Shadow was a cloak that enveloped her, hugged her, claimed her. It caressed her sloping waist, licked the damp sweat from her flesh, stuck its fingers in places that no other living being, save her, had seen. It pulled her over the edge of exhaustion and still demanded her attention, made her stand when her legs would no longer hold her up. It demanded her attention, she who demanded the attention of all others.

Goosebumps rose in salute as her finger trailed down her side, curving around her naval and sliding up between the valley of her full, nourished bosom. She leaned back into the darkness, darkness that worshipped her. Darkness stole her breath, blinded her, touched her, craved her, lit her freckled skin on fire. Her lips parted in ecstasy.

Invisible hands delicately, possessively, climbed up from her thighs to the sensitive undersides of her breasts; cupped her flushed, red cheeks; tangled in her long tresses of hair. She was lost now, unaware of her surroundings, full of heat and carnal desire; felt as if to stop would be to die.

The shadows preyed on her, feasted on the flesh of her neck, pinned her hands up in the air. Her spine writhed and twisted and arched, toes curling. Her heart pounded against her ribcage, screaming for release.

It ached for a solid form, with which it could steal her swollen, unkissed lips. To twist and twirl her, push her until her back touched the ground, grip her hips hard enough to leave bruises. Her shoulders rolled. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders, limp and wild and sweaty.

She made little circles with her hips, mouth smiling, fingers fanned out wide. Her palm pressed firmly against her abdomen. Skin smooth and fragile and pliable. Her breath shivered, blood trembled. A craving impossible to sate.

It was driving her absolutely mad.


Written to the song "Sugar Cube" by Porcelain and the Tramps.

No real point to this. I was planning on writing a bit of smut, but then I was overwhelmed by mushy "love-love." Plus, it's a bit hard to be intimate with a shadow. Something much softer may be written in the near future.