Author's Notes: Had a sudden certain inspiration from a pale golden staue of an angel that our wonderful, carin, loving, kind, fantastic, etc, etc, teacher gave us for our grauduation... from primary school, of course...


Guardian Angel

She looks down at you from the sky
Always, forever, as time passes by
She stays serene, her smile stays bright
Always, forever, at day and night

She guards you, makes sure everything's okay
When you're down she'll brighten up your day
Making sure you're happy, making sure you're fine
She's perfect, gentle, good, and kind

With a halo around her head
As hundreds of myths and legends have said
Pristine clothing, soft fluttering wings
A silvery sweet voices when she sings

She's literally golden, radiating light
She's the sun in the middle of the night
She helps you calm down, make amends, stay strong
When she's around there's nothing that could go wrong