Author's Notes: Yay! Another poem!!! Okay, I don't know why I'm just writing poems, but, oh well.


Will you remember

Will you remember
Our days together?
Will you hold them in your heart
Always, forever?

Will you remember
The laughs we shared?
You won't ever forget will you
How much we cared?

Will you remember
The fun we've had?
How we got up to mischief
And they said we're bad?

Will you remember
What we've got up to?
Sharing little secrets and tricks
Just me and you?

Will you remember
Just our friendship?
That was so memorable, warmer
Than a hot chocolate sip?

I do hope you will remember
Just me, your friend
Who's always stood by you
Our friendship won't end.


Author's Notes (again!): This was written about my graduation... what I would tell everyone... how I'll remember everyone from my school... I was sooo sad... and plus, this is my second poem about my graduation... I must be getting really depressed....