In reality, Love and hate are exactly the same thing. You cannot escape from it. You cannot hide from it. You can only accept it, and hope that whatever you believe in is real.

There is no line between love and hate.

In my heart you hold my hand

You are everything sacred among this land

We lie in the darkness

We watch the stars

There's nothing more perfect to heal these scars


In my eyes, you are so beautiful

I could never be more truthful

Just lying here, watching your face

Makes me never want to leave this place


We see a shooting star

I see its promise from afar

I turn your head

I tell you to wish

You close your eyes

I give you a kiss


The love for you in my heart expands and grows

The stars up there

Twinkle and glow

I break away,

Smile and say

"I will never leave you 'till this day"


The joyous wonders life can bring

Makes this so much more

Than a simple teenage fling

Yet everything good must come to an unrighteous end

As black, white, and grey must blend.


Your smile falters, your eyes flash

My love and hate, merge and clash

I reach up

You pull back

You stand up

I sneer and clap


My undying love for you takes a turn

It falls off that cliff you promised to burn

In return, it reforms as hate

As your spiteful words

Slash and grate


The stars in the sky seem to flutter, then disappear

We are plunged in darkness

Just like my past years

You promised to save me

You promised to stay

Yet now your promise

Sounds dull and grey


My empty body now lies alone

My voice has gone

I cannot even groan

The life around me withers and dies

You've taken my dreams

To heal and fly


As I lie in the shadows

A casket of gloom

All I can think of now,

Is my Inevitable doom


A tear falls

I catch it and see

That both of us together…

It was never meant to be.

It's a strange thing this, the outlook of poems. Some believe it's just a simple piece of text. Others believe it's the hidden emotions of ones soul. Me?

It's just something I write to set me free.