Colorful pictures line these walls

Splattered by hated blood

Wonderful meanings are lost behind screens of horrible meanings

And no one knows the real intention

Colorful pictures line these floors

Shattered and drenched in blinded blood

Words now represent what pictures used to

And everyone sees what's above

Colorful pictures now line these rocks

Broken, shattered and buried

Meanings and intentions –

Wonderful drawings and paintings –

Now lost

And no one remembers what they were

Colorful shadows now line these walls

Splattered in blood,

Broken walls

Missing photographs

Haunting anyone who knew what was there before

And no one says anything

Colorful pictures used to line these walls

Before they were splattered in blood

Before they were shattered into pieces

Before they were buried beneath our feet

When everyone could see them

When everyone knew what they were

And when they were beautiful