Alone I fly after a year and a half.

Where did you go?

Will you ever come back?

Is all this wishing, wanting, crying that I'm doing for you any good?

If this is all that I'm worth to you,

Then maybe I shouldn't even exist anymore.

Run a little faster,

Cut a little deeper,

Cry a little harder.

Is this what you want me to do?

Is this what you want me to be?

The only reason I exist is to make you happy…

Who are you with?

Are you happy with them?

Will they keep you warm?

Will they fill the hole that was inside of you?

The hole that…

Did I ever fill that hole inside your heart?

Was I ever any good to you?

What is this feeling?

This feeling, this hole inside of my chest.

Its where my heart was,

Did you rip it out?

Did you take everything that makes me happy with you?

You, you are the only one that made me happy.

Without you, I feel as though my world has come down on top of me.

Everything is so heavy, I've never had this much weight to carry before.

Why does it hurt so much?

Something is coming towards me.

What's that noise?

Why are so many bushes rustling all around me?

Must I fight?

Must I run?

Should I scream or would that make them come faster?

What should I do?

What can I do?

I'm all alone, and I'm shaking…

They creep out from the bushes, mouth open and dripping.

A wind takes their scent and brings it to my nose.

I cover my mouth to evade that horrid scent.

It is the scent of despair, of pain, sadness.

It is the scent that is left in your wake, after you left.

They take a step closer, and I fall to the ground.

I brace myself with my hands, only to be stabbed by the thistles.

The pain is too much.

Why is this happening?

More of them come out from the bushes, slowly taunting me with their claws.

What are you?

We are the pain that you feel.

We are the end that is to come.

We are the ones who will tear you apart.

Stay back, get away from me.

If you can't learn to stand on your own two legs, then you are easy prey.

But I…I can't.

They charge me, I'm done for.

I get up, and run out of the forest and into a meadow filled with daisies.

Their scent is sweet, pleasing, calming.

The pain in my hands is ebbed, only to leave scars of what was.

These scars, I want to keep them.

Keep them as a memento of what I lost, of what I wanted, of what I want to find again.

These scars represent my love for you, even if you aren't there to see me smile.

Where ever you are, I will keep going, just for you.

I love you, and that's what will keep the monsters away.