1. Forword

Perfect. Another day of high school. If only my mom would let me cut just one day, maybe I wouldn't go crazy. We're basically forced to be with people we hate. If I could do anything to any of them, I probably would. Seeing as I have no friends and am well-known as a 'social outcast', there's really no point to going.

"Freya? Ready for school?" My mom asked, as I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, grabbing my backpack and putting it over my shoulder.

My mom's black hair was shoulder-length like mine, and perfectly straight. Her eyes were ice blue. She had side bangs from the left side of her face, long enough so she could put it behind her ear.

I was basically a mirror image of her, except my eyes were electric blue and I had dyed my hair to have electric blue streaks. I was a bit shorter too, but only by two inches at the most.

"I guess." I replied. Whatever happened to the mother who always went away on business trips, making me take the bus to school? Ever since my dad died in a car accident when I was seven, she was there for me. It was kind of nice.

I followed my mother outside and into our black lotus elise. The rims were gold, real gold, and unbreakable. All of our cars were made strong enough to withhold a collision up to seventy miles an hour. My mother is a doctor, and makes over two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. She probably does something else that she doesn't wish to share with me yet.

I hopped out of the car with my mom's words following, "Have a good day sweetie, love you." Before I could say anything, she sped off. I'm just going to assume she's going to have a busy day at work.

I looked at the huge sign in front of me and sighed, Burns High School. Awesome, another day in Burns, Wyoming. I sure can't wait to see who'll make fun of me today.

As I walked through the halls, I could hear people murmuring, "Freaky Freya." But me being myself, I ignored them and continued on the walk of shame to my locker. It had writing on it from the previous years like 'Karen is the friend no one likes.' Supposedly, a girl named Karen had my locker before me and no one liked her either. How clever were they, turning Dane Cook's quotes into something so malicious.

Eight of the nine zippers on my jeans jingled, making music to my ears. I, of course, loved to wear clothes like this. The jeans were nothing unusual to me. It's not like the zippers were in awkward places or anything. The jeans were just blue with dark blue cheetah spots, my favourite colour.

First class of the day, English IV with Mr. Crump. Oh joy, he's going to pick me out in class again. I love the works of Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and writers in that area. English is my best subject, so I was put in a senior class. The only reason why any of the seniors talked to me was for me to tell them the answers.

I walked into the class and took my usual seat in the left back corner. The class started piling in, each person observing what I was wearing today. Apparently my choice in clothes was interesting to them.

The bell rang, announcing the beginning of class. People were sitting on desks, talking to each other as usual while I was slouching, twirling my pencil.

"Everyone, sit down." Mr. Crump said, then stood in front of the class waiting for silence. If they didn't quiet down within the next six minutes, he would yell. I knew how he worked by now, since he does the same thing every day.

"Class! Pay attention!" Here comes the rampage. "I don't know why you guys can't just sit down at the bell and wait for me to begin class."He looked at me, "Mind if I use you as an example Freya Detth," Did he really need to use my full name? There's only one Freya in the entire school, and that's me.

I sighed. "Yes, I do." Not only did I have a mind of my own, but I wasn't afraid to speak up either.

"Oh, well then," Some of the girls started giggling, "everyone open up to page one-hundred seventy-six in your textbooks…" He was slightly embarrassed, and we could all tell, hence the girls giggling.

I tended to not pay attention in class, and still be an A-student. Constantly able to answer posed questions without any hesitation. "I want you all to read this passage for homework. There are four acts and I want these packets filled out by next class." I had already read 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller in my spare time. He handed out thick piles of paper.

As soon as my packet reached me, I opened it and observed the questions. He basically is asking us one question every two sentences in the story, typical.

"We have to read and answer all of this by next class? Give us a year." A boy groaned.

"You have tomorrow and the weekend, start now and maybe you'll finish."

"Who would be able to finish by the end of class?" Almost immediately, about half the class looked at me. They were right, I was already about a quarter of the way done and the class barely started.

"Well then, I suggest the rest of the class gets started. If I hear any talking, detention. And every time I hear you talk, you'll get five minutes extra. Start. Now." And with that, the class was dead silent, no one wants detention with him.

Finished. All of my questions were obviously answered correctly, so I put it in my accordion folder just in time for the bell to ring and everyone headed to their next class. I walked slowly out the door and into the rushing, crowded hallway, heading to Spanish.

I tried my best not to overly succeed in Spanish, because it will just get harder. We had assigned seats in an odd form of half a square, it was weird.

Miss Gomez doesn't like it when we spoke English in response to her. "Hola clase. Abre sus libros de texto a la primera página ciento veinte. Lean por el período entero." This is the perfect class to skip out on. I already know everything since my mother taught me to be fluent in Spanish when I was eight. She had refused to talk to me in English until I was completely able to understand and reply to her.

My mind wandered in search of entertainment, back to when I was little.

* * * * * * * * *

An old woman found me in the woods, "Hello child."

"Hi." I replied, smiling.

"Are you a bit lost? Where are your mommy and daddy?" She asked.

I kept my eyes on her and shrugged. "I don't know."

"Would you like to come over and play at my house until they find you?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" I yelled, jumping up and down. She grabbed my hand.

The trip to the old woman's house was long. The woods were vast and went on for miles, green trees everywhere, surrounding us, blocking anyone else who passes that would see us.

Suddenly, she stopped, jerking me back a little. "I see no house." I said.

"That's because we're not there yet sweetie." Her old voice was caring and soft.

"Then why we stop?" I persisted.

"When you turn sixteen, you will receive something very special to me."

I questioned. "You want it then?"

"No darling, I already have it. Soon it will be your turn, and you will use it with great manner."

Familiar voices were calling in the distance. "Freya? Freya? Where are you?"

I recognized them, it was my mom. My reflex response burst through my lips, "Over here mommy!"

The old woman began fading away, "My dear, use your power to the best of your ability, do no harm to those who have done harm to you."

My mother burst through the trees with my father, and then stopped. "You." My mother said, shock upon her face, looking at the old woman.

"She found me mommy." She ran over and lifted me up without hesitation as the old woman faded until she was gone.

* * * * * * * * *

My eyes were red and puffy, a tear nearly escaping my eye. I quickly faked a yawn and rubbed my eyes, pretending I wasn't crying in public. My eyes then strayed to the calendar, noticing what day it was. Miss Gomez wrote on the calendar everyone's birthdays, she's weird like that. It turns out that in three days, October 23rd, is my birthday. Strange enough, October 7th, and April 23rd are the days of Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare's deaths. That is definitely going to have some obnoxious input coming from Miss Gomez.

The bell saved me from my thoughts. Biology, joy. Mr. Erard is your typical teacher, kind of obnoxious and controlling at times, but he's alright. My seat for Bio is in the front of the class, on the right side. I always had the table to myself since no one ever wants to sit with me.

Yet again, the bell rang, informing us class is in session.

Mr. Erard stood in front of the class. "You all do your homework?" No one replied. "Pop quiz then." The groans could be heard for miles. He began walking around the room and would stop in front of a student and ask a question, then give them a grade depending on the content of their answer. The interrogation began on the left back side of the class.

The average grades he gave out were b's and c's, meaning they probably just answered the questions and got the answers off of the internet for their homework. I was obviously the last person to be asked a question of any sort. "Miss Detth," He held up a picture, "Is this endocytosis or exocytosis? What is happening here?"

I sighed. "It's endocytosis. That's a picture of a vesicle forming." I pointed to each diagram of the vesicle. "There, the vesicle is attaching to the membrane. Here, the vesicle is being pulled in. Then, it's pinching off the membrane, and going to deliver the food or whatever it's carrying."

"Someone clearly did they're homework." Mr. Erard said looking around the room and then back at me, "Very good Freya. I should have you moved up into Chemistry."

I closed my eyes and then opened them slowly. "How about we don't have me moved anywhere."

"Alright then… A plus for the day." I nodded in agreement.

Saved by the bell for next period, one of my favourite, Lunch. Even though I sit by myself, it's still relaxing since I don't have anyone who'll sit next to and annoy me. I sat down at my usual, empty, stupid round table.

I dug through my bag and found a book that I had been reading during lunch since Monday. If anyone were to see any of my books, they would notice that not a single page has been bent. I enjoy leaving the books in the condition they arrived in. Edgar Allan Poe's 'Spirits of the Dead: Tales and Poems' is a thrilling book, composed of none other than tales and poems.

I'm only about half way through the entire book since I love to stop and make sense of what each little insignificant detail means.

A boy walking past my table pulled me out of my thoughts and inner discussions. His name is Dain Grago. His positively gorgeous shaggy, dirty blond hair hung in front of his dark brown eyes. He and his friends were the type of guys who were always tan, no matter what. Luckily enough for me, he sat at the table in front of mine, facing me. Girls never sat at his table, so I didn't have to sit here, watching them flirt with him.

He looked up at me and my head shot down, my bangs covering my eyes.

His friends started to pile up at the table, greeting him with the usual sayings. I could feel some of their eyes on me. I don't understand, it's not unusual that I'm sitting here or anything, I sit here every day. They should've noticed by now. Or was I just so invisible and magically three days before my birthday the cloak wore off? Impossible.

I buried my face in my book, trying to shake off the feeling of being watched. I felt a presence to my left and shifted my eyes to the ground. There were feet. I looked up and Dain's best friend was standing next to me. I momentarily closed my book, then looked over to Dain and the guys were watching, then back to Dain's friend. His name's Elvin Streng, yet another gorgeous boy with very short brown hair and light brown eyes.

The objective of this whole I think they're hot, but not admitting it is just my way of trying to make them think I could care less about them. Entirely untrue though.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

He took the seat next to me and stared me in the eyes. "Yes."

Now this hot guy was just annoying me. I widened my eyes and made them go back to normal to show how annoying he was being. "With… what?"

"Would you like to go out some time?"

I made my answer short, and remotely sweet. "No."

"How about Saturday?" Is this poor boy deaf?

"I don't think you heard me, I said no." The guys at his table began making lame sound effects.

"Are you sure?" He persisted.

"I'm more positive than ever."

"Why not?"

"You are a mosquito buzzing in my ear, irritating me every two seconds. Please, I'm being as nice as possible."

"Then how about a kiss?" This if getting weird. I no longer view him as hot, he's now just plain irritating.

"Your girlfriend would love to hear about that wouldn't she?" My words hit him where it hurts. Alannah Massey, the beautiful, popular rich girl, also known as Elvin's girlfriend. He starred at me, at a loss for words. "What makes you think I would want to kiss you?"

He moved closer to me, within slapping distance. "Because my friends bet me twenty bucks." So this entire acknowledgement was about a bet. The flame that burned inside me grew to heightened lengths. If it was outside of me, I'd make an estimate that it's about twenty feet tall.

"Sweetie, listen, I wouldn't kiss you for the world, and you are a thorn in my side, causing the most aggravating pain I have ever had." I moved in closer, almost able to touch his face with my hand. Elizabethan words randomly popped into my head. "Thou art truly a droning clapper-clawed minnow."

He looked into my eyes. "What? I don't even know what that means."

I narrowed my eyes and smiled. The sentence came out as if it was only one word. "Please go swallow a knife I hate you." At Dane Cook's harsh words, he quickly stood up and returned to his table with wide eyes. The other ignorant boys surrounded him with questions, asking what I said and what-not. A giggle slipped through my lips and caught their attention. As they were about to speak to me yet again, the bell rang and I high-tailed it out of the cafeteria.

Gym class, perfect. The class where no one has to talk to me, just attempt to hit me with the ball and make me tank it. Although everyone hates me, I can't help but be very athletic.

I approached the gym with other people behind and in front of me, not that I talk to them. Once everyone piled in and sat down, Ms. Sanders gave us our choices. "You can either play basketball, volleyball, or sit." Not many choices today, or good ones at least. I'll just pop a squat and chill out here.

I took out my book and continued reading for the entire period, relaxing and trying not to get bashed with the volleyball or basketball.

A basketball slammed right next to me. The guy who threw it ran over to get it. "Watch it." I mumbled under my breath.

"What?" He asked, confused. What made him think I wanted to talk to him.

I smiled. "What? I didn't say anything."

"Freak." The boy shot back and ran off.

Finally, the bell rang for was seemed like the twelfth time today. I hurried through the halls, practically flying over and through everyone else. Home, the one place I can be myself. The walk home, the only time I'm able to actually think without any academic involvement.

Without warning, a black mazda miata pulled up right next to me. Just try and guess who was in the front seat. Elvin Streng. The number one person I would never wish to hang out with. He, of all people, repeatedly tried to talk to me since seventh grade. It's only been about three years, poor boy still hasn't given up.

I continued walking, as he rolled down the window. "Can I help you?" I asked, not looking towards him.

"Need a ride?" No one from school has ever seen my house, or know where I live.

"No thanks. I prefer to walk."

"Come on, just today. I won't bother you anymore." As much as I liked this offer, it was so incredibly hard to believe that this boy would ever leave me alone. What a joke.

"Okay fine." He stopped the car and opened the passenger door for me.

"Where to ma'am?" I rolled my eyes.

"100 Divide Road."

"Damn, you live far. You expect to walk from 4th Street to Divide Road by yourself without getting killed?"

"Whatever." I said, trying to end all of the upcoming conversations.

His hand was rested on the arm of the chair. Over time, it moved closer to me, and eventually found my leg. I quickly moved my leg away, his hand dropped off and was then put onto my hand. "What are you doing?"

"What?" He quickly glanced his eyes down towards our hands and pulled his away. "Sorry." He mumbled.

"Okay…" Weird.

I watched his face as we finally pulled up to my house, his mouth dropped. So my house was kind of a mansion and not little like everyone probably thinks. "It looks like a castle."

"Yeah," I replied getting out. "That's the outside, the inside is modern. My mom and I designed it and here it is. Well, see you later."

"Wait." He said, grabbing my hand. Get out, get out, get out, let go.

"What?" I asked.

He flashed his award-winning smile, "Care to give me a tour?"

"Not really, see you tomorrow." I whipped my hand away. "Bye."

His car sped off in the other direction, finally. I went inside, set the alarm, and went up to my room. I laid down on my bed and gazed around my black and blue room.

Is it really possible for someone like Elvin to like me? Not a chance. He's completely gorgeous and popular, meanwhile, I have no friends in school what-so-ever and I'm a complete outcast in both looks and the friend food chain. He's really been acting up lately, maybe he'd be a cool friend to talk to… or I could just wait a few more days and see how this whole thing shakes out.

I sat in the chair at my desk and signed on AIM on my computer. Immediately an IM popped up from someone I didn't know.

FreakyFreya: hey who are you?

Broncos4Life: its Elvin. whatsup?

FreakyFreya: uhm nothing.

Broncos4Life: r u doing anything after school tomorrow?

FreakyFreya: no. why?

Broncos4Life: care to hang out? i dont have football or anything so yea.

FreakyFreya: uhh sure. i thought you said you werent going to bother me anymore…

Broncos4Life: i like talking to u.

FreakyFreya: okay… well, last class tomorrow we have together so why not.

Broncos4Life: ill meet u at ur locker. : )

Broncos4Life has just signed off.

Great, a hang out with Elvin. Figures that he, a jock, would use a screen name that screams he's a fan of our school. At least he'll be easy to handle in terms of harassment. Thankfully I don't have any homework, which allows me to read some Edgar Allan Poe and get some sleep.

* * * * * * * * *

The next day was agonizing. School days are usually much shorter to me, but today was taking it's time. The usual insults were thrown and some people even stooped to passing rude notes to me that I would ignore and flick onto the ground. Last period of the day finally came, creative cooking. What a dumb name for a class.

I sat in my usual seat, in the back of the class, only to find Elvin sitting next to me. "You're not in my kitchen."

"Actually I am."

I looked at him. "What?"

"Someone didn't want to be in kitchen four anymore, and they wanted to switch into mine. I offered, and they took it. I'm in your kitchen now." You've got to be kidding me.

"Oh… great." I said rolling my eyes. "You're not going to switch into all of my classes now, are you?"

"Well only if you want me to." He smiled and moved his chair dangerously close, they were touching.

I smiled back. "No thanks, I'm good."

The other four people in our kitchen took the clipboard and wrote their names down. They then handed it to us, there were only two spaces left; Manager and Helper. Great, no cooking for me today.

"Would you look at that luck?" He said. "We get to sit here all period and—" A girl cut him off.

"Elvin," The girl whined and then gave me a nasty look. "why'd you switch out of our kitchen? I miss you already."

I could hear the annoyance in his voice which made me laugh a little. "Someone wanted to switch, I offered, here I am."

"Oh, you're picking me up after school today right?"

He put his arm around me which lowered the level of comfort. "Actually I can't Lisstette. Freya and I are hanging out after school, sorry maybe next time." Surprisingly, his voice sounded happy instead of annoyed. Frankly I was surprised he even told someone.

"Oh." She gave me a pissed off look, yet again and walked away.

I looked at his arm, and then up at him. Strangely, he just smiled at me. "Do you realize where your arm is?"


"Are you going to move it, or do I have to move it for you?"

"Come on Frey, don't ruin the moment."

"I'm sure your girlfriend would love this."

"What?" He asked, confusion taking over his image.

I pointed across the room to the girl who was talking to him before. She was taking pictures of us on her phone.

"Odds are, she's probably going to show those to your girlfriend."

"It's no big deal, she'll get over it."

"I didn't know she was that nice. I heard she beat someone you used to cheat on her."

"Yeah. I don't like admitting to that."

"Understandable." I smirked. "No one likes cheaters."

The bell rang, ending school. Everyone rushed out the door, except Lisstette; she waited. We began to pass her, but she got up and stood in our way. She gave me a nasty look at then turned to Elvin. "I hope you know I'm showing your girlfriend the pictures."

"Why's that?"

"Because you're probably using her to cheat on Alannah."

"And how would you know that?"

"You're going to hang out with her today after school," Hypocrite. "and you had your arm around her."

"What if I told her I was going to hang out with you after school one day and someone had a picture of us with my arm around you?"

She was speechless.

He smiled. "She'd be very angry at you now wouldn't she?" We walked around her, and I smiled up to him.

"How did a jock think of that?"

"Common sense."

"Jocks don't have common sense."

He faked a hurt look. "Ouch, coming from someone as intelligent as you, that hurts."

Jerk. I smiled. "Let's just go."

"Meet you at your locker in five."

"Okay." I said. We parted ways, and I walked down the hall. There was a note sticking to my locker.

please sign on aim tonight at 7

i need to talk to u

Only a guy would have such horrible handwriting. Might as well sign on later to find out what he wants. I folded it up and pushed it into my pocket. I was shoved into my locker and turned my head to find it was Lisstette. Her head shot back and she smiled the most demonic smile I'd ever seen. She turned around and bumped into Elvin, who gave her a nasty look and bumped her shoulder with his so her books would fall. He smiled at me a continued forward. "Ready to go?" He asked.

"More than anything." I take it he already said bye to his girlfriend, either that or he's wearing lip gloss because his lips look awfully sparkly since I saw him five minutes ago.

We walked through the hallway, people walking around us, staring. I felt like I was at the zoo, and I was an animal in a cage. I would usually ask why they're staring at us, but it was simple, I am an outcast and he is extremely popular. It is pretty unusual to see two complete opposites together.

Through the parking lot, everyone still continued to stare. It was unbearably agonizing. Elvin opened the door for me and then entered the driver's side. When we pulled away, I decided to ask him about the lip gloss. "So what's your favourite flavour?"

"What?" He's so cute when he's confused.

"You look like you're wearing lip gloss."

"Oh… yeah… I was… just—"

I cut him off and smiled. "Saying bye to your girlfriend?"

He refused to look at me. "Uh, yeah."


We arrived at a small ice cream shack near a field. Elvin got out and came around to the passenger's side to open my door, but before he could, I opened it and stepped out. We walked over to the ice cream shack and ordered.

"I'll have Banana Nut and she'll have…"

"Cookie dough."

The man taking our orders turned around and began filling our orders. "Wow, someone's a big eater."

"Yup, I tend to love food."

"You love a lot of things."

"Which includes food and walking. By the way, I never thanked you for the ride. So… thanks for the ride."

"No problem, thanks for coming today."

"I had no plans, and I would never blow anyone off if I don't have anything to do."

"So… what's your view on dating?" Random.

"It's for the weak."

"Care to explain?"

"Sure." I glanced at the clock in the shack, four twenty-seven. "Look at everyone who's in a relationship or has been in one. Both people in the relationship usually don't come out so happy, unless one of them turned gay before the break-up, then there wouldn't be a reason for the other person to be mad. After a relationship… let's say a guy broke up with a girl, next day you see her, she's bawling her eyes out. If the girl breaks up with the guy for some weird reason, she still ends up crying everyday because she says she still loves him, but he's dating his other ex now." I took a deep breath. "Crying is for the week."

The man serving us our ice cream was standing, waiting for us to take our ice cream. "Wow, so let me get this straight…" He grabbed the ice cream and handed me mine. We started walking towards the bench. "you think I'm weak?" He smiled.

"Yes I most definitely do pretty boy."

We began eating our ice cream. "Ouch, still hurts."

I smiled and rolled my eyes. "Shut up."

"So anything you want to talk about?"

"Shouldn't you be the one to come up with the topic? You are the one who wanted to make plans so you must have an explanation for actually wanting to hang out with me."

He looked down and then up repeatedly. "I've kind of liked you for—" I interrupted.

"Three years."

I had stunned the boy. "How'd you know?"

"You've only been harassing me for that long. It's blatantly obvious."

He looked down in a bit of what seemed to be shyness. "Oh…"

Why did he even like me? "Why?"

His head shot up. "What?"

Poor boy seems to be a little slow. "Why do you like me?"

"I don't know," He shrugged. "you're really pretty." He's joking right? Where are the cameras?

I stood up, pissed. "That's it?"

"Wh—" I interrupted him again.

"That's the only reason you like me?" He opened his mouth to say something, but I left him no space to talk. "Because you think I'm pretty?" I began towards the car, and leaned on the door when I reached it. "Take me home now please."

Elvin hung his head and followed my footsteps to the car, and unlocked the doors. The leather chairs were a bit draggy, but strangely comforting. He started the car, but didn't push the gas pedal. I glanced at the clock on the dashboard, five thirty-two. "Please Elvin, just take me home."

He lifted his head up. "Why do you keep looking at the clock? Do you have to be somewhere? Because if you do, just tell me."

"It has nothing to do with time." I couldn't look at his face; the expression would probably make me feel bad for this pig.

"Then what? We're not going anywhere until you tell me."

"You only like me because you think I'm pretty, and quite honestly I disagree with you, so that must be a boldfaced lie my friend. Even if I was pretty, that's no reason to like someone for only that from my view… It should be about my personality not my looks. Now please, just take me home."

Elvin didn't reply to that, he knows I'm right and he's ashamed of it. Other than that I don't know what's going on in his idiot mind. It was a good thing that the ice cream shack was a little closer to my house than the school, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to make it back in time for the mystery man.

We pulled up to the house and I glanced at the clock yet again, six fifty-three. "I'll see you tomorrow." I mumbled and jumped out of the car, shutting the door behind me. The car sped off, again.

Once in the house, I went to my room. "Hey Ransom." I said to my Congo African Grey as I opened the cage door. He stepped onto my arm. I then set him on the perch I bought him that I put next to my computer. Outside was beautiful, the autumn leaves falling from the trees, landing on our yard.

"Hi Freya." He squawked back. "How was today?"

I love this bird. He always speaks in semi-complete sentences. "Good Ransom. How was yours?" Good thing mom's not home yet, she doesn't know he can talk.

"Exquisite." I began teaching him to talk when he was very young, so he can hold more words than the average African Grey.

I signed onto AIM, awaiting the message from whoever I got the note from. A message popped up.

TheBigBadWolf: u made it.

FreakyFreya: i sure did. so who is this?

TheBigBadWolf: thats a temporary secret.

FreakyFreya: oh… okay… hi then?

TheBigBadWolf: hey. i was wondering if u wanted to catch a movie tonight?

FreakyFreya: i actually cant because my mom will flip if im not home when she is.

TheBigBadWolf: oh…

TheBigBadWolf: then tomo at 12:30?

FreakyFreya: okay then. pick me up at my house?

TheBigBadWolf: alright. c ya then bye.

TheBigBadWolf has just signed off.

* * * * * * * * *

"Wake up! Sun up!" Ransom was yelling. His screechy voice was a lovely alarm clock in the morning. I looked over to the cage and I must have done everything blindly last night because I don't remember putting him back or going to bed. I guess I conked out pretty early last night.

"What time is it?"

Squawk. "Twelve!" He rounds the time like my mother does.

"Crap. Thanks Ransom." I really should be getting ready. I threw on a pair of black skinny jeans, that match my hair, and an electric blue tank top, that matches my eyes. Quickly, I brushed my hair and did my makeup. I looked out the window from my room in the tower, an Acura NSX was waiting in my driveway. They had only come out this year, he must be rich. The windows were extremely tinted, which made it difficult for me to see who the driver was.

I refilled Ransom's food and water dishes. My mystery man is very patient. I walked down the stairs, set the code, and locked the door. He opened the door for me from the inside and I sat down.

I spoke before he had time to say anything. "I just have three questions."

"Okay, shoot." He said. His voice was so masculine, yet soft.

I ranted quickly, not leaving him room to reply just yet. "How do you know what number my locker is? Do your friends mind that your hanging out with such a social outcast? And, what were you thinking asking a loser to hang out?"

He laughed a little, which made me a bit uncomfortable. "I saw you go to your locker a few days ago and I looked at the number. My friends don't know I'm hanging out with you yet. And, I was thinking a lot when I asked you to hang out, I even thought it through."

I turned my head to face him. The word idiot might as well have been written across my forehead. Shock swept across my face as I blushed uncontrollably. Why would he want to even consider hanging out with me? "You."

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