HOPE YOU LIKE IT! It's NOT personal experience, (of course)

What am I?

Is my very existence unimportant that no one will ever realize me? Am I just another person walking down the street?

You have no clue that we met each other in a different world, or land. You would just think it is normal that I would be a klutz and trip, causing my latte to smother your shirt.

You think it is normal that I would be going to the same program as you. Is this normal that I have to sit write next to you when the program start?

You think it is normal the next day when I go through the drive through and you are the person that hands me back my change.

Is this normal?

Do you think it's normal when I meet up with my friends at the park and you are walking your dog?

Is this normal for you?

Is destiny or God bringing us together, or is it just an odd realization that you are in everything that is important in my life?

Is it normal for you to just meet up with me in the lobby of the hospital because we cared about a person that was close?

Is it an accident or fate that the funeral was on the same day and we met up there in the cemetery?

Is this normal to you, the week after that we both were in a car crash at the same time?

Is it normal that we went to the same hospital and we had the same doctor?

Is it normal that I think you are my guardian angel?

Is it normal when the doctor says I only have a month to live?

Is it normal when the doctor says the same thing to you?

Then we go home in another week and met up at the park.

Is it normal when I lean over to kiss you and you kissed back?

Is it normal when I tell you all of my secrets of my life?

When we went ice-staking, was it normal when I tripped and then I saw blood?

Is it normal that you fell too?

Is it normal went I find myself floating into the sky with your holing my hands?

Is it normal when I know that you will always be there?


Is it normal to think that you are my guardian angel? Because I know you are.