This is inspired by a picture on DeviantArt: http: // pilot-duo. deviantart. com/ art/ Remus- and- Sirius- 11821229

Pretty short, I know.

Wake Up

Oh come on.

I know you're a joker by nature, but you're going a little too far. And isn't it a little out of season to be doing this? It would make more sense at Halloween, not Christmas. I think you've overdosed on eggnog again.

It doesn't even look that realistic. I can tell that's ketchup that you've dumped all over yourself, though I'll be damned if I can find the bottle, and you're breathing under all those layers of clothes, probably hoping that it'll look like you aren't breathing at all. And for goodness sake, if you're playing dead, open your eyes. People don't die with their eyes closed except in their sleep. You're trying to make it look like you've been hit by a car or something, aren't you? Too bad only suicidal people are on these roads today; it's too icy to be driving.

How long have you been out here anyways? You have to be starving. What'm I saying- you're always starving. Come on, we'll go to Red Robin and split a basket of fries and get those ginger shakes that you like so much.

You're not even hearing me… did the eggnog overdose make you black out? It wouldn't be the first time it's happened. OK, wake up.

…Wake up. Don't make me dump snow on you.

…Wake up.

OK, I warned you!

…Why aren't you waking up? I practically buried you in snow; you should be snapping out of it…

You're just messing with me. You always told me that one of these days you'd scare me to death, but you aren't. I know you're just screwing around, waiting for me to start crying, but I won't, I… damn. I'm crying now. Wake up; you've had your stupid little victory. What more do you want?

Come on, wake up.

…Hey, anybody in there?

…Rise and shine…

For God's sake, wake up! This isn't funny! Why are you doing this? Are you mad at me and trying to get back at me for something? What did I do? I'm sorry for whatever it was, just stop it!

Please… wake up.

I hope it's clear enough.

Here... fries and ginger shake.