Dearest Juliet

That's what we'd agreed to right Juliet ? Or was it Julius? I do miss calling you by your first name. Given the circumstances, I suppose it's understandable. Either way, I'm sorry it's taken so long to send this. I'm sorry I missed our train, and I'm sorry it took me this long to discover your current location. And I'm very sorry that by the time this letter reaches that sweaty, dry, dusty temporary home of yours you'll be gone. Could you even call it a home? Do you even have a home? Has the entire empty little world become your home? If you were here, I know what you'd say. I know you'd smile that half smile, your cat eyes narrowing and your lithe body curling into my arms. "This is my home," you'd sigh. And it is. It always has been. It always will be.

Do forgive me. I know how you hate such sentimental talk. I suppose I'll get straight to the point, then. Things have gone a little awry in your absence. We can't seem to keep organized without you to guide us. The other day, I found Jeremiah in the study with an old looking glass, reading the pages of a book reflected in it. Evidently, he took a few of your old notes rather literally. I wish you had been here to see it. The kitchen is an absolute wreck. Most of what is cooked is burnt or undercooked or something in between that still just isn't quite right. These blackened pots are missing you about as much as we are.

But I do have good news, my dear. The date has been set for the nineteenth of Octorbre. Recognize that date? Yes, our anniversary. Well, it was just unofficial at that point, but still.. it is the earliest day of our togetherness and as such I hold it quite close to my heart. Or, more specifically, I hold it in my breast pocket behind the pocket square. You know what I am talking about. Damn these codes. Of all the people for me to love, did it have to be you? Stealing my heart had to have been the easiest thing you'd stolen over these years. Which reminds me, please send the packages to the warehouse from now on. This home is getting rather cluttered and I daresay Jeremiah and Francois had nearly broken most of the more fragile (and exquisitely rare) pieces. I would hate to have you think it was all for nothing when you get back and your collection is in ruins.

I will cut this short now. These damned guests of yours have been in and out all day, bustling with news of this and that and cluttering up the place. If we weren't already under watch, we certainly would be now with the suspicious crew you've gathered for us. It really makes me wonder, the sort you associate with. Wonder and fear. You wretched thing, you had better return in one piece.

Come home soon. You know where it is.