Russian roulette without mystery
Jack the Ripper without history
Try to save me with a prayer
But we all know I'm beyond repair
A look in the eye and I sense disgust
I am a creature of fear and lust
I am a creature of smoke and dust
I am the creature that fills your lungs
Drown you while I speak in tongues
Disbelieve in me if you like
You'll start believing when I strike.
Crucifix can't save you now
I have no plan; I make no vow
I have no secrets, I have no ties
I seek nothing, yearn for no prize
You disappoint me, I admit
Underestimate my humor, my wit
Can't a daemon have some fun?
Though it's true, I've already won.
Take your children two by two
Their blood I spill, their bones I hew
I'm the new Jesus, Jehovah, the Tao
tell me, do you believe in me now?