This is a little something I wrote last year but have performed to the public only recently.

Disclaimer: Some of the lines in this play are taken from the Manga Messiah (which, by the way, totally rock). These lines are only borrowed not to do harm but merely to convey the powerful Gospel of the most special Man who ever lived.

Kings Live in Mangers?

Narrators :

Mary: ______________________________

Nancy: ______________________________

Characters :

Joseph: ______________________________

Virgin Mary: ______________________________

Gabriel: ______________________________

Three Wise Men: 1. ______________________________

2. ______________________________

3. ______________________________

Shepherds: 1. ______________________________

2. ______________________________

3. ______________________________

Innkeepers: 1. ______________________________

2. ______________________________

Gossipers: 1. ______________________________

2. ______________________________

(a lively 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' is playing and the lifelike Belen is standing at the back)

Mary is standing on one corner, Christmas garland around her waste, gift on one hand, decoration on the other and a lot more are scattered on the floor. Nancy is on another corner, sitting on a chair, books in her hand but is obviously in a festive mood.

Mary: Can't you just feel the Christmas season! (looking all happy and busy with the decorations)

Nancy : Uhhuuumm…(nodding her head, looking bored and uninterested)

Mary: And I can feel it closer and closer by the minute.

Nancy : Uhhuuumm… (flipping a page)

Mary: Isn't it exciting? The Christmas tree…the colorful decorations…the gifts…the star…the FOOD…and the Belen. (slowly like reciting while Nancy nods, then Mary pauses) Hhhmm…I wonder what's the real story behind that scene. (puts down the decoration and examine the scene closely) Don't you ever thought why they are kings in a manger? I thought kings lived in castles.

Nancy : Mary, kings lived in castles. The truth is they're not kings, they're wise men.

Mary: So wise men lived in mangers?

Nancy : No! Those wise men are there to visit the Savior that was born in the manger.

Mary: Huh? Who needs a Savior?

Nancy : (smiles) I don't think you understand anything about Christmas other than food.

Mary: (laughs) Yeah…that part I loved. So Nancy won't you tell me what happen? What happen behind the Belen?

Nancy : Alright (closes her book) Once, long long ago, there was a maiden named Mary.

Mary: Mary? Like me?

Nancy : Quite right. Now Mary was…

(the music stops then the lifelike Belen start moving, leaving Mary, the maiden. She's first seen talking to Joseph then Joseph left. She begins sweeping the floor. Gossiper 1 and 2 are walking together, maybe holding baskets)

Gossiper 2: Isn't that Mary?

Gossiper 1: The Mary who is betrothed to Joseph, the carpenter who lived in Nazareth?

Gossiper 2: Yes, it is her.

Gossiper 1: Did you know that Joseph is blessed to have her as his bride?

Gossiper 2: And why is that?

Gossiper 1: We all know that Mary is a righteous woman as Joseph is a righteous man.

Gossiper 2: Indeed, Yahweh had favored the couple. (the two slowly walk away)

(lights slowly went out then it focus on a corner where Gabriel, the angel stood)

Gabriel: Mary…(slowly, dreamlike then wind blows)

(Mary slowly turns, widens her eyes when she saw the angel)

Gabriel: Do not be afraid, Mary. God is very pleased with you. You will become pregnant and give birth to a son. You will name Him Jesus for He would save His people. He will be great and be called the Son of the Most High…He will rule forever over His people and His kingdom will never end. (slowly, dreamlike)

Virgin Mary: (shock then slowly speaks) B-But how can this happen? I-I am a virgin.

Gabriel: The Holy Spirit will come to you…The power of the Most High God will cover you…Mary, nothing is impossible with God.

Virgin Mary: I-I am His humble servant. May everything happen to me just as you it will.

(the dreamy ambiance would break and everybody would freeze, Mary and Nancy return, now with the 'Jingle Bell Rock')

Mary: Wow…an angel foretold His coming.

Nancy : Yes…And it all happened like what the prophet Isaiah wrote in chapter 7 verse 14: 'Behold a virgin shall be with child and bear a son, and they shall call His name Immanuel.'

Mary: Immanuel?

Nancy: 'God is with us'. (change position) Now, there comes a time when Mary's pregnancy became known to public.

(music stops. Joseph was again seen talking to Mary then Mary left. Joseph started working like what carpenters do –sawing, hammering, etc-. Then the Gossiper 1 and 2 enter.)

Gossiper 1: Is that Joseph, the carpenter in Nazareth?

Gossiper 2: Why yes. That's him. (then drags Gossiper 1 a little far away) Have you heard what happen to him and Mary?

Gossiper 1: I thought they're getting married soon.

Gossiper 2: I don't think so. Everyone in town knows that Mary is carrying a child.

Gossiper 1: What? Who's the father?

Gossiper 2: That (pauses) is still unknown. (shakes her head then the two walk away)

(Joseph then stops working and look at Gossiper 1 and 2 walking away. Then he sighed, looking all gloomy and dull. Joseph stops then move around)

Joseph: Oh Mary! A baby…and I have no idea who the father could be! It's unbelievable! I can't believe this! What should I do? (He puts his hand on his head and his elbows on top of his knee.) Well, of course I should break off the engagement quietly so as to avoid scandal and I won't disgrace her.

(Then Joseph fell asleep. Suddenly, all lights went out again and focus on one corner where Gabriel, the angel stood.)

Gabriel: Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. Mary will give birth to a son…and you will name Him Jesus which means 'salvation' for He will save His people.(then lights went out)

Joseph: (Joseph quickly stand up then looks around) What the? Is that a dream? No! It's not a dream…it seems very real…it meant that the baby Mary's carrying is the Son of God, the Messiah. (stops then think) Well I should see her, at once and make arrangement for our wedding. (Joseph leaves)

(music fades then Mary and Nancy come back with the 'Let it snow')

Mary: So what happen next? (holding something to eat)

Nancy: They got married. (sounding like it's too obvious then munching on their food) But they did not make love to each other until after she had given birth.

Mary: What do you mean?

Nancy: You know what husbands and wives do. Anyway there comes a time when they have to go to Bethlehem, their hometown.

(music again fades then comes Mary, riding in a mule or something with Joseph guiding the mule)

Joseph: Are you alright Mary? (pauses) It's so difficult to make the trip back to our hometown while you're pregnant?

Virgin Mary: Yes…But you know we have no choice. This is the emperor's order. We have to go back to Bethlehem for the registration of residence even though it's a long trip from Nazareth.

Joseph: (looks far then turn to Mary) Well our trip is almost over now. I just hope the town is not crowded. (then people started to race to and from the stage, showing there are a lot of people and the place is very noisy.) (They try to fight their way out of the crowd until they came to three innkeepers who Joseph would talk to for some time then would finally shake their heads. One of the innkeepers would point to a barnyard. Finally crowds would cease and would become silent. Curtains drop. Then Mary would be seen looking at a baby in a blanket and Joseph sitting right beside her. They could sing the 'The Reason Why' by Hillsong.)

(The place is dark then four shepherds would be seen.)

Shepherd 2: (yawn) I'm so sleepy.

Shepherd 3: Me too? (yawn) I'm so tired of guarding these silly sheep─

Shepherd 2: ─all night long, night after night.

Shepherd 1: You two! Don't say that! We'll be selling these 'silly sheep' in Jerusalem soon…and to get the best price, they must be in perfect condition for temple sacrifice…(the other two widens their eyes looking at the night sky) No bruises on their ears and feet! Hey are you even listening to me?

Shepherd 3: Look at that!

Shepherd 2: Something bright in the sky!

(All of them look up, lights turn bright and angels came, maybe singing 'O Holy Night')

Shepherd 1: What?

Shepherd 3: They're angels!

Shepherd 2: So many of them.

(Angels stop singing then Gabriel came forward and speak)

Gabriel: Be still. For I bring you good news of great joy. Share this joy with all the people. Today in the town of David, your promised Savior has been born! He is Messiah, the Lord's chosen one. Look for this baby wrapped in strips of cloth and lying in a feedbox used for livestock.(they again started singing) May all glory be given to God in the highest heaven and may peace be granted on Earth who enjoy His favor.

(Lights went out and the angels disappeared.)

Shepherd 1: W-Was that a dream?

Shepherd 2: No!

Shepherd 3: We all saw it.

Shepherd 1: That was the Lord.

Shepherd 3: He spoke to us.

Shepherd 2: Now what?

Shepherd 3: We have to get in the town of David…

Shepherd 2: to Bethlehem…We must see this thing ─

Shepherd 3: ─ that the Lord has told us.

Shepherd 2: Okay!

Shepherd 3: Let's go! (the two started to go)

Shepherd 1: But what about the sheep?

Shepherd 2 & Shepherd 3: (the two came back, pick up the 3 sheep, give one to Shepherd 1 then drag him out) We'll bring it!

(The shepherds walk as if looking for something then.)

Shepherd 1: Look! That must be it. (all of them quickly approach the barn then looks around) Excuse me! (slowly walk closer, Joseph and Mary just look at them) W-We're shepherds.

Shepherd 2: The angel told us about the baby while we were watching our silly sheep.

Shepherd 3: Please…May we enter to worship the Savior.

(They all look at the baby. Delighted, they worship Him. Then they left singing praise to the Lord.)

(Mary and Nancy came back with the 'Greensleeves')

Mary: I don't get it!

Nancy: What part you don't get?

Mary: Where did the wise men came from? I thought they were wise men in the Belen.

Nancy: Patience is a virtue, my friend. (pauses) There were others who knew that God had promised a Savior king to the people of Israel and they had been waiting…and watching…

(Three wise men would be seen watching a bright star in the distance)

Wise Men 1: I am sure that this bright star we have been observing for these many months indicates the presence of the prince who will be a great ruler in ─

Wise Men 2: ─Israel?

Wise Men 1: Exactly!

Wise Men 2: I think so too.

Wise Men 3 : A star which marks the birth of a Savior!

Wise Men 2: Let us bring gifts to the great prince and see Him!

Wise Men 1: But how?

Wise Men 3: Let's follow the star!

Wise Men 1: Onward! To the place where the star leads us!

(Mary and Nancy came back still with the 'Greensleeves')

Nancy: And so they travel to Israel. With a hint from the advisers of King Herod, they found the child in Bethlehem.

Mary: How did the advisers knew about the child?

Nancy: For they've read it in the visions of Micah chapter 5 verse 2 : "But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are not the least among the rulers of Judah: For out of you shall come a Ruler Who will shepherd my people Israel."

Mary: So when the wise men left King Herod's palace, the star they've seen went ahead of them and finally stopped over to where Jesus was, in Bethlehem.

(The wise men enter the scene where Joseph, Mary and Jesus are happily playing)

Wise Men 1: Good evening!

Virgin Mary: Y-yes?

Wise Men 2: Here then is the Prince of Peace whom God promised a long time ago!

Wise Men 1: We're here to worship the king!

Wise Men 3: And we've brought Him gifts. (he laid a richly decorated garment)

Wise Men 1: Gold! A gift suitable for a king! (then laid his gift in the garment)

Wise Men 2: Incense! A fragrant offering to worship God in his temple!

Wise Men 3: And this gift is Myrrh!

Joseph: That is a beautifully scented perfume…used when burying the dead…(exchange glances with Mary

Wise Men 2 : We hope that these gifts that we brought please the King.

Wise Men 1: Before anything else, may we ask the name of the King.

Virgin Mary: Jesus. His name is Jesus.

(They started singing 'Jesus What a Beautiful Name' and continue worshiping God then slowly they went to their position of the Belen and the shepherds will rejoin them. 'Silent Night' is playing at the background. They freeze in their position of the Belen. Mary and Nancy are back.)

Mary: I never thought that Christmas is that special. I-I thought it's only about gifts and food and the decorations when actually it's about someone more special.

Nancy : ─about the most special man Who ever lived. In his lifetime, He fulfilled about a hundred of prophecies. He changed the lives of many people and His Gospel is still changing a lot of people today.

Mary: After teaching and serving the Lord for 30 years, he died. Didn't He?

Nancy: To save us from our sin.

Mary: We are the reason. (Nancy nods) Nancy, I learned a lot today.

Nancy: (opens her book) Yeah? Like what? Why wise men brought other gifts rather than food?

Mary: No ─ that if kings lived in castles, then saviors are born in manger (teasingly)



..Laus Deo..