. Not only did he have wings, but he had arms and human hands instead of talons.

His human half resembled our friend, Saul, and he was uncharacteristically singing quite well. Something grabbed my arm and I turned to take a swing at it and ended up finding Eddy hovering a few feet above me. "You can't go in there, he'll hypnotize you and you'll be stuck there."

I didn't quite understand but Eddy tried to explain it, "The song is meant to hypnotize humans. Even though you know him, you need to find the key before you can help him."

"Help him?" Sarah and I looked at each other, "What do you mean? Help him?"

He didn't say anything more no matter how hard we tried to get him to tell us. So, in the end, we just gave up and decided it would be better to continue on exploring the nearly empty school.

On our trip through the school, we tore up classrooms searching for anything out of the ordinary that would lead to this key we were supposed to find. Our excursion took us around the first floor and up to the second where we found a dragon blocking the majority of one hallway.

Before we had the chance to go back downstairs to get around it, it lifted its head and moved just enough for us to see what lay behind it. This area of the school had turned into a rock cavern. A hoard of treasure lay behind it along with a photo of a person, our friend Gwyn, in her dragon t-shirt.

The dragon Gwyn swiped at a rocky place above the staircase and the exit was blocked when the rocks buried it in a pile of rubble.

We drew back and started running down the hallway, making a sharp turn at the end of the corridor. We continued until the hall opened up and got wider. In the center was a woman tied to a post.

Closer inspection revealed that it was our friend, Julie.

The dragon was making its way down the corridor as quickly as it could, leaving a scorched trail in its wake. Large and a scaly red, she took up the bulk of the doorway.

She had difficulty squeezing through the much smaller entrance and gave us plenty of time to avoid her fire and untie Julie before we raced up to the third floor.

So when we got to the next floor, Julie said, "I'm sorry but the reason I was tied there was because of a curse. I had to stay there for three days to be rid of the curse but I thought you should know that bad luck may follow you around now."

As it turned out, our luck didn't change too drastically. After all, what's the real difference between running from a hungry dragon and running from gargoyles all of whom resemble people you know? Not much that either of us could see.

So we ran and eventually got sick of it. Conveniently, unusual objects were scattered in this part of the school, now resembling more of a forest than a building. I grabbed a rock and threw it only to have it bounce off the gargoyle harmlessly.

We were beginning to run out of options when I saw a shine coming from under a bit of dirt. I dug up the object and found it to be a shield.