The random bus drive [I have no idea where this came from so….o0 XD]

There's enough for one or two of us

When it comes for someone like me

Because the big kind driver on the bus

Shouts to us

"Come on and be free!"


You turn around

And watch it go

As a car comes zooming by

I wave at you as the traffic flows

"Hey hop in and fly!"


To my relief

You join us

As the ease of kindness flee's

I wouldn't had known

Precisely what to do

If you had decided not to show


You whisper in my ear

Your troubled concerns

As we near a collapsing bridge

I slam on the brakes

And turn to you

"Come on and grab that hinge!"


We jump off

The moving bus

Before it tumbles to its gloom

I smile

You laugh

In unrelenting relief

"Phew, it's good to be free"


You've said that before

I've felt it before

But it doesn't stop it

From happening again

I guess we have to

Pick ourselves up

And start

All over again.

Completely pointless crap [trust me I know] but I literally wrote this in two minutes so you can't blame me! :P And besides, what's the harm in showing this to others since my last couple poems…or rhyming stanza's have been…sort of morbid xD