Dumb Struck

By: xHopeLesSdReaMeRx


David Matthews was the school's playboy. But not only that, he's the most sought-after playboy. And what Kyla doesn't understand is that even though the girls are piling up, waiting to be snagged by him, he was still intent on having her. She almost accepted him when he suddenly returned to his playboy ways. But instead of being hurt by what he did, she found herself wanting him more. And that truly alarmed her.

Add a little conniving friends and a heart-melting, knee-shaking declaration, these sure are some hefty ingredients to make the Fire Maiden, dumb struck.

A/N: So here is my second story. It is related to My Japanese-Filipino Angel but this is about another member of the Minx Fusion, Kyla. Hope you like it.

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