Hey, everyone!

First of all, a massive THANK YOU to you all for reading Fault Lines! I have a little bit of news. Basically over the past few months I've had a big overhaul and have rewritten all the chapters. The storyline's generally stayed the same, but I've hopefully updated my writing style, the characters, added quite a few scenes in, made a few explanations better and hopefully just generally improved it all. If you're a new reader, like, within the last few weeks, you probably wouldn't notice as much of a difference (although I did just reupload Chapters 3 through 23 last night with some more alterations). Anyway, I thought I'd post this little note just to explain what's been going on recently!

Thank you so much for your support, you lovely people. It means the world to me!

Have an awesome day.


p.s. Watch this space! I'll post a new Author's Note when the first chapter of the sequel, Shards of Glass, is about to go online!