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Boy For Sale

She wouldn't have spotted him if not for the lighted cigeratte. He had huddled into the corner of the windowsill as if determined not to be seen. Alexia could see why. He was pretty, very pretty. Young too, about sixteen or seventeen. And there were two reasons why somebody so young and so pretty would be down this end of town at this time. He was either for rent or looking for drugs.

He hardly moved as she sat down next to him. He just smiled, as innocent as a child, a somehow wrong image considering the bruises on his face. Alexia shrugged, she'd seen the creatures of the night look worse, and by the resignment in his oddly mismatched eyes, she could tell he had too. Maybe had looked worse a time or two.

"Can I bum a smoke?" It had been her pickup line for years, and she wondered why she had asked this boy the same question. He didn't give her time to think of an answer, just slipped a battered packet out of the waistband of his jeans and handed it to her. She smiled, took out one of the cigerettes and made to hand it back to him. He waved her off.

"Keep it," he muttered, his voice oddly deep for a kid so thin. "I'll be dead of she finds it on me." Alexia smiled sympathetically.

"I'm Lex," she muttered, lighting up and smiling at him.

"Miss Match," was the muffled answer. She grinned at him. Most of the boys for rent didn't give names, or if they had to at least didn't give the right name. This kid had clearly been named for his eyes. One was the colour of melting toffee, and the other a pale winter blue. Her own eyes, both big and cornflower blue, could never hope to look as exotic and enticing.

He caught her looking at him, and smiled also. "It is weird, I know. It's also a name I don't see myself growing out off ..." He turned to look at her, wincing slightly, giving her the full view of his abused face. "She'll kill me if she finds me here, but she doesn't know that name, so maybe I'll get away with it."

Alexia dearly wanted to ask what he was hoping to get away with, but didn't. Boys were usually a little free with their talk, often laughing like schoolboys about abuses that should never be endured by anyone. If she asked, she'd get told. Instead she said: "It's an interesting title all right. But I like it, it sounds kinda exotic. That suits you."

He grinned. "Exotic? That's so nice of you!" She flinched slightly at the childishness of his voice, knowing he was flirting with her. Looking away, she took a drag of her cigerette, listening to him breath, to the way his heart pounded. He was a kid, an exotic, beautiful kid who'd been round the street more tiems then even her. But he was a kid none the less.

"Don't you ...." She didn't let him finish that thought, cutting him off by waving her hand. She didn't dare touch him, just in case.

"You're a pretty kid, but don't think that." He looked hurt, a pout twisting his lips. They were full, almost childishly so, a shade almost to dark for his pale face. He wouldn't let her kiss him, not on the lips. No boy for rent would. The intimacy of it was too much. They had their standards, the boys, just ones a few steps too low for most.

"But if I'm pretty ... I can give you a discount. Please, before she finds me." There was a edge of desperation to his voice, like a disease spreading through his perfect lilting accent. Alexia shook her head, knowing exactly why this meant so much to him but unable to give in all the same. He leaned forward, not giving up.

"Please? A girl as beautiful as you must get asked all the time, but I'm different. I can do anything for you, anything you want. You won't find better than me." There was such an arrogence to that statement that Alexia had to look at him once more. The half light made his face look like something out of a movie. Like a corpse. But his eyes shone, maybe too brightly, like a symbol that there was something alive in the shell. Like a human being still resided in that misused but pretty body.

She sighed and touched his face lightly. He didn't flinch back, but leaned into her touch as if it were her form of consent. They sat there for a while, waiting for the world to grow bright and for business hours to be over. She didn't know why he stayed, why he didn't pull away when she didn't make any moves to advance the situation, but he did. He sat there like a faithful puppy, letting her touch his face for a time that most of the boys would have found too intimate. Too personal. Her touch was that of a true lover, one who wanted him here by her side, away from trouble.

Eventually though the sky filled with the watery sunlight of an early spring morning, and she dropped her hand. He nodded, looked down, then stood up.

"Where are you going?" was all she could ask.

"Home ... she'll kill me, but I deserve that."

"Did she ...?"

"No. She didn't. She would never hit me. I give her as many reasons to, but she never does. She patches me up and yells at me when other people hurt me, or I hurt myself."

Alexia nodded. He smiled back at her one more time and she finally understood that he was trying to get out. To outgrow the title of rent boy. The thought made her want to kiss him, but she refrained. She smiled up at him instead and said;

"By the way, My name's Alexia."

He stopped, looking at her as if amazed. But smiled anyway.



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