Author's Note: If you haven't read Perseverance, you are going to be so confused...


By DCJ and KMB

Chapter One

I was hanging from a tree
Unaccustomed to such violence.
Jesus looking down on me
I'm prepared for one big silence.

How'd I ever end up here
Must be through some lack of kindness.
And it seemed to dawn on me
Haemoglobin is the key.

- 'Haemoglobin,' Placebo

It was only mere days after he had shown up unexpectedly on his door, but it felt like only seconds as Reilly thought back fondly to the catharsis of holding Dainton in his arms again after a week of absolute misery. Dainton had indeed gotten fired from the supermarket, but that was okay, as he'd been staying with Reilly ever since. He was hardly a drain on Reilly's finances, already so used to being frugal that there was barely a dent made in Reilly's savings to accommodate him. And he more than made up for it in ways Reilly had never fathomed.

Like now, for instance. Reilly could barely hold himself up in the shower, Dainton's mouth working him like no one else ever had. But then, nothing Dainton did was like anything else, and the experience continually blew Reilly's mind. The water ran down Reilly's skin like a second lover, wet fingers marching down his neck and shoulders and making him gasp as his nerves were electrified by Dainton's tongue swirling around the head of his full-to-bursting cock. His lower lip trembled as he just gasped out, "Dainton, I'm gonna come... like now."

Dainton moved his head back, out of the beating water and licked his lips, looking with something damn near worship in his expression. "You wanna come in my mouth or do you wanna come inside me another way?" he asked, in a mix of naïve uncertainty and boldness that was his way.

"Fuck," Reilly growled, pulling Dainton up and kissing him viciously. Those wide black eyes undid him every time. "Bed. Now," he commanded.

Dainton wasted no time in jumping out of the shower and going to wait for Reilly on the bed, lying back, his head against the headboard, not caring about the fact that he was soaked.

Reilly knew he'd regret the puddles on his hardwood floor later, but at that moment, he couldn't even bring himself to care. He followed close behind Dainton, crawling over his body and claiming his mouth in a searing, butter-melting kiss, his hand tangling in Dainton's wet, dark blond hair at the nape of his neck.

Dainton opened his mouth for Reilly because Reilly belonged there, mouth on top of his, breathing life into him. He slid his hand down Reilly's back, then back up to take Reilly's hand, sliding it between their bodies and down towards his ass, under his thigh...

Reilly smiled into the kiss, breaking it off after a moment only to reach over to his bedside table and retrieve the lube they'd bought the other day together. The cap had yet to be replaced on it, he noted with some amount of surprise and pride. Squirting some onto his fingers, he was quickly between Dainton's legs, one finger thrusting up into him.

Dainton pushed his hips up, his head back and mouth open, but no sound emitted apart from a low groan.

Another finger was added rather quickly, as Reilly hadn't exactly given Dainton any down time the past few days, and soon Reilly was thrusting with the full three fingers, trying to find that spot that he'd discovered drove Dainton crazy. Reilly loved that spot; no girl ever responded to him quite like that during preparation.

The more Reilly's fingers were in him, the shorter Dainton's breathing got, and when Reilly searched and shoved against that one place inside him, he made a moan that was practically a scream and twisted his hips to take Reilly in more. "Oh God, yes baby, there, there... oh god please..."

Reilly's other hand pulled on Dainton's cock, slick with water as it was, as he thrust his fingers into him without reserve.

Dainton's hands went to Reilly's shoulders, the feeling so intimately familiar now and he cried out hard as Reilly thrust in, wordless, but the sound said enough.

Reilly, judging by the sounds coming from Dainton, was fairly certain he was ready, and withdrew his fingers. Almost immediately, he positioned himself above Dainton, licking at his mouth. "Can I?" he asked. He always asked.

Dainton was past ready. "Yes! Please!" he said pleadingly. "Too long without you..." Reilly had been so often inside him that minutes was too long without him.

Positioning, a hand grasping Dainton's knee, Reilly thrust in without hesitation, going all the way inside with the first penetration. He hissed out a breath, his hands sliding up to grip Dainton's hips, his dark-blood-colored hair hanging in his eyes.

Dainton moaned 'oh god yes' so that it came out all one word. He hooked his legs around Reilly's waist and pulled him in deeper, moving round Reilly's cock in him to fit it in better. "I want it so deep in me I can feel you inside even when you come out," he told Reilly, only half-aware he was actually saying it out loud.

As far gone as Reilly was he still had it in him to smirk at Dainton's request. Bending down, he sucked at Dain's neck, leaving a wet welt where his mouth once was. He was just about to pull back for another thrust when the telephone shrilled from its perch on the beside table. Reilly slumped and groaned.

Dainton turned his head at the sudden noise and put a hand on the back of Reilly's, sinking into his hair. "Ignore it."

Reilly sighed, his cock pulsing angrily inside Dainton. "I can't," he grunted, then reached over, still inside Dainton, and retrieved the receiver. Pressing the TALK button, he nearly growled, "Hello?"

"Hello, is Mr. Reilly Cross Monahan home?"

The voice was nasal. "Yeah, this is him," he replied just as gutturally. If this was a telemarketer, Reilly was going to be violent.

"Mr. Monahan, this is social services. We have reason to believe a Dainton McDevitt now lives with you?"

Reilly closed his eyes, propping up on one elbow, still thickly buried inside Dainton. "That is correct," he said tiredly. He could feel his erection waning.

Dainton vaguely wondered who it was until he felt Reilly lag inside him. He didn't think so, somehow. With an innocent look on his face, he contracted his muscles around Reilly, licking his chest at the same time.

Reilly let out a strangled groan as Dainton's muscles brought him back to life inside of him, and he tried to concentrate on what the curt woman's voice was trying to tell him. "...were unaware of his underage status when we last talked to him about his mother, and since you're of adult age, we require a visit to your premises to make sure Dainton is adequately taken care of..."

"Wait, you're coming here?!" Reilly exclaimed.

"If I have anything to do with it," Dainton said to that, grinning and repeating the action, sucking on his own index finger.

Reilly sent Dainton a murderous look, pleading with his eyes to be quiet. "What was that?" The woman's voice was inquiring in his ear.

"N-nothing," Reilly ground out. "Just my cat. So you're coming here because Dainton's underage and you want to make sure he's taken care of?" he repeated, more for Dainton's benefit than anything. He stared darts at Dainton.

"Yes," the woman continued. "We wanted to make sure of the... nature of your relationship with him."

"My relationship with him?" he again repeated.

"Yes," the woman replied, beginning to wonder of Reilly was touched in the head. "We'll be coming round about..." Reilly nodded as he listened to her.

Dainton frowned and turned his head away from the phone hearing that. He didn't want to be bothered by those people. Why the fuck couldn't they leave him alone? They'd never cared before... why now... especially why now.

Reilly said a few more noncommittal things to the woman on the other end then reached and hung up the phone. The minute his hand was free, he was back down and tickling Dainton, swelling inside of him. "You bastard! You nearly made me drop the phone!"

Dainton wiggled and choked on laughter, gasping as his movements pushed Reilly up inside him. "It woulda been worth it," he gasped out.

Reilly just rolled his eyes, then shifted his hips deliberately to get Dainton's attentions more focused on him. He slid deeply out and back in. "They're coming tomorrow," he murmured. "To make sure I'm a nice, non-sodomizing boy and that I'm keeping you fed and..." he thrust again, "entertained."

Dainton whimpered, his fingers coming to curl around Reilly's arms. "Don't talk about them now... please don't..." He moaned shortly at another thrust in. "Just talk to me, will you? Talk to me..."

Thrusting deep one more time, Reilly stilled, buried fully inside Dainton, and groaned. "What do you want me to say? Tell me what you want to hear."

"I don't know..." Dainton panted. "Tell me how I feel round you. Tell me what you see in me. Tell me dirty things and tell me you love me."

"I love you," Reilly said, the first compulsory thing in his head as he began moving again. "I love you, I didn't think it was possible but I do... oh God, Dainton, you're like... everything. You're amazing around me. No words..." His words were punctuated with his the rhythm of his lower body, his mouth at Dainton's ear, one forearm holding him up as his other hand smoothed up Dainton's side. "I love you."

Dainton gasped and his breath came out like he was sobbing as the words flew through him and into him and he clung back to Reilly and turned his head to press against Reilly's and whispered back. "I love you too, oh God, I love you too..."

Reilly's mouth claimed Dainton's as the words trickled out, biting and sucking at it, his tongue coming into play only when he released him and kissed down his jaw and neck. His thrusts became more frantic, deeper, sliding in further, impossibly deep, so good so good so good his mind moaned back at him.

Dainton tilted his head so far back his spine was nearly back on itself as Reilly thrust in deeper and licked down his neck and he never wanted to come, he wanted this all to last forever.

Reilly was close, so close already, a surprise in and of itself. "I'm gonna come," he moaned before biting down on Dainton's neck.

"Oh, fuck," Dainton said hoarsely and came with the sinking of teeth into his shoulder, his whole body tightening.

Reilly was perhaps a millisecond behind, stilling as he let go deep inside of Dainton. The only word on his lips was Dainton's name.

Dainton felt Reilly come inside him and sighed, his body trembling as he relaxed, all his muscles swearing at him. He stroked Reilly's arm over and over, his heart fluttering in his chest.

Lying so he didn't crush Dainton beneath him, Reilly lay his head down next to his on the pillow. "That was amazing," he finally said, one hand lazily stroking Dainton's skin where it could reach.

Dainton turned his head to kiss Reilly lazily. "Best yet," he said, smiling drunkenly from the great sex.

Reilly smirked like a proud peacock. "Yeah, well, it would have been better without the interruption," he scowled.

Dainton's smile melted away like snow in the sun. "What was that about?" he asked. He guessed he had to face up to reality at some point.

Reilly regretfully pulled away, moving to lay on Dainton's side. They were warm and sticky, but he couldn't care at that point. "Social services. They want to survey our 'living arrangement' and make sure you're being taken care of, I guess." He shrugged. "We have a lot of cleaning to do this afternoon."

Dainton made a protesting sound and hid under his arm. "You shoulda told them I'd never turned up and you had no idea where I was. Then they might have left us alone." He was actually pretty pissed. His life was semi-getting together and now they wanted to interfere.

Reilly gave Dainton a grim look. "You know I couldn't do that, Dain. Who knows? Everything might work out okay." He shrugged.

Dainton shook his head and turned to hide under Reilly's arm instead. "Make them go away." He said, although he knew Reilly couldn't. Still, it was nice to ask.

Reilly took Dainton's arm, the one with the scars, and began kissing along them, something he adored doing. He never forgot what brought them together in the first place. "Everything will be fine, Dain," he assured.

Dainton stopped distressing and relaxed, Reilly's touch on his arm soothing, as it had become. The scar hardly seemed like a suicide-attempt momento anymore, not with how Reilly treated it.

Reilly closed his eyes, fingers still stroking. "We need to clean, but... later," he said drowsily.

Dainton sighed, completely boneless. "Let's not and say we did," he suggested lazily.

A small smirk worked its way on Reilly's lips. His fingers were now stroking Dainton's belly. "Any possibility I can keep you with me, I'm going to do it. So we are cleaning."

Dainton wriggled lazily under Reilly's touch, his fingers tickling the sensitive muscles of his stomach and making them tense and untense. He smiled faintly, feeling like liquid yay. "Well, if it means I get to stay with you... I guess we can clean, if it's for a good cause."

"Good. But first," Reilly yawned catlike, "a nap." He snuggled Dainton to him.

Dainton was more than willing to cuddle back, throwing his leg over Reilly's and holding him close, ducking his head into Reilly's chest and breathing him in.

Reilly smiled and unconsciously tilted his own head so he could smell Dainton's hair. To him, there was nothing more soothing. His arms tightened around Dainton, and he drowsily murmured, "Love you," before drifting off, snoring lightly.

Dainton looked up after Reilly started snoring, then smiled and kissed him softly, careful not to wake him. "Love you, too," he said, before sighing and relaxing into sleep himself.