Ehehehehe… Looks like I hit rock-bottom with this one, eh? Another poem for sadness, comin' right up…


Tonight felt like any other night passed

I waited for so many minutes that amassed

Your voice or your opinions I noticed

Was like sweet honey to my tasteless yeast

I awaited for your arrival with excitement

Your comforting voice was ripe filament

You are electricity running through as a spark

Of this lonely circuit that begs for a start

I heard your voice again, oh so delightful

To these lone ears that have heard a mouthful

I welcomed you back from your fruitful trip

With open arms that ached to quip

What was that? You couldn't come?

Oh, what has all the preparations done?

My spirits went from high to the lowest of low

To the ground it stumbles like a fateful woe

I sat on my bed all lonely and depressed

But I know time will have progressed

This little obstacle is nothing, I thought and knew

But what was this feeling that prevented me to endure?

Of course, this has already happened – false expectation

What I really believed and wanted was sweet temptation

I did it to you; it must be done to me once at least

This little tragedy of a moment that made me a feast

The next star that crossed the sky would be a beacon

Tomorrow's hope has lost all its right and reason

That next star of hope I made a wish and beckoned

The next day won't be really the same, I reckoned

As I lie down on this bed, hungry for hope

I knew at once that there was no need to gloat

I could sulk all night, as I had planned

But nothing could bear fruit from what is at hand

And so again I stare at the nothing

Of my empty room and crave the giving

Give me some hope and some strength to kiss

At least some sleep to keep this heart at peace.


I'm so sad right now… but it will pass… right…? Right? RIGHT? RIGHT!?